Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges

You should already be signed up for this one. It is the cornerstone of our residual traffic plan.


This is a very unique rev share traffic exchange in that you do not have to surf ads everyday in order to see earnings on your ad packs. I will repeat that. You do NOT have to surf ads everyday to see earnings every 24 hours witht his rev share. That’s one of the main reasons I am including this platform. It does not require any extra time each day to surf ads here. Now you CAN surf ads if you want and your earnings will be even faster if you do! So the option is completely up to you! The best thing about a rev share traffic exchange like this is that you can use one withdraw from Future Ad Pro to buy some advertising on Crypto Surf and NEVER have to make any more purchases here but you will still get more and more residual advertising! That is a HUGE bang for the buck when you employ this strategy!


Explosive Traffic is not a rev share but it is still my absolute favorite traffic exchange Co-Op for several reasons. One of the best reasons is because this website is a two-in-one advertising resource. This is because Explosive Traffic is not only a great traffic exchange Co-Op with which you can advertise on hundreds of different traffic exchanges simultaneously and all with optional geotargeting. They are also a gigantic banner network as well!
This website works on a price bidding system. This means you can bid on how much you want to pay for traffic exchange hits as well as banner impressions. You can scale up your advertising at whatever rate you feel comfortable with!
Explosive Traffic will show you what the current bidding price is per banner impression and traffic exchange hit. (We are talking fractions of a penny) This price can and will change and move around slightly so it’s good to keep an eye on it from time to time. But once you set up your ads and set your bid price, you can pretty much just walk away at that point. If the current average bidding price drops, your hits and impressions will speed up how fast you go through them. The opposite holds true as well. If the average bid price goes up, your views will start to toll in a bit more slowly. Hopefully that makes sense. I absolutely love this platform and suggest you at least sign up from the downline builder and have a look around at everything they have to offer as well as how it all works.

Here are a couple more advertising sources…..


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