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Free “SPIN to WIN” every hour could win you $200. It costs you nothing. The table bellow indicates your winnings in Litecoin, Roll 10000 and hit the $200 Jackpot. To increase your winnings you could try our “Multiply Litecoin” game, you stand a 50/50 chance of winning in this fair game. Enjoy.

This is another sister site to FREEBITCOIN. The layout is the exact same so it should be really easy for you to navigate and do what you have to do in order to get in and out with a really impressive speed.
This faucet has another really cool little secret that I am going to tell you about tomorrow.
I don’t want to ruin the surprise JUST yet but if you just cant wait, then you can take a sneak peek by looking at the actual website HERE.
I may have told you earlier if you follow my emails but I promised to reveal the deep dark dirty secret of this free faucet we are discussing today: FREELITECOIN.
You see, this faucet actually has a very passive component to it as well.
But HOLD UP! This is NOT the same as the passive aspect of FREEBITCOIN has!
If you were to collect over 0.05000000LTC in your account there, you will earn 6% annual ROI!
JUST for letting it sit there! This is because they use the resources to mine more LTC in the process.
I know this does not sounds nearly as sexy as a lot of the HYIP programs that are being promoted right now but there is a reason we include this little faucet website into our passive programs as well. This means you can have a very hands off passive income in the form of LTC from this program. And you can also boost your daily interest earnings by claiming from the faucet and adding to your principal. Imagine how much faster your earnings will grow once I teach you how to get countless referrals under you!
This means you are getting 6% yearly return on the Litecoin you leave sitting there. There are 365 days in a year. This means you are making roughly 0.016% interest per day on your Litecoin account balance here. If you start with lets say 0.1LTC in your account, you would be earning approximately 0.00001600LTC each day. This means that by the end of a week you would have an extra 0.000111LTC in your account on top of the original 0.1LTC making a grand total of 0.100111LTC. After this seven days it means you would be earning 0.00001640 each day in interest as opposed to the daily interest of 0.00001600 you were getting daily no more than a week ago.
But let’s take this a step further. If you are constantly adding to your account by claiming from the faucet everyday, you will be compounding it pretty fast. Let’s say as an example that after a week of claiming from the faucet and adding that to the original seed amount of 0.1LTC, you have a new total of 0.100111LTC after your daily interest payments and let’s say you claimed several times a day each day for a week and earned a total of 0.0005LTC just in faucet claims from FREE-Litecoin that week. In this example, we are going to say that you have a few referrals under you in this faucet because you have been promoting your Viral stacking affiliate link. Your referrals under you in Free-Litecoin this week have earned you 0.0005LTC in commissions. If we add the 0.0005LTC we earned in commissions this week to the 0.0005LTC we earned doing faucet claims we have 0.001LTC we can add to our previous total of 0.100111LTC after your daily interest payments everyday.
This now means we started with a total of 0.1LTC in our example. After one week of collecting our daily interest on that, claiming the faucet several times a day and collecting some sweet affiliate commissions as well, we are going to have a new total after that first initial seven days of  0.1011LTC. If you do the math, that means instead of getting ONLY the 6%/year figure, you ended up with over 1% in one week! Take a little bit of time and think about how fast you can scale this and you will start to understand why I love this program so much!
This is a must have and I highly recommend that you take a look and read more information by clicking HERE.

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