Downline Builders

If we are completely honest with ourselves, we would realize that PTC and faucet sites really do not pay that much especially for all the time spent on them. At least most of the earnings we get from the apps is completely passive. But the total earnings from pretty much all these programs is not that amazing or life changing. The dollar amount earned per hour is soul crushingly low.


However, if you put forth just a little bit of initial effort and get some referrals under you to help you out a little bit, all of the sudden, you putting in the same amount of effort leads to about 5-10X the results and even more!


One of the best ways to utilize referrals is to get them into as many programs under you as possible all simultaneously. Sound complicated you may think? Not when you promote ONE link to something like a downline builder. This will funnel people under you into SEVERAL programs all at once.


Can you imagine how much faster your wallets at Coinpot will fill up once you have a couple, ten, twenty or even fifty people or more clicking their faucets everyday under you? Think about how fast those commissions would add up! You will start to be able to pull out more from Coinpot each and every time you withdraw and it would start to escalate your earnings at a staggering level.


This can greatly increase your odds of having a happy healthy downline that earns you a lot in commissions! Below are some different downline builders that I have come across. All of these are free to join as of the time this was written.



OK, I am not going to lie. I am more than a bit biased with this first one. That is because I own it and built it to my exact needs. It will build you over 50+ downlines at the same time! In any industry, it is good to have multiple streams of income but this is even more important in the space we are in.

Viral Stacking will stack crypto, coins, referrals, commissions, stocks and results! This truly is a one stop shop for income generation and multiplication. My entire blog you are reading right now is centered on the Viral Stacking strategy! You can see for yourself by clicking the banner below or take a look at the full review I did HERE.




FreeCoins4All is a pretty new downline builder that just launched earlier this year. Not only does it fill your downlines in a lot of popular programs!

It also builds your downlines in several over downline builders as well! That makes this a very powerful system that gives you downline referrals in multiple multiple crypto programs! This is the reason it is near the top of the list!




Bitcoin Downline Builder is a great way to advertise and get referrals to a lot of the PTC programs that you are in.

This is actually one of the first downline builders that I recommend that you join and promote.



Top Bitcoin Faucets is a great downline builder to get people under you in a number of crypto faucets that you use. Getting referrals on faucets can add up to even quicker commissions than referrals on PTC programs!




The following downline builders build your downlines in a variety of crypto currency related affiliate programs. I highly recommend taking a look at and joining all of these and then deciding which one you like best and would like to promote in order to start getting more referrals of your own to start bumping up those commissions!



Earn Bitcoins Rankings
BTC HOOPLA is probably one of the best looking and most complete downline builders out there for BTC and PTC programs. I highly recommend them!


This is a pretty awesome traffic program as it is but what I like almost as much as their advertising is the fact the downline builder is so awesome! It has just about every program I recommend to someone just starting out! You can see how to earn over 3 BTC using this program by watching the video HERE.


Once you have had a chance to take a look at the downline builders, take a second and think about which once has most of the programs that you are most interested in building downlines for. This make sense right? Different people may have different priorities as far as which programs they want to build with more priority so two people may choose two different downline builders and neither one is wrong. It is simply a matter of personal preference.


If you want to, You can even pick ONE program and just advertise that one programs affiliate link. Another route would be to use an autoresponder like Aweber and advertise a squeeze page to collect people’s emails so you can market to them more than once. This would allow you to market to the same person over and over again with different programs. You can offer them different downline builders. You can also send them emails with bonuses and contests you may be having. This is all completely up to you. I will leave a banner below for the course that taught me how to use MY Aweber account.

Once you figure out WHAT link you are going to advertise (this can be a downline builder link, a single program link or a squeeze page link), you can click the big “NEXT” button on the bottom of this page and find out WHERE to advertise that link, OK?

HINT: You can use Aweber and integrate it with the squeeze pages available at Viral Stacking!