Moon Bitcoin: Free BTC Faucet Review

Moon Bitcoin: Free BTC Faucet Review


I think by this point we all know what cryptocurrency faucets are. Bitcoin faucets are a reward system, usually in the form of a website and/or device app. The reward of cryptocurrency can be dispensed at various intervals of time that are predetermined by that paticular website, as rewards for completing simple tasks such as captcha completion and as prizes from simple games like the bitcoin fidget spinner for example. Faucets usually give fractions of a bitcoin, but the amount will typically fluctuate according to the value of bitcoin. There are also faucets that dispense alternative cryptocurrencies as opposed to just Bitcoin.


The purpose of a Bitcoin faucet is to introduce users to bitcoin, to get traffic to a website and to make a profit. Moon Bitcoin is a perfect free Bitcoin faucet to start out with. It feeds into the microwallet Coinpot which is extremely convenient and another reason we love this faucet so much as one of our core faucets in our strategy of stacking crypto. You can take a look at that strategy HERE

What Is Moon Bitcoin?

While most crypto faucet websites will only allow a user to claim once per hour or once per day, Moon Bitcoin allows claiming as often as one likes. This paticular faucet will gradually fill up and is rather fast at the beginning but gradually slows down a little more over time unless you decide to make a claim. This means that the longer you wait, the more you can claim at one time. The option is left entirely up to you and nobody else. You for example might prefer to claim a small amount every 5 minutes, or visit only once per day and claim the largest amount possible that has built up.

This happens to be one of the most reputable and highest traffic bitcoin faucets on the internet today. This is a very good thing because a very low traffic bitcoin faucet is far less likely to pay out consistently. This is because advertising won’t make them enough. A faucet website having massive traffic allows advertisers to make greater payments for ad space, enabling  these visitors with more free bitcoin claims as well as more reliable payouts.

Moon Bitcoin has TONS of traffic going to their site every single day which is well distributed all around the world. In fact, it just so happens that their Alexa global rank is 3,945. This makes it one of the most visited bitcoin faucets out there!

Moon Bitcoin Faucet Bonuses

Moon Bitcoin offers several bonuses or incentives to keep users claiming bitcoin on a consistent basis. These faucet bonuses allow you to accumulate bigger payouts over time if you are very regular about logging in and making your claims. The bonus can be divided into a few different categories as follows:

Loyalty Bonus:

Claiming bitcoin at least once a day results in an additional 1% for each consecutive day. This means that, if you claim at least once a day, you get 1% per day. So if you claim 7 days in a row, you get 7% of the claimed Satoshi’s extra on your account balance. This goes on and on until you reach 100 days of consecutive claiming without missing a day. At that point, it will stay at a 100% matching bonus everyday that you keep going after that!

Referral Bonus:

For every person, a user refers to the site, it adds a percentage point, 10 referrals equals an additional 10% on every bitcoin claim. Referrals also each the referrer 50% of all claims. This entices users to get their friends to sign up and earn bitcoin, enhancing moon bitcoin traffic. This is huge because you are earning from your referrals on two ways. You are earning a 1% bonus for each referral that is active that day. This is up to 100 referrals. That means if you have 100 people under you surf that day, you will get a 100% match on your claim! You will also get 50% matching bonus of what each referral claims each day as well!

Mystery Bonus:

This is a random bonus that unexpectedly shows at the bottom of the page once you claim your free bitcoin amount and all the other bonuses have been added and accounted for. I have actually gotten a mystery bonus into the 90s before. It was pretty sweet!

Moon Bitcoin Conclusion

Even though Moon Bitcoin is one of the best faucets in the market, it does come with a few drawbacks. But no different than drawbacks of any other faucet to be honest. It will require the adblock to be turned off because it blocks ads. It just so happens that this is how they afford to give out the free bitcoin. The ads on the website can be annoying and can potentially slow down the site. But, it is important to remember that without these ads Moon Bitcoin or any other faucet for that matter, will not be able to give out free crypto like they do. Also keep in mind that this is part of a much bigger strategy, So try to keep the bigger picture in mind.

You can learn more about Moon Bitcoin faucet by clicking the banner below:





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