If you are going to start collecting and stacking crypto currency as an investment, one of the very first things you are going to need to do is get a wallet (or two, or three!)


Now, there are hundreds of different wallets out there and I could write reviews on them every day for the rest of my life and would never come close to being able to cover them all. I am going to only cover the ones I have experience with and we will use most often in this strategy.



You can read the entire write-up I did on Coinbase by clicking HERE. Coinbase is one of the best ways to get started with crypto currency because it is both so easy to use and so trustworthy. You can buy a handful of cryptos in your back office through your bank or debit card easy peasy. While I use several wallets for my crypto both off and online, I would still probably consider this one to be my “main wallet of choice” I have zero trust issues with them and my experience with them has honestly been nothing short of steller. They also have a deal where if you join and make a Coinbase account using my link HERE and then you continue to purchase $100 or more worth of crypto with them, they will give you an extra $10 worth of said amount of crypto as well as giving me the same kickback as well! Think about that….. Your very first venture into the entire crypto currency world and you are already making an instant 10% ROI! Sign up for Coinbase by clicking the banner below or read the full review HERE.



#2 CoinPot

This is a wallet you DEFINITELY need if you are doing my strategy when starting from zero. If you have no initial money of your own to purchase any crypto with something like Coinbase for example, you can still follow along in my plan but you will be starting out collecting very small amounts of crypto for free using things like faucets and PTC websites. In order to use my faucet strategy, a wallet at CoinPot is essential. It will not cost you anything to sign up so click the banner below or read the full review HERE.






Cold and hard storage wallet hardware:

There are several reasons to have a hardware wallet. The main reason of course being the extra level of security for your coins when you are in control of them yourself.

I have linked to a couple of the most popular hardware wallets on the market below:


Ledger Nano S Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

Trezor Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet


You do not have to set up all of these wallets if you do not want to but I strongly urge you to setup the first few wallets on this page. They are all free to start with anyway and each one will play into our much larger overall strategy in the not to far future, so best to get it done now.


Once you have set up all the wallets that you will need, you can move onto the next step of this strategy by simply clicking the large “NEXT” button below: