Trading cryptocurrency is the best way to multiply it, in my opinion. You can start trading with as little as ten bucks worth of crypto. But unless you already know what you are doing, I can pretty much guaruntee that you will lose your shirt pretty quick.

When it comes to my strategy, I put trading after all the cloud mining, staking and everything else for a few reasons. One reason is because you want to have a steady stream of cryptocurrency (in the form of just about any coin or altcoin) going into your trading account of choice. This is especially true when you are just getting started trading.


Believe me when I say that you will make some mistakes and lose some trades here and there. A lot in the beginning, trust me! But if you have several cloud mining services paying you out everyday, (along with several staked coins and masternode share profits earning you a daily return along with commissions from everybody else that you introduce to this strategy)  then, you can simply put half of those crypto profits into your KuCoin account and half into your trading account of choice such as Bittrex or Poloniex for example.

It is important to diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio and Ku-Coin is one of my main methods of doing exactly that. Half of my profit from everything else up until this point goes into Kucoin in order to diversify my portfolio that I am currently holding. this spreads risk and allows you to have more growth with certain coins as well. You can read more about Kucoin HERE


Learning to day trade or swing trade is an extremely valuable skill to have because once you master this, you will no longer need any kind of passive income streams (unless you want to) because you will be your OWN passive income stream! This is my final step to multiply all my crypto earnings by even more, one last time. It is extremely important to learn this skill because it will teach you so much and help you with other markets as well.

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