I have developed a strategy that will let just about anybody build a very diversified and healthy portfolio of various profitably crypto currencies. You can enter this strategy wherever you want.

In it’s completion, this strategy was designed to help the average person with absolutely zero money to invest in crypto currency and help them snowball small amounts into extremely large residual income streams that exponentially multiply over time.

Sound like it is too good to be true? Well, when I say you can use this strategy for free, I mean that it can cost you zero dollars out of pocket. However, if you choose to start with no capitol whatsoever, then you will have to spend a lot more time making this strategy work and grow over the course of several months and perhaps even years. If you have a little bit of money that you can start with and/or a little bit that you can set aside from your paychecks each month to help you along this journey, I would suggest skipping ahead to HERE after you set up your wallets.


Speaking of wallets, this is going to be your first step. You will need to open a couple different wallets or so if you want to do the strategy that requires no upfront payments. You can see my full breakdown of the different wallets by going to this page HERE. Make sure you sign up for the first three on the list. (those are all free anyway)


If you have a little bit of money to start this journey moving even faster, you can skip ahead to HERE after setting you your wallets on this page HERE. If you wont have any money to start out with this keep reading because I have not left you out of this equation either. You will find to many people who are more than willing to teach you how to build wealth with crypto but only after you pay them a very handsome consulting fee or buy into a crazy expensive training product they are selling as an affiliate. There is nothing wrong with that but it leaves out the little guy that maybe does have quite as deep of pockets starting out. Perhaps you live in a part of the world where having $10-$20 bucks to start this with even faster might mean you won’t be able to afford to eat for a week or so.


I have come up with a strategy that will help you as well but it will require a little bit of work on your time and time spent. But if you are willing to commit to doing what it takes to make this happen, I am more than willing to show you the way.


OK, I will go ahead and get one thing out of the way first and foremost. You will NOT get rich with pay-to-click sites. They pay almost next to nothing. However, they CAN be just enough to get what you need to go further with my overall strategy. Also, you have to keep in mind that while these sites pay very little when it comes to living in the USA like I do, the amount of income generated from clicking ads on these sties can be a much more substantial income in other areas of the world.


Being broke can be more than a frustrating experience to put it lightly. I have been there several times myself and I hate it more than just about anything on this earth. But if your situation is out of your control, then you can still make your life better if you are willing to sacrifice a little bit of time in order to make things start working in your favor.

You are going to start with paid-to-click websites. These are more commonly known as PTC sites. They pay you to look at advertisments on their website. This is usually a fraction of a cent per click but there are things you can do to make this a little more and it all adds up over time. For now you are going to set a goal that you are going to work these PTC sites for 90 days. For 90 days, you are going to log into each PTC site and click absolutely everything you can to earn as much as possible.


Most of these sites have a minimum payout threshold that you need to reach before they will send any crypto to your wallet of choice but that is why you are going to have to commit to spending the time nessecary each day to click as much as possible so that you can reach that minimum payout threshold even faster. As soon as you can get a withdraw, the sooner we can start ramping things up for you. It will be worth it I promise! Take a look at the list of PTC sites HERE and sign up for all of them if you can. If you don’t have the time to go through each one everyday, then pick several that you like best and commit to doing at least THOSE everyday. Remember, we are aiming for 90 days with all these but if you can get your withdraw even sooner than that, it will help you speed things up that much sooner!


The next step we need to talk about is faucets. A quick warning up front….
Some of these actions may take up a bit of time. This is a system that is set up for you to start acquiring, multiplying and stacking crypto currencies even if you have zero finances to invest starting out. If you are willing to invest a little bit of time, then you can start this extremely rewarding journey with no money out of your own pocket. If you DO have a little bit of startup capitol (even as little as $10-20) I would recommend bypassing a lot of this stuff and going straight to the mining portion of this strategy and click HERE. Otherwise, you can start gathering very small amounts of crypto that will grow over time and eventually give you enough to start the next paid step in my plan without having to dig into your own pocket.

You will want to log into these faucets 2-3 times per day at a minimum when you are first starting out. There are lots of benefits to doing it several times per day and will help you grow your startup capitol even faster.

The first thing I will do everyday is log into my coinpot wallet over at CoinPot.

The reason I love coinpot so much is that most of the crypto faucets that I use, all feed into this one wallet. This means that you can reach a minimum withdraw amount even faster and start putting that earned crypto to use even more quickly and start multiplying it even faster. Once you have signed up with coinpot, you will simply sign into the following faucets by using the email address that you used to sign up to coinpot.

You can find the list of Coinpot faucets as well as the complete list of faucets that I use by clicking HERE


If we are completely honest with ourselves, we would realize that PTC and faucet sites really do not pay that much especially for all the time spent on them. In fact, the dollar amount earned per hour is soul crushingly low.


However, if you put forth just a little bit of initial effort and get some referrals under you to help you out a little bit, all of the sudden, you putting in the same amount of effort leads to about 5-10X the results and even more!


One of the best ways to utilize referrals is to get them into as many programs under you as possible all simultaneously. Sound complicated you may think? Not when you promote ONE link to something like a downline builder. This will funnel people under you into SEVERAL programs all at once.


This can greatly increase your odds of having a happy healthy downline that earns you a lot in commisions! You can click HERE to see some different downline builders that I have come across. These can help you get a lot of referrals in programs that will give you commissions as rewards for referring new members so take advantage of the power that downline builders can provide you. All of these listed HERE are free to join as of the time this was written.


Like I mentioned before, you need to focus on doing these everyday for 90 days straight. You should probably focus on doing the faucets mentioned at least twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening would be a bare minimum you want to shoot for if you want this strategy to actually work for you. If you are consistent at it and don’t miss any days, your earnings should start to grow a lot more after about the 90 day mark. A lot of these programs have loyalty programs and will pay you more the more days in a row you log in and use their site so make it a habit.


