In this section we are going to learn my strategy for a perpetual traffic machine if you will. In this part of the strategy, you should have been surfing ads at PTC sites as well as collecting crypto from FAUCETS for several weeks now. Once you can start making withdraws from these programs into your Coinbase wallet, I am going to ask you to do something that will most likely not sound too exciting.

I am going to ask you to buy advertising with that money. I am going to ask you to buy some advertising at Future Ad Pro. This is a traffic exchange. However, it is a traffic exchange with a twist. It has a rev share component to it. This means that you will be able to buy more and more advertising with only a small amount of crypto initially. But down the line, the advertising you receive will grow more and more as time goes on. You can also withdraw some of that money you earn with the rev share to buy even more advertising in other places.

I want to emphaisze here that just because you have reached a minimum payout amount in your PTC and Faucet sites, does NOT mean that you should stop clicking on them consistently every single day. I recommend that you should go well beyond the initial 100 day challenge. I suggest that you commit to a bare minimum of 6 months or even more. This means 6 months of clicking on your PTC ads and Faucets every single day. Every time you can make any kind of withdraw from any of those places during the first 6-12 months, every time you can withdraw from Coinpot, you will first send it to Coinbase. You are then going to turn around and deposit that crypto into Future Ad Pro and buy more ad packs.

For now, we are just going to concentrate on getting up to sixty or so $50 ad packs before we start withdrawing any crypto from Future Ad Pro. But don’t worry. You can even start with the $10 ad packs. You can buy up to ten of those and then you can start working on building your $50 ad packs. Just go in and surf your ten ads a day and the rev share component will do its end of the bargain. Remember, we are using crypto we earned from the PTC sites and faucets to pay for this so there is STILL zero money coming out of your pocket!

So you take your affiliate link from any of your favorite PTC programs. You can choose a link from a downline builder I have listed HERE. You can even get a little more fancy and use an autoresponder to collect email addresses and advertise a link to your capture page. It doesn’t matter what link you choose to promote. Just as long as you can advertise something you can get referrals into and start getting referral commissions. You can sign up for Future Ad Pro by clicking the banner below:

Futureadpro Share Up To 120 % - Affiliate Program

I will go ahead and risk a pretty big spoiler here and tell you the following. You are going to be in this stage of the plan for a while. That is why I recommended that you commit to doing your PTC and Faucet sites for a minimum of 6 months or more. Every time you can get a withdraw into your coinbase account, You are going to purchase more ad packs at Future Ad Pro. You are going to still keep applying those views/credits from the ad packs to your downline builders and keep doing so until you start to get some referrals. It won’t happen overnight. It may be a week or two more up to a couple months before you start to see some downline referrals but it WILL happen at some point.

You will stay in this stage of the strategy until you have about 60 or so active $50 ad packs. At this point, you should be able to buy another $50 ad pack every 48 hours or less. Once you get to a point where you can buy a $50 ad pack within every 48 hours and never have to wait longer, THEN you are ready for a much more exciting step!

We are now just about ready to start withdrawing! It is not going to be a lot at first. At least not right away. So try not to get TOO carried away. Basically, once we have enough to buy an add pack every other day, we can let the rest of our earnings start to build up. Lets look at a specific scenario:

In this hypothetical example, you are earning approximately $27 each day due to the rev share. That means $27 times seven days a week is around $189 each week you are earning. But we are going to have bought three ad packs in that week. three ad packs at $50 each works out to $150. That still leaves us with about $39 remaining. But we are going to use $25 of that to go toward our next ad pack. That way we wont break our streak of buying an ad pack every other day. So in reality, we are only going to have around $14 left over.

You are going to leave that $14 in your Future Ad Pro account. You will do the same thing for four weeks. At the end of the month, you are going to have roughly $50-$70 extra sitting in your Future Ad Pro account without ruining your ability to STILL purchase another $50 ad pack every other day. You can now put in a withdraw request for HALF of your remaining balance.

Let’s say you have a remaining balance of $60 after one entire month of consistently buy one $50 ad pack every 48 hours. That means you would withdraw half of $60 from FAP into your coinbase account. That means with the remaining $30, you either spend on 3 $10 ad packs or just leave it in there until the end of the next month where you will again withdraw HALF of what is left at the end of the month and use the remaining amount to either buy more ad packs if possible or simply leave in there until the end of the following month.

This next part is very important. You are going to repeat this process every month until you are earning enough to buy one $50 ad pack every single day. From this point forward, you will ALWAYS buy one pack each day while withdrawing half of the excess every month. You will use the remaining 50% profit you did NOT withdraw to buy as many $10 and/or $50 ad packs as you can at that point.

Keep buying one ad pack each day and at the end of the month repeat the schedule of withdrawing half of the remaining amount in the account and buying more adpacks with the other 50% of the remaining funds you did NOT withdraw.

You will continue to do this until you reach enough daily earnings in Future Ad Pro where you can buy TWO $50 ad packs every single day. At that point, you will always buy a minimum of two $50 ad packs each day while withdrawing half of the remaining earnings once a month. With the half that you do NOT withdraw at the end of the month, you will buy as many ad packs as once as you can afford with it.


