Step 4

Now that you have been using your Fan Page System squeeze pages to get leads into your autoresponder and start to build your list, it’s time to monetize that list and start marketing to them with tools and resources that will help them. Here is a list of things that I market to my list because they all convert very well and have helped me build my business as well so it only makes sense that I tell my group of email subscribers the things that have helped me most! You can click the banner to any one of these programs to sign up and get your own affiliate link to send to your list!


Fan Page System

First and foremost of course, you should be inviting people to join you in the Fan Page System. Even if you are not upgraded yet yourself, It is a good habit to get people on your list logging into and using their own Fan Page System.

Social Lever

This is a really cool educational training program with a really low price point. If people are interested in opting into your Fan Page System squeeze pages, then it only makes sense that they are interested in facebook and other marketing materials related to Facebookas well. This is a very comprehensive training program that shows you how to build ANY business on facebook (Like your Fan Page System, Hint Hint) even if you dont know the basics. And it covers all the beginner stuff all the way to paid facebook ads and everything in between. The cost is extremely low and you can actually use this as a self funded proposal and a way to make a lot of your marketing budget back so that you can reinvest it into even more advertising. This is how the big dogs online have thousands and thousands of dollars to spend for advertising each month and none of it comes out of their own pocket! I highly recommend that you start using this strategy as well so you can have similar results!




This is a cool social media platform that allows you to get paid just for doing the same stuff that you normally do on social media anyway! This is also a GREAT FREE way to start marketing your Fan Page System squeeze pages. Think about it. The Fan Page System can pay you for liking and commenting and sharing on facebook. Don’t you think you could get some people interested in that kind of program when they are already in a program that already does the same thing? You can’t get much more of a target audience than that folks!


Click here to join FutureAdPro and FutureNetClub



Future Ad Pro

This is a revenue sharing traffic exchange which is the sister company to Futurenet. Normally I try to stay away from rev shares due to their shaky business model but I use this one for residual advertising which is highly demographic and geo-targeted. I also use some of my earnings from this platform for buy traffic on higher priced platforms for even better results. This is not one to miss and you can benefit greatly by advertising this to your email list.

Leased Ad Space
Leased Ad Space is always one of the first things that I make sure my list is aware of.

It is a great source of traffic and best of all, there is no ongoing monthly cost.

I got the highest traffic packages they have so all my advertising there costs me nothing at this point

and I will continue to get no only about 15 free solo ads per month but also thousands and thousands

of banner and text ads that are automatically replenished each and every single month.


The commissions structure of this program is really unique as well as it is powerful. You can make a lot of money

advertising this inexpensive program to your list. and it will help them get their feet wet with advertising as well.

It is a win/win situation for both you and your list. This is one of my highest converting offers

so I would seriously consider it if I were you!

Click on the banner above and purchase your first traffic package at Leased Ad Space for only seven bucks! Banner

BTC Clicks

This is a neat program for a couple reasons. First of all, you can earn BTC just by clicking on ads. How cool is that? I do this and even though it doesn’t work out to very much money per click, I use Bitcoin when paying for the majority of my advertising so every little bit adds up fast and helps the end goal which for me is to spend an enormous amount of money on advertising each and every day.

The second reason I like this program so much is because it a very inexpensive advertising tool which can actually do Geotargeting as well. I get literally thousands of leads from this traffic source alone always at less than a dollar per lead. I highly recommend that you try it out yourself, get your affiliate link and send it to your list.

Leads, Leads, Leads!

Herculist is a Solo Ad supplier. Now if you don’t know what a solo ad is, that is fine. In fact, most people don’t!

A solo ad is simply am email to another person’s email list. We are trying to build our own list using traffic we send to our squeeze pages so we have a large email list of people that we can market to.

One way to do this is to leverage other people who have already built a large email list in the same industry or niche as you.

(in this case the area of interest is online marketing)

Herculist has an email list of well over 80,000 people! You can “rent” sending an email to that list and get people onto your OWN list! How awesome is that? Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

The best part about Herculist (aside from the great value) is their commissions structure! If you can get even a couple people or so on your list buying large solo ads from herculist every month, you will pretty much have all your marketing costs here paid for! Click the banner above and join up to read about their affiliate program to see what I mean!

4 Corner Alliance Group

This is one of the first things I promote to my list after I have introduced them to my Leased Ad Space. The reason I do this is because it is an extremely high converting offer that is only a one time low price. It is what we like to call in the industry “An easy tripwire offer”. This means that it’s a low cost offer that does not pose much if any risk to the potential buyer so it is statistically a lot more likely for a transaction to occur which makes getting money into your pocket that much quicker.

The 4 Corner Alliance Group compensation plan jaw dropping to say the least. Another reason this offer converts so damn well is the presentation they have put together. It converts better than any other video I have seen. You can take a look at the exact presentation page I send MY traffic to by clicking HERE. If you decide to join me in this super low cost offer, you can have access to the exact same presentation page. Trust me when I saw it converts like gangbusters!

You can click the banner above to go straight to the website.

However if you would like a more in depth review you can click HERE

(Make sure you read all the way to the bottom and watch the videos)

Your jaw is going to be on the floor, I promise!

Easy Hits 4 U

This is a really straight forward advertising source but I really like it a lot because of just that.

Easy Hits 4 U is a traffic exchange. It is not a sexy revenue sharing traffic exchange but in my opinion, It is one of the top 3 best traffic exchanges out there for about 3 big reasons:

#1 is the simple large scope of people you have access to using this platform. There are over 1.3 MILLION active users of this site and many of them log in daily to surf. That is a LARGE group of people to have their eyeballs looking at your squeeze page!

#2 is the ability to geotarget. I cannot tell you how important this is when doing the type of affiliate marketing that we do. I can tell you from my own personal experience that my results are better all around with conversions, open rates, click through rates and more importantly sales when I use USA traffic. You can set the traffic on this site to USA traffic. Not many other traffic exchanges do that. Easy hits 4 U even goes one step further and takes action on another item I have not seen any other traffic exchanges do. And that is offer geotargeting on their BANNERS as well!

#3 is the compensation plan. Every month I end up with thousands of free advertising credits to my name along with several nice healthy commissions as well from simply referring this website to people on my list as an easy way to start advertising.

If you are on a really low advertising budget, then you can simply surf ads on the website to earn credits to advertise your own squeeze pages. So I hope you are starting to see the power of this platform. You can check it out and get your affiliate link by clicking the banner above.


Free Marketing Lifestyle

This is a really in depth course that you can promote to your list and it will cost them absolutely nothing! Use it as a bonus or giveaway or prize or as your lead magnet. The training in this course is top notch and you can make bank on the backend of this program with residual commissions. Click the banner above to find out more.

Got Backup

This is an inexpensive program that you can sell as an affiliate. What you are selling is cloud backup storage. Anyone that has any kind of smartphone, PC or laptop needs to make sure they have all their valuable content backed up in case of the unthinkable. The best thing about this service is that it has over a 90% retention rate because once people have their data backed up, they like that insurance and never want to not have that backup just in case. You can take a closer look by clicking the banner above.