If we are completely honest with ourselves, we would realize that PTC and faucet sites really do not pay that much especially for all the time spent on them. The dollar amount earned per hour is soul crushingly low.

However, if you put forth just a little bit of initial effort and get some referrals under you to help you out a little bit, all of the sudden, you putting in the same amount of effort leads to about 5-10X the results and even more! One of the best ways to utilize referrals is to get them into as many programs under you as possible all simultaneously.

Sound complicated you may think? Not when you promote ONE link to something like a downline builder. This will funnel people under you into SEVERAL programs all at once. Can you imagine how much faster your wallets at Coinpot will fill up once you have a couple, ten, twenty or even fifty people or more clicking their faucets everyday under you? How fast would your mining in Crypto tab be? How many people would you be able to get into your primary business if that was the case? You would have a self funding advertising budget.

Think about how fast those commissions would add up! You will start to be able to consistently pull out more from both Coinpot AND Cryptotab each and every day. This would start to escalate your earnings at a staggering level! This can greatly increase your odds of having a happy healthy downline that earns you a lot in commissions day in and day out on a very reliable and consistent basis!


In this section we are going to learn my strategy for a perpetual traffic machine if you will. In this part of the strategy, you should have been surfing ads at PTC sites as well as collecting crypto from FAUCETS for several weeks now. You should have been using the Crypto tab browser. You should be building your mining farm in the Cointiply mining game. You should be collecting from PTC and Survey sites by now and have been stock piling everything you withdraw from anywhere all into your Coinpot wallets.


Once you can start making withdraws from these programs into your Coinpot wallet, I am going to ask you to do something that will most likely not sound too exciting. I am going to ask you to buy advertising with that money. Where am I going to ask you to buy some advertising from? That would be at the traffic exchange called Future Ad Pro. This traffic exchange has a rev share component to it. This means that you will be able to buy more and more advertising with only a small amount of crypto initially. But down the line, the advertising you receive will grow more and more as time goes on. You can also withdraw some of that money you earn with the rev share to buy even more advertising in other places.


I want to emphaisze here that just because you have reached a minimum payout amount in your PTC and Faucet sites, does NOT mean that you should stop clicking on them consistently every single day. You need to keep building your WIC in Weekly ICO. You need to keep building your mining operation at Cointiply. You need to keep building your Cryptotab network. You need to keep claiming your faucets and racking up points at PTC sites. The more consistent you are, the faster you will see results, I promise!


I actually recommend that you should go out well beyond the initial 100 day challenge. I suggest that you commit to a bare minimum of 6 months or even more if you can. This means 6 months of clicking on your PTC ads and Faucets every single day. Every time you can make any kind of withdraw from any of those places during the first 6-12 months, every time you can withdraw from Coinpot, you will first send it to Coinbase. You are then going to turn around and deposit that crypto into Future Ad Pro and buy more ad packs. For now, we are just going to concentrate on getting up to sixty or so $50 ad packs before we start withdrawing any crypto from Future Ad Pro. But don’t worry. You can even start with the $10 ad packs. You can buy up to ten of those and then you can start working on building your $50 ad packs. Just go in and surf your ten ads a day and the rev share component will do the rest.


Remember, we are using crypto we earned from the PTC sites and faucets to pay for this so there is STILL zero money coming out of your pocket! So you take your affiliate link from the affiliate toolbox here at Viral stacking and put it in the advertising slots you purchase at Future Ad Pro. You can even get a little more fancy and use an autoresponder to collect email addresses and advertise a link to your capture page. It doesn’t matter what link you choose to promote. Just as long as you can advertise something you can get referrals into and start getting referral commissions. You can sign up for Future Ad Pro by going to the downline builder under “Traffic”.



Futureadpro Share Up To 120 % - Affiliate Program


I will go ahead and risk a pretty big spoiler here and tell you the following. You are going to be in this stage of the plan for a while. That is why I recommended that you commit to doing your PTC and Faucet sites for a minimum of 6 months or more. During this time you are also going to be earning WIC at Weekly ICO and you will be building your Cointiply mining game as well. Every time you can get a withdraw into your coinbase account, You are going to purchase more ad packs at Future Ad Pro. You are going to still keep applying those views/credits from the ad packs to your affiliate link for Viral Stacking and keep doing so until you start to get some signups into Viral Stacking. This should lead to a few signups in free programs under you. It won’t happen overnight. It may be a week or two more up to a month or so before you start to see some downline referrals but it WILL happen at some point.


You will stay in this stage of the strategy until you have about 60 or so active $50 ad packs. At this point, you should be able to buy another $50 ad pack every 48 hours or less. Once you get to a point where you can buy a $50 ad pack within every 48 hours and never have to wait longer, THEN you are ready for a much more exciting step!


We are now just about ready to start withdrawing! It is not going to be a lot at first. At least not right away. So try not to get TOO carried away. Basically, once we have enough to buy an ad pack every other day, we can let the rest of our earnings start to build up. Lets look at a specific scenario:


In this hypothetical example, you are earning approximately $27 each day due to the rev share. That means $27 times seven days a week is around $189 each week you are earning. But we are going to have bought three ad packs in that week. three ad packs at $50 each works out to $150. That still leaves us with about $39 remaining. But we are going to use $25 of that to go toward our next ad pack. That way we wont break our streak of buying an ad pack every other day. So in reality, we are only going to have around $14 left over. You are going to leave that $14 in your Future Ad Pro account.



You will do the same thing for four weeks. At the end of the month, you are going to have roughly $50-$70 extra sitting in your Future Ad Pro account without ruining your ability to STILL purchase another $50 ad pack every other day. You can now put in a withdraw request for HALF of your remaining balance. Let’s say you have a remaining balance of $60 after one entire month of consistently buy one $50 ad pack every 48 hours. That means you would withdraw half of $60 from Future Ad Pro account into your wallet. That means with the remaining $30 you still have in Future Ad Pro, you either spend on 3 $10 ad packs or just leave it in there until the end of the next month where you will again withdraw HALF of what is left at the end of the month and use the remaining amount to either buy more ad packs if possible or simply leave in there until the end of the following month.


This next part is very important. You are going to repeat this process every month until you are earning enough to buy one $50 ad pack every single day. From this point forward, you will ALWAYS buy one pack each day while withdrawing half of the excess every month. You will use the remaining 50% profit you did NOT withdraw to buy as many $10 and/or $50 ad packs as you can at that point.


Keep buying one ad pack each day and at the end of the month, repeat the schedule of withdrawing half of the remaining amount in the account and buying more adpacks with the other 50% of the remaining fundsthat you did NOT withdraw from Future Ad Pro. You will continue to do this until you reach enough daily earnings in Future Ad Pro where you can buy TWO $50 ad packs every single day. At that point, you will always buy a minimum of two $50 ad packs each day while withdrawing half of the remaining earnings once a month. With the half that you do NOT withdraw at the end of the month, you will buy as many ad packs as once as you can afford with it.


This process goes on until you have a total of one thousand $50 ad packs. At that point, you only have to purchase ad packs anytime your total falls below 1,000 and you can withdraw 100% of anything remaining every week into your Coinbase account. Now you are withdrawing 100% of your profit every week!


OK you think. That sounds pretty simple and profitable right? Now you have more and more crypto flowing into your Coinbase on a monthly basis! What could be any better? Time to start partying with our newly aquired crypto withdraws, right? Well, not quite so fast! We are in this for the long haul. My suggestion is going to be a little bit different. If I were in your shoes (and I was, not too long ago) I would start using every withdraw to go into more advertising OUTSIDE of Future Ad Pro. We want to make sure that we spread our net pretty far and wide and reach an audience that is as targeted but also wide as possible. This is in order to get more and more referrals under us who are also committed to doing their daily clicking in the same PTC and faucet programs as you are. You will have a lot more referrals under you in Cointiply if you follow this strategy, for sure, This also means you will have more people under you in Cryptotab. This will also mean that you are able to withdraw more and more from Coinpot and other places into your Coinbase wallet on a daily basis.


The more you collect from having more referrals, the more you can put into Future Ad Pro. This thing will multiply your results pretty fast if you just stick with it consistently for about 6 months. It’s what I did and now pretty much all of my advertising budget pays for itself! Now my Cryptotab earnings increase everyday. I earn a lot more everyday in my Cointiply mining game. Not to mention the referrals under me in Future Ad Pro as well! I have a lot more referrals in faucets stacking my Coinpot wallets with more and more commissions almost every single day. This is a really powerful system if you follow it properly!


In order to preserve fownline integrity, please go to the downline builder tab at the bottom of the menu on the left and jion these advertising programs from there. Once you have done that, make sure to enter your information so that anybody you refer to Viral Stacking will be put under you as YOUR referral in these advertising platforms and you will get any corresponding credits and commissions! I would suggest that any commissions you receive from referring other people to these programs go back into Future Ad Pro to grow your entire advertising budget even faster!




The first time you make a withdraw out of Future Ad Pro, it will not be a large amount by any means. We are going to take that money though and we are going to make it count as much as possible. It doesn’t matter how big or small your first withdraw from Future Ad Pro is. It could be $20-$50, more or even less. If I were you, I would plan on spending all of it here. This is the first one because it is the least expensive to get started. It is actually so inexpensive, that it is only one dollar! Now you can see why our first withdraw from Future Ad Pro is going to go a long way here! The deal they have here is not bad at all. It is 1,000 banner impressions and 1,000 text ad impressions for $1. Multiply this by $10, $20, $50 or more and you are REALLY going to be getting a pretty far reach at this site. I recommend grabbing a banner from your affiliate toolbox here at Viral Stacking and using a catchy text ad and have both those ads point back to your affiliate link here at Viral Stacking.




Infinity Traffic Boost

This is a program where you can get started with a one time purchase of only about three bucks or so and then continue to get more and more advertising as you level your way up. Before you know it you are assigning 10,000 hits or more at a time to your links. The third month you make a withdraw from Future Ad Pro, you would consider buying the largest traffic package that you can afford with Infinity Traffic Boost. Each traffic package will tell you how long you can go without surfing to receive the larger commissions as well. After you make your purchase, you can take a little break from surfing there everyday until you get an email saying that you are no longer approved and need to start surfing again.




You can get started advertising to this laser targeted demographic for a one time price of $4! You can upgrade higher than the $4 level but it is completely up to you. Each higher level of ad package contains an increasing number of long banners, square banners and text ads. Use these to advertise Viral Stacking so that you can get commissions from all these programs as well!




Truckload Of Ads

This has to be one of the very best bang for your buck on this entire page. Truckload of Ads is probably the best collection of exclusive promo codes I’ve seen online today. I was super stoked when I found out about this site and even more delighted when I counted codes giving away over 70,000 ads on the day it launched! That will grow at a staggering rate as more site owners join in. This only costs a one time $10 payment and you have access to all the codes right away!




Ad Commissions 

I like this program a lot because it pays 100% commissions! You can make a lot of commissions from this program when you refer people into Viral Stacking and they follow you through the advertising programs as well and this is no exceptional Your next month that you withdraw from Future Ad Pro using our strategy above, you should be able to afford at least a few traffic packages here. You will receive lots and lots of permanent residual traffic here to your banners and texts so it is a great bang for the buck as you get more and more views to your ads after only a one time payment, your ads will be costing you fractions of a cent per click. Residual advertising is a beautiful and powerful thing and the 100% here also make it a no brainer. The traffic packages start at $9 and go up from there and they are all 100% commissions! You have to start with the $9 package before you can buy a higher priced package but I recommend buying two or three of the lower priced packages if you can. It will really help you out in the long run.

It will not only give you more capitol to turn around and reinvest back into your business but back into traffic as well. I would strongly recommend that you use this website to advertise your banners to Viral Stacking. I would suggest that any commissions you receive from referring other people to this program go back into Future Ad Pro to grow your entire process even faster!


Leased Ad Space


It will take you a while to be able to afford all the traffic packages in Leased Ad Space but it is well worth it once you never have to pay them again but get your ads refilled with credits every month! It really is a sweet deal.

Traffic Exchanges

You should already be signed up for this one. It is the cornerstone of our residual traffic plan.

This is a very unique rev share traffic exchange in that you do not have to surf ads everyday in order to see earnings on your ad packs. I will repeat that. You do NOT have to surf ads everyday to see earnings every 24 hours with this rev share. That’s one of the main reasons I am including this platform. It does not require any extra time each day to surf ads here. Now you CAN surf ads if you want and your earnings will be even faster if you do! So the option is completely up to you! The best thing about a rev share traffic exchange like this is that you can use one withdraw from Future Ad Pro to buy some advertising on Crypto Surf and NEVER have to make any more purchases here but you will still get more and more residual advertising! That is a HUGE bang for the buck when you employ this strategy!

Explosive Traffic is not a rev share but it is still my absolute favorite traffic exchange Co-Op for several reasons. One of the best reasons is because this website is a two-in-one advertising resource. This is because Explosive Traffic is not only a great traffic exchange Co-Op with which you can advertise on hundreds of different traffic exchanges simultaneously and all with optional geotargeting. They are also a gigantic banner network as well!
This website works on a price bidding system. This means you can bid on how much you want to pay for traffic exchange hits as well as banner impressions. You can scale up your advertising at whatever rate you feel comfortable with!
Explosive Traffic will show you what the current bidding price is per banner impression and traffic exchange hit. (We are talking fractions of a penny) This price can and will change and move around slightly so it’s good to keep an eye on it from time to time. But once you set up your ads and set your bid price, you can pretty much just walk away at that point. If the current average bidding price drops, your hits and impressions will speed up how fast you go through them. The opposite holds true as well. If the average bid price goes up, your views will start to toll in a bit more slowly. Hopefully that makes sense. I absolutely love this platform and suggest you at least sign up from the downline builder and have a look around at everything they have to offer as well as how it all works.

Here are a couple more traffic exchange style advertising sources…..

Click Here To Join









Now you have a little bit better of an idea on how to get referrals under you and earning from both their efforts and actions. Remember, all this is with NO MONEY out of your own pocket!

Once you have done joined the programs above, make sure to enter your information in the downline builder over at Viral Stacking so that anybody you refer to Viral Stacking will be put under you as YOUR referral in these advertising platforms as well and you will get any corresponding credits and commissions! I would suggest that any commissions you receive from referring other people to these programs go back into Future Ad Pro in order to grow your entire advertising budget even faster!

The next advertising method I am going to go teach you is one of my personal favorite hands off advertising methods that is very inexpensive and extremely easy to scale up the traffic volume and start getting referrals even faster than you thought possible before.



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