This process goes on until you have a total of one thousand $50 ad packs. At that point, you only have to purchase ad packs anytime your total falls below 1,000 and you can withdraw 100% of anything remaining every week into your Coinbase account. Now you are withdrawing 100% of your profit every week!

OK you think. That sounds pretty simple and profitable right? Now you have more and more crypto flowing into your Coinbase on a monthly basis! What could be any better? Time to start partying with our newly aquired crypto withdraws, right?

Well, not quite so fast! We are in this for the long haul. My suggestion is going to be a little bit different. If I were in your shoes (and I was, not too long ago) I would start splitting your withdraws into Coinbase into halves. What are you going to do with these two halves? I am super glad you asked!

The first half of every withdraw from Future Ad Pro is going to go HERE. The second half of every withdraw is going to go into more advertising OUTSIDE of Future Ad Pro. We want to make sure that we spread our net pretty far and wide and reach an audience that is as targeted but also wide as possible. This is in order to get more and more referrals under us who are also committed to doing their daily clicking in the same PTC and faucet programs as you are. This will mean that you are able to withdraw more and more from Coinpot and other places into your Coinbase wallet on a daily basis. The more you collect from having more referrals, the more you can put into Future Ad Pro.



This is the first one because it is the least expensive to get started. It is actually so inexpensive, that it is only one dollar!


The next source of outside traffic we will use is the following site:

Receive Cash Back Up to 120%, Earn 100% Referrals Clicks, Earn 10% (7% - 2% - 1%) commission.

BitXtraffic is less than $3 for an ad pack!



The next outside traffic source we will tap into is called Infinity Traffic Boost.

This is a program where you can get started with a one time purchase of less than $4 and then continue to get more and more advertising as you level your way up. Before you know it you are assigning 10,000 hits or more at a time to your links.




The next outside traffic advertising source we are going to use is called Coinpressoins

You can get started advertising to this laser targeted demographic for a one time price of $4! You should be able to cover the cost of this AND start buying advertising at the NEXT place all with just the second half of your first withdraw from Future Ad Pro into your coinbase account!


 $5 rev share



 $9 instant commission


Welcome FutureNet.Club Group $10


Futureadpro Share Up To 120 % - Affiliate Program




The next outside advertising source we are going to go with is called Leased Ad Space. You are going to continue to advertise your downline builder affiliate links on this site as well. I won’t go into a lot of the details on how it works but they have several one time traffic packages that start as inexpensively as $10 but go all the way up to a one time purchase of $147. You pay in crypto and you start with the $10 traffic package and once that is confirmed you can buy the $17 package and so on and so forth. You will keep using half of your Future Ad Pro withdraws until you can afford and purchase the $147 one time traffic package. Once you have paid for all of these traffic packages, you will get an extensive residual advertising resource each and every  month with no purchase ever again! You can Get started with Leased Ad Space by clicking the banner below:


It will take you a while to be able to afford all the traffic packages in Leased Ad Space but it is well worth it once you never have to pay them again but get your ads refilled with credits every month! It really is a sweet deal. The next place we are going to start advertising our downline builders is going to be….










It will not only give you more capitol to turn around and reinvest back into your business but back into traffic as well. I would strongly recommend that you use this website to advertise your banners to your favorite downline builder. I would suggest that any commissions you receive from referring other people to this program go back into future ad pro to grow your entire process even faster!

Click Here To Join




Herculist Banner





mellow ads


Email Marketing Evolved!




Best Traffic Co-Op Sites


Max Ad Co-Op

My referral link: 

eTraffic Co-op

My referral link: 

Legacy Team Co-Op

My referral link: 

Explosive Traffic








Solo Email Advertising


Superb Solo Networks



Your FULL http://www. URL referral link: 



Top Solo Email Advertising Sites

The following are some great sites to be part of. You can send an email to huge networks of sites at once! You can signup free and check out the whole membership site then purchase solo ads to send. Solo ads are great for getting fast and responsive traffic to your links.


Superb Solo Networks is a cool new site where you can send your solo mailings to multiple solo networks. Send to one network or send to all of them it’s your choice! You can reach a whopping 165,000 members!

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When you send your JUMBO solo to our network of advertising sites you’ll start receiving traffic within hours to the website, blog, affiliate link or landing page you are promoting. Track your clicks inside our members area 24 hours a day.

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Now you can reach more than 165,000 verified members of 88 sites with one solo mailing! Let Gigantic Solos “Super Size” your solo mailing today!

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Now you have a little bit better of an idea on how to get referrals under you and earning from both their efforts and actions. Remember, all this is with NO MONEY out of your own pocket!

Now, if you remember at the beginning of this page, I said you were going to start taking monthly withdraws from Future Ad Pro. I told you that you were going to set aside half of every withdraw that you had sent to your Coinbase wallet and we were going to use the second half to start buying traffic every month starting with a couple lifetime advertising platforms.

But you remember that other half you are setting aside? If you are still curious where THAT gets sent to every month, go ahead and click the big “NEXT” button below to find out!

HINT: this is where it starts to get REALLY interesting and fun REALLY quick!  😉