What is an ICO, you might ask?

That’s actually a pretty simple question. It stands for Initial Coin Offering.

When a company wants to release a cryptocurrency altcoin, it must first go through several stages. Both tokens and ICO’s are part of that process.

ICO’s can make a HUGE amount of return on your investment extremely quickly because a lot of times you can get these things for next to nothing and as soon as they hit a couple major exchanges, they shoot to the moon in price!

So, how do you know which ones will skyrocket and which ones you should even bother with?

I am very glad you asked that as well. I have linked to a few programs down below that will help you out with that a great deal.

Bounty Tokens

When a New Crypto Currency/Business opens, it usually creates an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) website where people get more information about the project and have an early opportunity to invest in the coming coin.

Generally, attached to the ICO is a Bounty Program designed to reward people for their early registrations and for spreading the news about their ICO.

BountyTokens will help You getting referrals in the BEST Bounties around.

Through our Downline Builder You will be able to promote both Your BountyTokens main page and Your Bounties Page so to get referrals here (they will follow You on current and new Bounties that will be added here) and on current Bounty Programs (so to get referrals Tokens on current active Bounty Programs).

This project is only at its initial stage, and we have a lot of ideas to implement in the future. The Crypto-World is at an incredible expanding stage and we don’t want to miss this train!


Weekly ICO 

Weekly ICO is a program that not only keeps you up to date on new and exciting ICO’s coming out that show a lot of promise. It also allows you to participate in a ICO pool buy of said ICO’s. With that pool purchase, you have a chance to make back form hefty profits.

Not only that but the website offers a lot of residual traffic packages as well. You can check out all the details of this program by going HERE.