Passive Income is by far my favorite part of this entire strategy! I know that it seems like I have you recycle your earned income through about a thousand different programs but that is to provide diversity as well as momentum, It may seem like a very slow going process at first that will never amount to anything. But if you keep at it and stay consistent, (and especially if you put in some work to get some referrals under you) this will entire process will start to speed up a lot faster than you would think. And that my friends, is where it starts to get REALLY fun!

After you have about 1,000 referrals under you in Viral Stacking, and you have your email list through Aweber, you should start to be able to pull out some nice earnings and commissions from both Coinpot as well as Cryptotab. You will put all that into buying more packs in Future Ad Pro. Once you are at a place where you can buy at least one $50 ad pack per day in Future Ad Pro, you start setting aside the rest and withdraw half of what is set aside at the end of each month. After you withdraw half of that remainder you set aside, you will use the rest to buy more ad packs. However, we will use the withdraws from Future Ad Pro to fund our advertising for a while. But like I said, after you have spent enough in advertising to get at least 1,000 people signed up under you in Viral Stacking, you should start using some of that advertising money to start investing in a few other things.

The programs I am about to show you are at the end of the line for me. There are two groups of programs. I use the profits I pull out of the first programs to feed into the second group of programs. The second group of programs is more traditional stocks and bonds based but is a lot less volitile than cryptocurrency and when you are wanting to be able to reply on withdraws to live off of, you need reliability and consistency! That is why we have some of my favorite stocks and bonds programs in this section as well. But more on that in just a bit.

In order to preserve donwline integrity, please go to the downline builder at the bottom of the menu on the left and join these programs though that page. Once you have joined these programs from the dowinline builder, then enter your information so that anybody that You refer to Viral Stacking will be put under you in all the following programs.

Passive Programs:







Weekly ICO

I first mentioned Weekly ICO was near the beginning of this strategy. It was in the PTC section of the downline builder and you should have been clicking on their solo ads since day one in order to earn enough WIC to purchase your first stake. By now you should have been able to buy at least one or two more stakes. Keep buying more with your earnings until you are at a point where you feel comfortable withdrawing about 25% of your earnings and using the rest to purchase more stakes. This program will also give you quite a bit of advertising to use for your affiliate links to Viral Stacking. The more stakes you buy there, the more advertising you will have showing people out VIral Stacking system using YOUR affiliate links!


Diversity Fund Club

We are going to treat this one almost exactly like Weekly ICO. We are going to make an account and then go to the directory ads page and click on the banners with the blue text under them. You will then watch the page that opens for about five seconds, and then go onto the next one. These ads won’t earn you a ton either but just like Weekly ICO above, if you click on enough ads and let your earnings keep piling up, you can eventually purchase one of their profit packs for free. You would then follow the same process and start to buy more profit packs with your daily earnings as soon as you can. This will start to snowball after a while and grow pretty fast on its own.

EXP Asset

We have talked about EXP Asset before in a couple other sections but that is because this program sticks out and shines in a number of areas. They have two main ways to produce profit. That is through Forex and crypto trading as well as cryptocurrency mining alt coins. This program has functioned flawlessly since I started using them shortly after their launch and they continue to grow and stay consistent with profits and payments.

Stocks and Bonds:

OK, boys and girls. This is where it gets real. I know stocks and bonds are not nearly as sexy and flashy as cryptocurrencies but there is a reason most of the wealthiest men and women in the world park their wealth here. The reason is simply this. Over the long haul, (several decades) stocks and bonds are not nearly as volitile as crypto. When you buy a bunch of blue chip dividend stocks for instance, you can pretty much count on getting those dividends from now until you die. ery rarely will something happen when  big name stock will cut their dividends. It happens from time to time but that is why we diversify our risk in stocks and bonds just as we did crypto programs.

Now, I am not going to tell you what stocks and bonds to buy. I am not a financial planner and I am sure you can find much better advice anywhere on Youtube about stocks than what I could tell you. I am still somewhat new to the investing world when it comes to stocks and bonds. But, I will shouw you what I am doing (if you watch my Youtube channel!) and most importantly, I will show you the vehicles that I use to flip my crypto profits oer to lasting assets in the form of dividend (and growth) stocks. My goal and plan is to retire completely and be able to pay all my bills with dividends from my stock and bond portfolios. I plan on doing that with the following tools. These following platforms are all available in app form by the way. You can find the links to them in the downline builder under “Passive”


Image result for acorns app banner

I am not going to lie. Acorns is not my favorite on this list. Not even close. However, that does NOT mean that I do not like it. Acorns in a great platform and one of the first of its kind as well. There is a good chance you may have actually heard of it already. It is very simple and easy to use and will get you modest returns. You see, Acorns has about five or so different ETFs you can choose from. (No individual stocks with this app) These ETFs are arranged in the form of risk tolerance. They have an aggressive mix, a modest mix, a conservative mix, and a couple others inbetween. I usually keep all my investments in the aggressive mix in this platform as I feel they are all pretty safe compered to one another. But, that is just my opinion.

One of the other really cool aspects of this program is that you can set it up where it rounds up your purchases with your credit or debit card. This means that if your total comes to $37.89 for example, it will round the total up to $38 even and then Acorns will deposit that extra $0.11 into your Acorns investment portfolio. Believe me when I say that this can add up EXTREMELY quickly! You can also set recurring deposits or even one time deposits here and there as you please. There are multiple ways to use this platforms and it is extremely user friendly.

I use Acorns like a glorified savings account. You are not going to get really rich off this app but it is a great way to start setting aside a little bit of profit you start pulling from the programs above. You do not even have to wait that long if you don’t want to. You can go ahead and download the app now, (grab your link from the downline builder) and start playing around with it and maybe start using a little out of pocket money to start your portfolio even stronger, or just use the roundup feature. It is completely up to you


Image result for stash app banner

Stash is one of my favorites that I end up using the most but not because I have to. But, because I want to. When Stash started out, it was kind of like Acorns in that you could really only choose different ETFs. (Although you had MANY more options with Stasha nd still do when it comes to ETFs) Nowdays, they still hae all the ETFs they did to begin with and hae even offered a few more as well. However, now it seems that they are adding several individual stocks that you can purchase fractional shares of! (As low as five dollar increments!) I am talking big name stocks that you would probably want to buy at a larger platform like Fidelity as well! Stocks like Wal-Mart, Pepsi, ATT and more!

Right now, I have this one set to make a deposit from my bank account into my Stash app once a week and then I buy stocks with that as well as any dividend payments I have received. Because you can buy fractional shares of both ETFs and stocks with this app, it will allow you to start compoiunding your earnings a HELL of a lot faster than having to buy full share prices of anything. Compounding every time you earn a total of $5 means you can have that money working for you a lot faster than if you hae to wait till you have earned $50 or more before you can compound again and purchase more!

M1 Finance

Image result for m1 finance app bannerM1 Finance is a little bit more complex than the first two but probably the one I am going to end up having the biggest portfolio in. I would recommend playing around with the first two apps first just to get the hang of things and see how the processes work. The coolest thing about M1 Finance is it does pretty much ALL the work for you. You can set up the portfolio of companies and ETFs and stocks that you want to invest in. You can also decide exactly how big of a percentage of your portfolio that you want each individual investment to be. There is no manual rebalancing with this app! This program will also even compound FOR YOU! If you want the option turned on, you can set it up to where everytime you hit $10 in dividends, deposits or commissions, you will automatically buy as small of fractional shares in all the companies in your portfolio and still keep the same percentages for each investment. This means once you set it up initially, This thing runs for you on autopilot! There is not really a need to ever really check in on this program until you are ready to withdraw because it does all the balancing and compounding for you comepletely hands free!


Image result for robinhood app banner

Robinhood is a fairly well known trading app. They offer a heck of a setup that it much less expensive than a company like Fidelity. This app will not let you purchase partial stocks. You hae to pay full price for investments with this tool meaning it may not be the best choice for beginners. However, because there are zero fees to trade using this app, I have been using it to experiment a little bit and dabble in some things like swing trading and other stuff like that. I really just use this app for my own amusement more so than anything else but it is still great and well worth having an account it.

In order to preserve donwline integrity, please go to the downline builder at the bottom of the menu on the left and join these programs though that page. Once you have joined these programs from the dowinline builder, then enter your information so that anybody that You refer to Viral Stacking will be put under you in all the above programs.



Passive Programs: