By this pont, you should be signed up to quite a few different programs and clicking away at most of them briefly a few times a day or so. You will definitely start to see some results even after the first day but those results are going to be embarrassingly small (I won’t lie to you) and you will most likely get frustrated at how slow it seems to go and how long it takes to build up. One of the easiest and fastest ways to speed this entire process up is to get referrals into these programs using you affiliate link. It would take forever to get referrals into all these programs so far if you promoted them individually.

Thankfully, that is simply not the case because just promoting ONE link (your affiliate link to Viral Stacking) can get you several referrals in several programs all at the same time with less effort than promoting all these programs individually. It is just exponentially more efficient by introducing people to a downline builder that not only uses several programs (so your referrals give you commissions from several sources) but that also presents them in a logical, profitable and easy to follow structured setup like we do here at Viral Stacking.


I won’t introduce you to paid traffic just yet but an easy way to tell people about Viral Stacking is to find out where people would hang out that would be interested in such a platform. I will give you a huge spoiler warning here… Your target audiences like social media just as much as you do! A lot of them are on some social media sites you may never have heard of before. I want to introduce you to some social media sites that have a lot of people on them all the time that are interested in cryptocurrency and business. These are the perfect candidates for our Viral Stacking system! Take a look at some of the social platforms I have rounded up for you.



In order to preserve downline integrity, please go to the downline builder at the bottom of the menu to your left and join these programs through that page. Once you have joined these programs from the downline builder, please remember to then enter YOUR affiliate link info in the box so that anybody YOU refer to Viral Stacking will be put under you and all the programs I have for you here.




network marketing

This is a really easy and fun way to start earning free crypto. It’s a social media site that you use exactly like Facebook, except you get paid for doing things such as posting stuff, liking and sharing other people’s stuff and even using the chat feature to communicate with other members!



MLM Gateway

As the name suggests, this social media platform is like a gateway to people in the MLM industry. Lots of entrepranouers and business owners hang out here so getting your message in front if a bunch of action takers is never a bad thing! This is a huge group of like minded people and networking with them and putting up content there is a great way to attract attention to yourself and your message as well as whatever offers you are promoting.


IBO Toolbox

IBO Toolbox is very similar to MLM Gateway in the way there most of the people here work hard and are willing to do what it takes to promote their business. These are the exact type of demographic you are after as an audience. There are lots of different ways to interact with people here and don’t forget to check out their press release option. It is a great way to publish content and attract new eyeballs to you and your offers.


Once you have joined these programs above, please remember to log into Viral Stacking. Then, once you click on the downline builder, enter YOUR affiliate link into the box so that anybody YOU refer to Viral Stacking will be put under you and all the programs listed above. Once you have joined and started to get used to these platforms, you can decide which you like best and maybe put most of your focus on one or two and writing article and posts and press releases about the products and services you are promoting such as Viral Stacking and all the platforms we use.



After you are finished with all that, you can can proceed to the next portion of this strategy by clicking the large, blue “NEXT” button below. I have a little something special waiting for you on the next page so don’t skip it!




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