After your first 90 days, we will start using the earnings you get from not only the faucets but from the PTC sites as well. If you are very dedicated and go in to each of them everyday like we discussed and always click on everything you can to earn, then you should be able to hit your payout threshold by about this time as well.


You will probably want to have all of them deposited into your Coinbase account so you can grow a little capitol in that wallet. We are going to let it keep acrewing and growing over the first 90 days in out coinbase wallet. You should be able to put more and more in each week as you start getting some of these loyalty bonuses and start reaching payout thresholds as well.

How much you are able to have saved into your Coinbase account at the end of your 90 days depends greatly on how dilligent you are in doing all your clicking. Even if you goofed off quite a bit and missed quite a few days and ruined your streak, you should still have a bare minimum of about $10-15 worth of BTC in your coinbase account. I have seen people get several times this amount in that timeframe if they really apply themselves and get a few referrals to help their progress as well.


What we are going to do with that money you have collected in your wallet is going to be a little different than what you have been doing. We are going to start making that little tiny bit of crypto (say around $10-50 worth) and making it work for us in the back ground earning us even MORE crypto in the process. We are going to start MINING with it!


You are going to want to start with a company that has the option of very low price cloud mining contracts. This is because you will be able to compound the earnings a lot faster and speed this train up before we use that to slingshot into even bigger things! There are several aspects of mining that we will be exploring and you can find out what programs I use and the order I use them in along with an in depth explanation as to why by clicking HERE

Keep in mind that you do not HAVE to stop working the PTC and faucet sites once you reach the end of your 90 days. You can build the money you put into mining even faster if you extend the time you spend working on those for another 90 following this or even a grand total of 6-12 months until you can reply only on your mining and no longer have to keep using those free but time consuming methods of collecting small amounts. The key to the secret sauce to the PTC and faucet sites are to start using downline builders as soon as possible and get some referrals under you working with you and that will really supercharge that income stream which will help you move to the next step even faster and with more momentum. Just something to keep in mind!



Once you have learned how I strategically use crypto currency mining programs to give me several passive sources of income, you will want to take advantage of a way to grow those bundled incomes even further. The way to do that would be to TRADE crypto on the exchanges. This can be an EXTREMELY lucrative way to multiply your profits from mining and take it an entirely different level.

Despite what you may think, trading crypto currency on exchanges does NOT require you to sit in front of your computer 24-7 staring at charts. Not when you know what you are doing anyway. I only spend about 45 minutes each day doing some trading and most days I increase my entire trading portfolio by about 1.5% each day if not more. Try asking your BANK to give you that much each day!

Once you have a certain trading system and strategy to follow, it is not nearly as intimidating as you may think it is. You need to make sure you know all the basics at first, but after that, it is just a simple matter of teaching you what to look for. I actually even have a way for you to get access to top of the line trade finders and exclusive trade calculators that I myself use each day as well. Makes it clear as day and easy enough for anybody to use. You can find out about my trading strategy HERE.

And that’s about for my strategy for now. I will try to make a little more visual of an outline below so you can get a little bit better idea of the money flow of this strategy.

You will need a few different wallets for this strategy. You can find those different options HERE

We start out with Paid-to-click websites found below:

After we have singed up for our PTC sites and clicking out ads there everyday, we are going to sign up for out faucets sites. You can find the ones I use by clicking below:


After we have developed out habit of clicking our ads from the PTC sites everyday and claiming out small amounts of crypto from out faucets several times a day, we are going to start to screw collection of crypto in our Coinbase wallet


The next thing we are going to do is advertise our referral links to our faucet and PTC sites.

After we have about $10 or so, we are going to start with a mining contract from a company with a very small initial purchase price. This will let us compound our earnings even faster. You can see all the mining programs that I use HERE


I want to emphasize a point here. Just because you reached enough money in your Coinbase account to buy your first low cost mining contract does NOT mean that you should stop clicking everyday with you PTC and faucet sites. You need to plan on still utilizing those and reinvesting the earnings into mining for a bare minimum of at least 6 months if not closer to a year.


If you already have $1,000 or so ready to go with mining from the start, then you do not need to worry about the clicking everyday. But for some of us, we really can’t afford to have that much capitol to start. So it is imperitive that you stay strong and stay consistent when doing your daily clicks at both the faucets as well as all the PTC sites on my list HERE.


This will REALLY help supercharge the results you get in the first year using this strategy. After that point, this thing will take on a life of it’s own and you will most likely be stacking different kinds of crypto faster than you can keep track of!

After we have started to withdraw a portion of our profits and earnings from the first mining company we bought low price contracts with, we will simply buy larger mining contracts with other mining companies you can see HERE. This is to spread our risk and develope a very diversified and healthy crypto mining portfolio.


After a little while, it will not be long until we can start withdrawing from ALL of these mining programs we have in our portfolio. Once we are at a point of doing that, we will take another step of multiplying your earnings even further by learning how to TRADE cryptocurrency on the open market with crypto exchanges. This is a lot easier than it sounds and you can find the exact system and strategies we use by clicking HERE.

Hopefully you have had a chance to read through all the steps and set everything up in all the programs we will be using. This strategy may have slight changes or alterations in the future but the idea will be the same. And that idea is how the average person with no money to invest, can not only get involved with absolutely no money out of pocket, but also thrive and succeed in this volatile crypto market with multiple sources of income. That is what will honestly get you financial freedom. Multiple sources of income all coming in on autopilot. This really allows you the ability to start any new venture you want while simultaneously getting it profitable at a much faster rate.




So in conclusion, our flow of money (or crypto in this case) looks a lot like this following: