Here are 6 red flags I look for after being burned by Bitcoin program scams…..

If you are very new to the cryptocurrency investing world, you may fall victims to the
various types of scams and ponzi schemes out there. Scammers prey on those who cannot tell the
difference between a fake crypto platform to a legit one, or from a
legitimate affiliate program to that of a Ponzi scheme.

Such con artists fool people by creating well-designed websites that give a
semblance of legitimacy – however, when you inspect such websites
closely you will realize they are nothing but devious schemes.

Now, I want to make it clear that not ALL of these red flags mean the entire program is a scam if there is only one of those red flags. Something could still be perfectly legit and still have one of these attributes. This is not an exact science. It is merely a list of things to look out for. Each one of these flags by themselves is simply a reason to take a little closer look. That is all. It is not automatically a deal break if you can check one of these boxes.

But like in most areas of life, the more red flags you see, the more you need to be careful and really think twice about that paticular platform or program.

I would also like to point out that there could be programs that never show a red flag at all and appear to cross every T and dot every i. Yet somehow even some of these platforms still wind up running into problems at some point. Nothing is for certain and as always, anything can always happen at any point. Neither you or I is in control of that.




With all that being said, here are some various red flags that you should at least be aware of:

1 – There Are A Lot Of Typos Or Mistakes

If the website is glitchy, doesn’t work correctly and has a lot of misspellings or typos, you want want to take a little closer look at exactly who you are in fact dealing with. It is easy to put up a website and claim all sorts of promises but more often than not, scammer get in a hurry and do not put proper attention to the details of their website. An actual legit company is going to want to appear as professional as possible and will make sure everything looks and works as such.


2 – The ROI Other People Are Getting Is Unreal

If you see other people or the company itself saying that you will see a promised daily return of 10-12% of your initial investment, you really have to ask yourself how that is even possible. Every single programs that I have seen make these kind of outrageous promises has turned out to be a scam pretty damn quick. Please don’t be gullible enough to fall for this. Don’t be greedy. You can make a lot of returns with cryptocurrency but some random company promising you daily returns that are not even within the possibilities of realistic is NOT the way to earn big with crypto.


3 – There is no evidence of the CEO

Again, this does not ALWAYS mean something is wrong but just something to watch out for. Most companies that want to be open and honest about who they are, want to be as transperant as possible. One of the easiest ways to do this is to show your face and/or do videos about and showing yourself or your team.

Not every legitimate company does this but still something to keep in mind. If there are no pictures or videos of anybody on the website, you have to ask yourself the following question: “Why are there not pictures of the people behind this? Is it being lazy or is someone trying to hide something?”


4 – The Exchange Rate Is Too Good To Be True

It’s only natural, that as a human investor, that you would want the best possible deal
regardless of if you are seeking to get the best rates for your money and/or crypto. Most crypto exchanges have their own exchange rates given that cryptocurrencies are decentralized.

Always take note that the rates don’t vary that much and if you were to come across
a website that offers a significantly lower or higher rate than other known
exchanges, then tread with a lot of caution!

It is wiser to put your money with a established and trusted exchange
platform (despite with higher fees) than thinking that you are getting a
better deal from an unknown website that could instead ran away with all
your invested cash!


5 –The Website Has No SSL Certificate

Most websites that deals with cryptocurrencies usually have a Secure Sockets
Layer (or SSL) certificate installed. This is very important and if you
encounter any website without an SSL, be very much aware and tread with
extreme caution!

Websites without SSL would on display HTTP before their domain names
while websites with SSL show HTTPS. What this means is that scammy
websites without an SSL certificate can shut down their site and move on to
a new domain once they have conned a certain number of people!

Since it is pretty easy to transfer website files to another domain, these
scammers can work very quickly to set up another website for their devious

6 – Beware Of Ponzi Scams

The reason that some Ponzi scams are not so obvious is because they
have been around for a long period of time. In the crypto space, this is usually anywhere from a couple of weeks to even several months in some cases.

This is how such Ponzi schemes work: Their first members would have
already received substantial returns (as derived from proceeds from newest
and latest recruits). These initial members, having received a profitable
amount, would post rave reviews about how the exchange is the best
around that offers the best possible rates and returns.

On the surface, anyone can be fooled into thinking that the
program/platform is running a legitimate operation, especially when they
know someone personally who had benefited from the program.

It is best to look closely at the “positive reviews” – you will ultimately see
that all the reviews are saying pretty much the same thing. What’s more,
you will almost a;ways find self-serving referral or affiliate links conveniently
located within the review. While there is nothing wrong with this. Just keep it in mind.

Basically, It is OK if there is an affiliate link in a positive reviews. However if you cannot find a single positive review that does NOT have an affiliate link, that MAY be cause for concern…


As you can see, there are a lot of red flags you need to be on the look for. As I stated before, just because you might see ONE of these red flags, does NOT mean the program is a scam or fraud.

However, if you see two, three or more of these red flags, that means you better be looking at things REALLY close before making a decision to jump all the way in. If you would like a step by step guide of how to create a Plug-N-Play Cryptocurrency portfolio, click the banner below:

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