BTCClicks: Bitcoin PTC Review

BTCClicks: Bitcoin PTC Review

Everyone wants to aquire and stack as much Bitcoin these days as possible. BTC Clicks is a way for you to exactly that. When it comes to PTC sites that pay out in BTC, BTC Clicks is always one of the first sites that pops into people’s head. There is a reason why and we are about to reveal it.

I am going to attempt to be as thorough as possible and show you everything you need to know about this website and how it operates and functions.

A fact about bitcoin that I know to be true is that it’s extremely volatile when it comes to the price. This makes it somewhat risky, it also means however, that the end results can be very rewarding so I see the appeal to try to earn some for yourself. This is actually part of our overall crypto strategy that you can find HERE.


What Kind Of Website Is BTC CLICKS?

BTC Clicks Logo


BTC Clicks is a PTC (paid to click) website where you have the chance to click on advertisements to watch those ads for 10 – 20 seconds each and then earn a very minimal amount of crypto (usually BTC) for your time.

You don’t have to interact in any way with the advertisement that you are watching, Basically, you are simply just taking a peek at a website that the website owner wanted more eyeballs to see. So these website owners advertise on BTC Clicks to get people to see their website in hopes of finding people willing to interact with it and possibly make a purchase but this is strictly at your discretion and you are no obligated to make any purchase at any time.


BTC Clicks' Home Page


You will simply leave that browser tab up until the short countdown timer is up,  At that point, you can go back to click on another advertisement.

Most of these PTC sites allow you to earn cash but here at Arkham Industries, we like to concentrate on crypto and ways to multiply it so we are focusing on PTC sites that pay out in crypto as an option at least if not the only form of payment

BTC Clicks is also a website in which you can earn from people you refer to the website. If you know how to send leads or recruits to their website and get referrals, this could be a very lucrative way to supercharge your results as well.

You usually can’t earn much from these PTC  websites, BTC Clicks is no different and very similar to CoinBulb actually.

Now let’s dig a bit deeper and take a look at the fundamentals.


How Does BTC Clicks Work?


First, you will set up your free account as an “Earner”. After you have finished that, all you have to do is click on “Surf Ads” tab near the top of the screen what advertisements are ready for you to watch.

There will be a countdown timer that will begin as soon as the website loads completely.


BTC Clicks' View Ads


Once the countdown timer is done, you will just go back to view a different advertisement and to make sure your account got credited the amount you were expecting for that the previous advertisement as well.

There is not an unlimited amount of ads for you to watch everyday. Often times, after you have watched all the ads they have there, you may have to wait for more ads to be ready which can take a few hours or sometimes not even until the next day. But, not to worry. You will have plenty to click on to keep you busy and earning if you follow our strategy.

This is one of the easiest ways to earn bitcoin but in all honesty, you may think the small amount of crypto you are getting is not worth your time this may not be worth your time at all as your hourly earnings will be depressingly low.

However, we are using this as a tool toward a far greater end goal. Keep that in mind.

There is also an option to buy a Premium membership at BTC Clicks. This allows you to earn at a  much faster rate since your rewards are doubled when you upgrade.




From the looks of BTC Clicks, I conclude that it is not a scam as it is paying out to people such as myself who have put forth the effort to be consistant about their daily clicking and made the minimum payment threshold. I recommend it as part of our much broader strategy. In that approach, you will commit to coming in here and clicking on all the ads they have available to you everyday for 90 days or until you can request your first payout. We will be putting that withdraw amount into something much bigger in the cryptosphere and make it start working for us around the clock.

You can get signed up with BTC Clicks by clicking the banner below and you can see the larger picture of how this fits into our entire gameplan by reading up on it HERE.



BTC Clicks' Home Page




If you would like a step by step guide of how to create a Plug-N-Play Cryptocurrency portfolio built from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many other quality coins (some of which that pay you just to own them!), click the banner below:




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