Step 5

This step and the next step are more of the back end offers that really drive up your bottom line when it comes to your monthly income.

This one is again going to go back to Pure Leverage.

Step 5 is upgrading to the VIP membership package of Pure Leverage.

This isn’t just a higher price point for the sake of having a higher price point.

This has been done for several reasons. The first of which is the value.

You are already using the Pure Leverage suite of tools. One of the MANY things that the VIP membership does is to supercharge all these tools that your are already using.

Another extremely large reason to upgrade is the commissions available. up to 5X as much, actually.

One of my favorite reasons to upgrade is the audio training that you get. I am not lying when I say I listen to this stuff on almost a daily basis while getting my work done for the day. The more you submerse yourself into this online marketing universe, the more you will learn. The more you learn, the more you earn!


Become a VIP Syndicate member, collect 5 times the commissions and start networking with the very best earners online!
– We will increase your Auto Responder from 10 000 Subscriber’s to 20 000!
– We will increase your conference room from 100 seats to 250!
Also giving you the ability to customize, and Private Label your conference room!
( This is something that most companies will charge you super high top dollar for…)

As a member of our V.I.P. Syndicate Center ($97.00/mo) you will gain access to:

  • Resale right to your group for this member level.
    • Qualifying for 100% (month one commission) 50% (month two, three, four ect commission)
    • And a 50% matching check bonus on all YOUR direct members and downline
    • (This includes all your referrals from the Fan Page System that also upgrade to VIP).


  • Access to our W.O.W. (Words of Wisdom) Audio Series
    • We will interview TODAYS Top Leaders in the Internet Marketing, Network Marketing and On-Line Business World where we will put the TRUE “Success” questions on HOW they made it from humble beginnings to some over 7 Figures a year. You will be able to access these audios in your V.I.P. Center and stream on-line OR Download to your favorite mobile device.
    • And a 50% matching check bonus on all YOUR direct members.


  • This is PRICELESS info for what is happening NOW!
    • Learn from our Leaders in our NEXT Level Live Webinar Series. Take Your business and tools suite to the NEXT Level. We will share with you the advanced techniques on how to use your Pure Leverage TOOLS to Market to advance to a true MASTERS Degree on the net. No worries if you can NOT make it to the Live Trainings. We will have the recordings available only to the V.I.P. Center members!

Click the banner below to log into YOUR Pure Leverage back office and upgrade to the VIP membership package TODAY!

(Remember, this is a follow me system so every person you put on your list using the Fan Page System has the oppoutunity to not only upgrade to Pure Leverage but to also upgrade to VIP as well. If you do not own the VIP membership yourself, then you will not be eligible to earn commissions from people under you who DO!

I’m going to enlighten you on something VERY IMPORTANT about making money online! When most folks they sign-up for a new program or business opportunity, they join at the LOWEST level possible (in the case of Pure Leverage it’s $24.95). This low level price tag DOES get you started in business but EVERYONE who is killing it and on the LEADERBOARDS who is making the kind of income YOU WANT TO MAKE is an UPGRADED MEMBER!

(In this specific case of Pure Leverage it’s the $97 VIP level).

The simple reason is that you need LESS SALES to make MORE MONEY!

Lets run through a few number to give you a brief idea of what I am talking about here…

Let’s say for instance, that I am an upgraded member in Pure Leverage and I am also a reseller as well.

Let’s say that I bust my butt and start promoting the Fan Page System and I am getting free signups out the wazoo because I am using the traffic sources and strategies listed in this plan.

Let’s say that because I am getting so many referrals to the Fan Page System, a percentage of them are upgrading to the Pure Leverage tool suite. In this example, we are going to assume that I have about a couple dozen referrals that have upgraded to the Pure Leverage tool suite.

I have the reseller package so I will be getting a residual $12.50 from each of those customers who is upgraded.

That works out to 24 X $12.50=$300

Now, $300/month each month is not bad but it’s not amazing or life changing by any means.

Keep in mind this number could be a bit higher if for example a couple of those 24 buyers was a new customer in the last month and we would be getting the full $24.99 on them for their first month. But I am just looking at the residual income you would get monthly.

Now, lets take a look at another scenario where I have the VIP membership myself and I have about 8 people of that original 24 upgrade to the VIP level membership. The commissions on the VIP level is 50% for a monthly residual basis just like the Pure Leverage tool suite. However, the obvious difference is that 50% of the $99 that the VIP costs is almost $50!

This means that my commissions for the people who upgraded to the VIP under me would be about  $400!

That’s JUST the monthly VIP commissions alone and does not include the start up commisions where you would get the full $100 from that customer if it was their first month upgraded. It does also not count the residual income you would get from the regular tool suite customers!

In this example that number was $300/monthly so added to our $400 monthly for our VIP upgraded customers, you can see that it over DOUBLES our monthly residual income! Are you starting to see how powerful this is?

Being an upgraded member is where all the BIG money is and the companies design the compensation plans to reward those members who are SERIOUS ENTREPRENEURS. That’s just the way it is. Not only with Pure Leverage but with just about any other multi level affiliate program that you can find to be honest.

In Pure Leverage I’ve seen as high as 25 percent average upgrade rate from the tool suite package into the VIP membership, meaning that a quarter of the people who I sign up and upgrade to the tool suite are upgrading to the VIP level as well. This is an extremely insane upgrade rate and is somewhat higher than what you can expect to find in most businesses.

BOTTOM LINE… if you are getting involved with PURE LEVERAGE just for the tools, then the $24.95 level is all you need. IF you’re looking to build a serious income and business, then you need to be at the VIP LEVEL to maximize your commissions and efforts. Keep in mind that once you start putting more and more people on your list, you will need to upgrade the number of people you can hold in your autoresponder anyway. This just makes sense to upgrade tot he VIP level even well before you get to that point so that it’s never an issue. It will still work out much cheaper than paying for the same size list capacity of any of the other big name autoresponders out there! Of course, if the additional cost isn’t in your budget, then you can stay at the entry level until either your commissions allow you to upgrade or until you are able to take more out of the rev shares. The choice is completely up to you.


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Dan Watson

If you have already upgraded to the VIP membership at Pure Leverage, then you can go to Step 6 by clicking HERE