Step 3

OK, now that we know WHAT to advertise (a squeeze page which leads to a proper sales funnel), we are going to cover WHERE to advertise. The short answer is many, many places. But there are a handful of tried and true places we are going to concentrate on.These are places that can reach our target market? And who is your target market? If you are in the internet marketing niche such as myself, then you want to target other people who are also in the internet marketing niche. If you are trying to sell internet marketing tools and traffic sources as an affiliate such as myself, it would obviously not be a great idea to target your traffic to dog lovers for instance.

Now, while there may be people who own dogs who may be into internet marketing, my guess is that your conversion rate will be extremely poor and you would probably lose MUCH more money advertising to this crowd than you would make up for in sales. If you are advertising dog grooming products, then dog lovers would be a great target market to advertise to. However, I am willing to bet that if you are reading this, you are in a niche such as internet marketing, affiliate marketing, multi-level marketing or network marketing. This means you need to abide by advertising practices that will yield you the best results and return on your investment of both time, money and effort.

One of the main things I want to help you with in this plan of action is traffic sources. A lot of people have found a work at home business or network marketng company they want to promote. Perhaps it is a Clickbank product they are selling for a commission. It may even be their own digital product or service they are trying to sell online. Whenever I talk to someone in this business and ask them what their biggest obstacle was when they were starting out, the answer is almost always something along the lines of getting enough traffic to actually start seeing some consistent conversion numbers and how to pay for all that traffic. (because it does take a LOT!)

I have come up with a plan for myself to be able to be able to pay for all the traffic needed to start getting sales and commissions everyday and it is working extremely well for me. Because of this, I want to share with you what is working best for me. I have tried and been in numerous biz ops and traffic programs and I have also done a lot of split testing with these biz ops and traffic sources using TRACKING SOFTWARE in order to be able to find out what is currently converting best and from what sources.

So what I am about to share with you is not just theory or something I heard someone else talk about once on a Youtube video. This is working knowledge that I have found out for myself first hand and what has been and is currently working best for me in the field of internet marketing.

You do not have to follow every word I say or join every program or traffic source I recommend. You are more than willing to pick and choose or swap things out to better suit your needs. This is merely me trying to give back to this community that I love so much and basically use myself as a living, breathing, and ongoing case study of what can be possible when you have a proven plan and stick to it.

The first place we are going to advertise our squeeze pages (Found HERE) for a program that can pay for you sharing a liking and posting on social media is, a platform that already does the exact same thing! Think about it. You targeting can literally NOT get any more targeted!

The Website I am talking about is called FUTURENET

You can see what I am talking about  by clicking the banner below:

This is a social media platform that is set up extremely similar to facebook and will pay you for just participating which includes simple things like just logging in, posting on your wall, posting on other people’s walls, liking, sharing, commenting, downloading and more. It is a really cool idea and has lots of games and activities to keep you busy. It also has several different ways for you to earn money on top of that. I would click the banner above, create an account and start adding as many friend as you can and start posting about your Fan Page System.


The next traffic source we are going to talk about is a revenue sharing traffic exchange.

Now, rev share traffic exchange advertising programs always seem to be extremely popular despite their not so great track record.

It does not take much time or effort to figure out why they are so popular, however. It is one of the simplest ways to make money online without having to sell anything to anyone. No personal sales or referrals are required in order to be able to get paid from these programs.

I will try to avoid using any specific names of any rev share companies in this basic description of what one is but this is the concept of how it works….

The term “Rev Share” comes from the phrase “revenue sharing company”. This is when a company has a signature product (in this case usually traffic exchange ads) and when they sell that product, the buyer in entitled to share the profits of the company when it sells more of the same flagship product to other people regardless if those other people that the original buyer referred or not. A buyer will usually end of getting back more than 100% of what they initially paid for the product.

Staying with the example of the traffic exchange, if I, Dan Watson were to buy 1,000 credits at a rev share traffic exchange website. That would typically mean that I would have paid to have 1,000 people click on my website for a predetermined amount of time. If that 1,000 views or “clicks” cost me $10, then in a rev share program, I may get back anywhere from about $10.50 all the way up to $13 total. This would be spread out over several weeks and would only work out to a few cents per day. But at the end of things, I would have basically got my advertising for free because while I paid $10 for the ads to be seen, I also got $10 back over time. But it gets even better because I actually got PAID $0.50-$3.00 to “buy” my free advertising there!

