Step 2

Just a quick forewarning:

This step is completely optional and not required right away to start out. However, it is very highly recommended.

Tracking your squeeze page links in your advertisements is extremely important. If you are not tracking your links and are using more than one source of advertising or more than one squeeze page, then you have no idea whats working and whats not. If you don’t know what is working in your marketing and what is not working, then you will not know how to upscale the advertising campaigns that are actually bringing you results and sales and income and you will definitely not know which campaigns to dump because they are not bringing you any results at all.

It sounds tedious but you really have to track everything you do when advertising online. You have to know which traffic sources are performing best for you as well as which ones are not worth your advertising dollar!

Rev share raffic exchanges are one of the first main traffic sources we are going to concentrate on and they can have extremely poor conversion rates if you are not tracking your results. And regardless of how good or bad the traffic is, you always want to be able to upscale the advertising campaigns that ARE doing well while dropping the ones that are wasting your precious time and money!

We actually have tracking link software built into the autoresponder and squeeze pages we will start out using for this system. You can use the autoresponder and the squeeze pages for free, but if you want the tracking software, that comes automatically with no additional charge when you upgrade to the Pure Leverage Marketing tool suite. You will see more about this in the back office of your Fan Page System and can take a look at them by clicking the banner below:

Click on the banner above and create a free account and check them out. You are going to be spending a lot of time in the back office so poke around and make yourself at home. Everything is pretty self explanatory and very user friendly. You can also track which traffic sources led to sales and which did not. This will help you track what sources perform best for you overall. Not just where the opt ins come from but the all important sales. This is another extremely important part of being able to split test your campaigns.

I use a lot of custom made squeeze pages however, and once you become more advanced in your marketing, you will end up wanting to do the exact same thing. In that case I would recommend the tracking software. You can check them out by clicking the banner below. At the bottom of this page, I will explain everything you get with their free trial they have going on right now!

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The number of hits we’ve tracked so far!


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See which links are getting clicked

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When you track your advertisements you can easily see which ads are performing and which ads are not. Stop wasting traffic sending people to ads that don’t work!

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Save your advertising money by weeding out advertising sources that aren’t getting you any results so you can focus on buying traffic where results rock!



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The number one reason people don’t track their ads: They don’t know how to. The number two reason: It’s boring. We solve both those problems!

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So, why Because we have awesome trackers that are easy to use,
we don’t nickel and dime you and make you pay extra for more trackers,
and we provide excellent customer service, even phone support!

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We love to track, so we have awesome features to power our trackers!


We believe in the Keep It Stupid Simple philosophy. Our control panel was designed to be very easy to navigate, very easy to use, and very appealing to the eye!


Keep it simple, our trackers can automatically tag where your traffic is coming from. So you don’t have to mess around with different links for different sites.


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We built our own trackers because we were tired of using other trackers that had too much downtime or were always slow to load. That killed our results. Our trackers are powered by 4 servers and more can be added anytime!

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Dan Watson

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