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As we discussed on the previous page, one of the biggest keys to producing a successful and profitable business online is building a high quality email list. This is something you cannot use Gmail for. I love Gmail and use it every day several times each day. But, we need something even a little bit more powerful than this with a lot more features and options. This is how we are going to build a following and stay in touch with our groups of potential prospects that we will (over time) turn into raving fans and customers of your affiliate products.

I use a simple piece of automated software for this. It organizes all my emails to my customers and potential customers for me. It is called an “Autoresponder”. I can actually set up this autoresponder to email someone as soon as they opt in to my list. I can also set it to email that person the next day after that, the next day after that, two days after that, and then even one week later after that! I can actually set it to send out emails to the new potential customer on my list however often I want it to and at any frequency! I can also set these pre-written emails to be sen out in whatever order I want it to. What’s even more convenient, it will do this for each and every potential customer that signs up. This will get more information and keep it all organized as well as synchronized depending on when that person signed up in the first place!

This is about as close to marketing automation as you can get! This is important because the entire idea of an internet based marketing business is to free up your time. You want as much automation in your marketing process as physically possible. There are several automated tools that I use in my business but my autoresponder is by far the most beneficial and profitable automation tool that I use in my business. Once you start collecting email addresses and creating the mistake of sending internet traffic directly to an affiliate link because conversion rates are so low on the internet these days I can pretty much assure you that you will make far less than you spend on advertising unless you are sending traffic to a squeeze page BEFORE you redirect them to your affiliate offer and then also proceed to follow up with them regularly over time

It is important to learn how to use your autoresponder quickly and efficiently because as stated earlier, this is the key to giving you time freedom with your business. Personally, I use the autoresponder service called Pure Leverage. It is priced very competitively, has loads of features and even gives you a blog, conference room, tracking software, squeeze pages and lots of other stuff included so it is a win/win/win bargain of a lifetime. It works extremely well and is a lot simpler than you may think to use and profit with. It does not take much to get used to or to learn, because everything is pretty straight forward and makes a lot of sense right out of the box. You can check out the FREE course we put together specifically on how to use the autoresponder HERE. We will even let you use the autoresponder for free as well. No strings attached! Simply click the FAN PAGE SYSTEM banner below.


The next thing I want to talk to you is about how to USE your autoresponder. There are quite a few out on the market but they all function fundamentally the same. I am going to be using the autoresponder that I use in my examples simply because that is the one that I am most familiar with. But you can take the principals and apply them to any autoresponder service that you would like.

The entire idea of having an autoresponder is to get pre-written email messages out to your list and to let it do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. There are two kinds of emails that can come from an autoresponder. One is a followup message that you have already written and have “stacked” up in your followup emails set to go out to your list of subscribers every so often. The other kind of email is called a broadcast. This is one that you can go in and write and send to the entire list at once. You can also stack up your broadcast que with broadcasts ready to go out as soon as you hit send on any of them.

Now, you have to be kind of careful with both. You do not want ALL of your emails (followup and broadcasts alike) to be ALL sales emails trying to sell the same thing or even sell something different each time. You really need to think this through ahead of time. You need to base your emails off of your audience. Your audience is dependent on where you got your audience from. It sounds complicated but it all plays a key factor in the overall outcome of the success (or lack thereof) in your marketing as a whole.

For my example I will be using, we are going to assume you will be using solo ads, banner and PPC ads to be the majority of your advertising sources. That means that the audience that will see these advertisements will be in their own little niches so to speak. The people these ads are targeted to and will see your advertisements there are often other marketers. They are often new marketers. They are often people who have recently joined an MLM or other money making business opportunity and decided they were going to try and get recruits and team mates and other distributors under them using the power of the internet. We will be targeting the places these perfect prospects like to hang out. We will get into that more in detail soon. My point here is that if these places are where you are getting opt ins to your squeeze page, then your emails you have need to be suited for that audience. We will talk more about that soon as well.

The Fan Page System can take you through the steps of setting up your autoresponder a little bit better than I can. You can find your FREE access by clicking the banner below:

Now, when it comes to WHAT do we advertise, the answer to that question is ALWAYS a squeeze page!
What is a squeeze page you ask? I will be happy to explain it to you…
A squeeze page is a one page website that has some text, perhaps some graphics but has a spot for you to enter your name and email address. I am sure you have seen them before, If not, you can see what a squeeze page looks like by clicking HERE.

What we are doing is building a list of email addresses of people who are interested in internet marketing, network marketing, online advertising, list building, affiliate marketing and other things of that nature. Basically, we are building a list of email addresses of people who are interested in making money online in some way, shape or form…

It is of the upmost importance to followup with your list via email on a very regular and consistent basis. THIS is truly where your fortune will be made. You have probably heard the phrase “the money is in the list” But I am here to tell you that a much more accurate line would be… “The fortune is in the followup”.

You see, you can send your traffic to a squeeze page and build your list all day long. But, unless you utilize that list and continue to email your subscriber base in a very consistent fashion, those squeeze pages will do you no good at all. I can tell you from years of experience that the vast majority of people who subscribe to MY list for example, do not ever buy anything for at least the first 30 days! And in fact, it often takes much longer than that!

That is because email marketing is a process and it takes time in order to convert opt ins, list subscribers (or as we in the business refer to as “leads”) into actual paying customers who buy your goods and services that you are offering as an affiliate. I hope you are starting to understand the importance of why it is so vitally crucial to send ALL of your traffic (both free and paid) to a squeeze page.

You can make your own squeeze pages or hire someone to do it for you, or you can promote a system that has them pre-made for you. I have chosen the Fan Page System because it has some of the very best converting squeeze pages on the market today! Especially when it comes to done for you squeeze pages in a pre-built marketing funnel. You can check out the squeeze pages and the marketing system I am referring to HERE and get started using it without it costing you a single dime!

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Dan Watson

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