This may not sound like a huge deal at first but think about this….

Let’s say that in our example, we pay $10 to have our ad seen 1,000 times in a rev share traffic exchange. Let’s also assume that after multiple payments of a few cents each day that I get my original $10 back after 6 weeks. Now, remember after that 6 week mark I will still continue to earn more income until I reach around the $13 mark for instance. Going by the same math that means we would be done earning by about the 8 week mark.

Now hold onto your hats because this is were it gets really cool! At the 6 week mark in our example, you can take your $10, turn around and buy ANOTHER 1,000 views to your website in the traffic exchange, and for another two weeks after that you will be earning twice as much per day because your FIRST 1,000 view purchase is still paying you back. This means that you could buy your NEXT 1,000 views in only about 3 weeks. And the next 1,000 views after that in only a week or two!

I’m sure you are starting to see by now the leverage you can create by utilizing this structure of advertising. In this example, you end up getting thousands and thousands of views to your website with ONLY paying the initial $10 out of your own pocket!

This creates EXTREMELY powerful leverage that can get you traction and progress in your business very quickly in your business if you read on about my strategy of how to use revenue sharing traffic exchanges to your best benefit!

Now we all know what a traffic exchange is. It is a website where you can click through and look at other people’s websites for a preset amount of time (usually between 5-30 seconds for each website you look at before you can move on to the next one), in exchange for them clicking through ads and having your website be one they have to stop and look at for x many seconds before they can move on and get credit for the next one.

This is considered by many people to be a terrible source of traffic and for many reasons. The first problem is the most glaring that you probably thought of first after you read the previous sentence. “If they are visiting my website with the only purpose of doing it to just have other people view their own website, that sounds pretty redundant!” And yes, on the surface, I thought the exact same thing initially.

The next problem with traffic exchanges is that many people say that the traffic is garbage because nobody on a traffic exchange will buy anything you have to sell on a traffic exchange. I would also agree that this is true. The people using a traffic exchange are not in a buying mindset. They are in a mindset of clicking ads so they can get on to the next one and earn credits for their own website to be shown.

If you wanted to address still another problem people have with traffic exchanges is that even when marketers are smart enough to NOT try and sell on a traffic exchange, but instead just show a tempting squeeze page to try and get an email, they still cannot get anybody to sign up to their list.

These are all problems that I am going to address. But first, let me say this….

Traffic exchanges work and they work extremely well IF you know how to use them properly.

OK, so how do you use one properly? Allow me to gladly explain in great detail!



In order to make any traffic exchange work for you, (regardless of it it is a rev share or not) it is wise to first lay a foundation on which to build your marketing campaigns.

What I am referencing here is tracking software. The tracking software that I use is extremely inexpensive but very capable with many features at the same time. You can find my review of it HERE. The reason you need good tracking software is that so you can tell which opt-in pages or squeeze pages are performing best for you. This is very important. You cannot have a squeeze page that everybody else is using. You cannot have a big company replicated squeeze page that goes on everyone’s affiliate tool page of their favorite home business. You need to have a squeeze page that caters to traffic exchange surfers.

I have found about 3 squeeze pages that perform paticularly well for me in traffic exchanges like this and am more than willing to share them with anyone on my team. All you have to do is ask!

Now, here is something very interesting that I have found to be true for at least me with my years of split testing and tracking. I have found that when using the same three squeeze pages that I just mentioned, they convert into people signing up through my squeeze pages almost FIVE times better when used in traffic exchanges that have a revenue sharing aspect to their business model! Let me put that into a little bit better perspective for you….

This means that if in a regular traffic exchange website, If I buy 3,000 credits/clicks/views to my website, i may get anywhere from 2-4 opt ins to my squeeze page. That works out to about one opt in ( to my squeeze page) for every 800-1500 website views. Where as in a rev share, I am getting someone to opt into my squeeze pages every couple hundred views or so! And keep in mind that all these views I am buying in these rev shares with with house money after my initial payment for my first batch of views! Are you starting to see how powerful this is? RESIDUAL traffic that gets larger and larger each and every week with only a one time initial purchase for as long as the rev share exists! Multiply that over a few months or so and you are looking at a staggeringly high exponential rise in your total number of opt ins every month even for those who are on the smallest of advertising budgets!

