Where Is The Best Place To Buy Bitcoins online?

Let’s just be honest for a minute here. Bitcoin (and cryptocurrency in general) is easily one of the biggest and most popular payment systems online these days. It is something that the internet and technology savvy community cannot stop talking about for the last year or two. Even though the average Joe off the street may have heard of the famous Bitcoin before on the news, It is still actually a topic that he (or she) does not really understand due to the technology involved and its somewhat steep learning curve.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and any other cryptocurrencies are simply digital currencies and payment method that is secure, private and extremely easy to utilize, once you know the ins and outs. It is not yet completely regulated. However, it is taking the necessary steps while it is becoming more and more mass adopted with each passing day despite the daily fluctuations in price.

Now, there are people who will simply purchase and hoard Bitcoin as a form of long term investment. Yet other individuals will use it to purchase items discreetly since privacy is a large benefit of bitcoin as well. Whichever the case may be, we should probably look at things in a way that puts first things first. We know that in order to either save or make transactions with bitcoin, you must first acquire it. How to purchase bitcoins is what this article is all about.

In an effort of full transparency, I feel it is crucial to tell you that before we even consider getting any cryptocurrency from anywhere and/or for any price, we will need to get a preliminary step out of the way and get a bitcoin wallet. Just like you would keep traditional cash in a folded leather wallet for example, bitcoin can be kept in either a digital or paper wallet.

Now, cryptocurrency wallets are actually a software that keeps your bitcoins both secure and safe from hackers and everything else. The cryptocurrency wallet can be either on your computer desktop,  mobile device, or also a portable data drive. This of course can be kept under traditional lock and key if you wish such as in a safe.

Any Bitcoin or cryptocurrency wallet that you use is actually part of the blockchain of whatever currency you are holding with it. This means it is part of a much larger system and records all your transactions as well. All this means that having a wallet on your desktop can take up a rather parge portion of memory on your PC however.

I wrote an entire article on the different types of wallets there are for cryptocurrency. You are more than welcome to read that article HERE.


Not too long ago, there was a time when people could purchase and sell bitcoin using either credit cards and/or PayPal. This quickly started to produce problems, however. You see, there is a limitation with bitcoin. Bitcoin transactions are electronic and unlike traditional money, can only be reversed by the recipient! So what ended up happening, was that many unscrupulous buyers would purchase bitcoin with their credit cards and would then proceed to request charge-backs through the credit card companies. That meant the sellers were left helpless with no other form of recourse. So, because of this scenario, they stopped accepting both of these methods of payment.

Now, some would say that makes it extremely difficult to purchase bitcoin these days but I would disagree completely.

In reality, there are more and more exchanges springing up all over the place these days in order to facilitate the sale of bitcoin for a small fee. In fact, a large number of customers are turning to cryptocurrency exchanges  in order to purchase their bitcoin. This is one  of the easiest ways you can obtain bitcoins. You can see my review I did for my favorite exchange to purchase crypto by going HERE. (I even show you how to get a $10 bonus with that method!)

You may have heard of the term bitcoin mining. This is a process that not only takes up a ton of time, cost and energy, but is also very complicated, loud and in need of monitoring. Verifying and recording payments into the public ledger is called mining and the payment can be in bitcoins. This is a way of getting bitcoins but it’s really painstaking. Depending on the current price of BTC and current level of mining difficulty, it can actually be more profitable to in fact mine other cryptocurrencies. To find out more about the easy way to do mining, you can read my article HERE.

Another method you can use to obtain crypto would be that could purchase bitcoin from people you know and are offering it for sale. This is perhaps one of the easiest methods of getting your hands on bitcoin. Because you presumably trust the person you’re dealing with if you know them, there is little chance of them taking your money and disappearing. ALso keep in mind that you will still need a WALLET to use this method as well.

You may check Craigslist and see if anyone is offering any bitcoins for sale. You may also check eBay but usually the value of the bitcoin is marked up pretty high and unless you’re purchasing for investment purposes, it’s not really worth the gamble. I would highly advise against going this route.

The last way I am going to cover on this list is to start an online business or promote affiliate programs and accept bitcoin as a form of payment. If you make it easy for your customers to pay with crypto, you will find yourself getting paid with bitcoin. This is also true if you promote a program that will pay you out commissions in crypto whenever sales are made. If you are curious to find out more about how this approach works, I suggest that you take a look at THIS.

These are just some of the ways to obtain bitcoins. There are other methods such as doing trivial tasks on websites that offer payment in bitcoin. However, the amount offered is so miniscule that it’s really not worth your time. Time is more precious than bitcoin. Always bear that in mind.


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