That is ONE way of how to properly use rev shares to your best advantage. However, this is where most people mess up. Most people simply see rev shares as a way to make money without selling anything and buy the advertising almost as an afterthought and believe it or not, some people do not even do anything with that advertising! This is NOT being efficient in your marketing. You should never, NEVER EVER reply on rev shares as a source of income for yourself. You CAN start taking some money out of rev shares, but it should never go in your own pocket. This should ONLY be used to buy more OUTSIDE traffic from another type of advertising completely different traffic sources. (More on that shortly)

The way I use this rev share and the way I teach other people to use any of these traffic exchanges are as follows:

As stated above, you NEVER, EVER, EVER use rev share traffic exchanges to pull out money to line your own pockets. This is not a smart business move for the reason that rev shares are so unstable in their nature. rev share websites and rev share companies can fail or be shut down at any time. Not many have made it past the 2-3 year mark at most despite the fact they have been popping up and crashing for over a decade or so now. Some people will drop thousands into a single rev share right away and immediately try to take out as much as possible as quickly as possible. This is a risky game and not one that I recommend.

What you want to do instead is have a monthly advertising budget of about $50-200 for example. In this case, each month, you would drop just a bit more cash into a rev share website that has a good converting ratio for well designed squeeze pages. (You can see which work best for me currently by scrolling to the bottom of this page. I update it every month.) You would then start withdrawing just slightly LESS per month than you would put in. This minimizes risk and still gives you a great monthly budget that is leveraged by the power of a rev share.


This is currently the rev share advertising programs that I am using and keeping track of.

You can check it out by clicking the banner below…

Click here to join FutureAdPro and FutureNetClub




Stay tuned because I am going to start posting a monthly report on exactly

what kinds of opt in rates I am getting at this one!

If you are curious what three squeeze pages I am using, you can go HERE

The next place we are going to advertise our squeeze pages is on a platform called:

Leased Ad Space

Leased Ad Space is in this plan for a reason. It is a great source of traffic and there is no ongoing monthly cost.

I got the highest traffic packages they have so all my advertising there costs me nothing at this point

and I will continue to get no only about 15 free solo ads per month but also thousands and thousands

of banner and text ads that are automatically replenished each and every single month.


They also offer you a fully done for you blogging system as well that is included in the

highest price traffic package that they drive traffic to all day long!


It is really is a powerful system, especially when you consider the low costs of their traffic packages.

You can get started with them today for as low as $7 but they have a wide variety of price ranges.

Just like most other platforms of this mature in affiliate marketing, you have to purchase a package before

you can receive commissions on it!


There is 7 traffic packages in all ranging from one time $7 to a one time $147 package.

If you have bought that package, you can earn commissions on it and will never have to buy it again.

This is really important because all the commissions you get from here are going to purchase more traffic exchange credits in Future Ad Pro to help build your ad packs faster to get you to that magical $20/day mark.


Once you reach that $20/day mark in Future Ad Pro, you will start withdrawing a little bit of that money.

You aren’t going to use that money to line your own pockets, however. Far from it, actually.

You can use that money to pay for your monthly upgrade into Pure Leverage If you like.

In fact, I highly recommend it. If you have already upgraded, then you can now use that money to upgrade to VIP.

We are also going to use some of this money to start buying some high quality outside traffic,

But more on that later…….

Click on the banner below and purchase your first traffic package at Leased Ad Space for only seven bucks!



The next place we are going to start advertising is called Herculist.

Leads, Leads, Leads!

Herculist is a Solo Ad supplier. Now if you don’t know what a solo ad is, that is fine. In fact, most people don’t!

A solo ad is simply am email to another person’s email list. We are trying to build our own list using traffic we send to our squeeze pages so we have a large email list of people that we can market to.

One way to do this is to leverage other people who have already built a large email list in the same industry or niche as you.

(in this case the area of interest is online marketing)

Herculist has an email list of well over 80,000 people! You can “rent” sending an email to that list and get people onto your OWN list! How awesome is that? Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

You can check out Herculist by simply clicking the banner below.

Leads, Leads, Leads!



This is where we really turn up the gas and put the pedal to the metal….

Once you are reaching a point in any Rev Share, that you have about $30 a day in your account,

you will start withdrawing $60/week. Now this money is not going to go into your pocket.

You never, ever, EVER use money from a rev share to line your own pockets.

These are funds to be used for advertising ONLY!

“But I thought the rev shares WERE advertising, Dan!”

They are in fact a traffic exchange in nature so yes, we ARE getting traffic from them.

However, we want to start withdrawing $60 each week to pay for a much higher quality

advertising source in addition to the traffic we are already getting from the rev shares.

Where is this high quality traffic source I am talking about?

I am so glad that you asked!


This is a CPC traffic source. Just in case you didnt know, CPC stands for cost per click.

You will be paying for traffic by the click with this company. Ususally when that is the case,

the price of the click will be a lot higher than any traffic exchange for example. This is not a bad thing.

It’s actually a good thing because in the example of the company I am about to share with you,

you get what you pay for.

When big companies advertise on facebook and build their email list with that traffic, they will spend sometimes

end up spending more than $5 for each person they get to sign up for their email list but they are willing to pay it.

Why? Because the people they are getting are already in the exact niche they are going to be selling them on.

For a high quality traffic source, you can people from higher income countries and english speaking countries.

There is nothing wrong with lower income countries or people who do not speak english. However, your conversion

rate of leads to sales will be exponentially higher if you target your demographics on who is most likely to purchase

whatever it is that you are selling.

This is the best high quality traffic source that I have had the most success with.

The name of the company is called

Once you have signed up for your free account,

log in and go to where it says “Leads” at the top menu and hover your mouse cursor over that word.

A dropdown menu will appear and you are going to click on the option that says

“My autopilot web traffic-Nationwide”

You will then be taken to a page that looks similar to this:

Quantity #Leads Price Amount
40 Clicks/BizOp Visitors $47.00 $0.00
115 Clicks/BizOp Visitors $113.00 $0.00
280 Clicks/BizOp Visitors $277.00 $0.00
470 Clicks/BizOp Visitors $450.00 $0.00
870 Clicks/BizOp Visitors $800.00 $0.00
1700 Clicks/BizOp Visitors $1,540.00 $0.00
2550 Clicks/BizOp Visitors $2,250.00 $0.00
This Item : $0.00
Order Total: $0.00

If you withdraw $60/week from the rev share(s) you are in, you will have enough to purchase one of the smallest packages for 40 clicks for less than $50.

(The difference between the $60 you withdraw and the price it costs will help cover any and all processor fees)

As you collect more and more in the rev share, you can start withdrawing more per week.

It won’t take long before you will have close to $60 in your rev share account each day and at that point, you can start withdrawing about $120 each week and then order the next biggest traffic package at each and every week.

The same would happen when you reach the point of $150/day in your rev share, you can start buying the NEXT biggest traffic package at each and every single week.

I know that it will be extremely tempting to keep some of that money that you withdraw from the rev shares and put a little bit in your pocket but this is not the time or place for that. We are using the Rev Shares specifically to leverage their ability to supercharge our advertising budget each and every month.

In order to start out with a decent advertising budget, you will need not much less than $200 every month so that you can be spending a bare minimum of $50 a week each week at MLMleads for your high quality advertising.

Now, would you rather come up with that out of your own pocket each and every month? Or would you rather just withdraw it from a rev share every week and not be using anything out of pocket? I know what my answer would be.

If you have the initial capitol to start going with high quality traffic and would rather skip the uncertainty and risk of rev shares, then by all means, you dont have to use rev shares at all. You can go traight to, create a free account and start buying large traffic packages each and every week and sending them to your squeeze pages.

That’s the great thing about CPC traffic, is that all you do is give them your squeeze page tracking link.

There is no solo ad to write, there is no banner to create or text ad copy to come up with.

That’s one of the HUGE reasons I love this company so much.

Other than that, the traffic is honestly the highest quality that I have tried because it simply CONVERTS!

Using the correct demographics to Geotarget you ideal customer is a lot more important than a lot of people would have you believe, trust me! (Ask me how I know!)

MLM Leads, Network Marketing Leads, MLM Marketing, Business Opportunity Leads for Your Home Business

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Purchase leads for your network marketing business and also receive:

  • Leads sold twice, max
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Dan Watson

Once you have signed up to and used the above traffics sources and have started building your list to over 100 people or so, you can continue on to STEP 4 here by clicking HERE