Coinflash App Review

Put Your Spare Change Into Crypto with Coinflash

If there’s one thing that pretty much everyone can agree on, it’s that the days of having to start out as super rich in order to invest are over. Regardless of if it’s investing in the stock market, getting new ETFs, or even getting into the world of cryptocurrency like I teach. The truth is that you can now make it happen and with far less money than ever before.

A large reason for this is due to the new uptick of something called micro-investing apps for devices like mobiles and tablets. In fact, the majority of the best micro-investing apps are actually designed to allow you to invest your spare change back into the stock market. You might even use ones like Acorns, Stash, M1 or Robinhood on a regular basis already.

However, that’s not to say it is a stocks-only world out there. If you want, you can use that extra change to bolster your own cryptocurrency investment portfolio. You can also do this at a fraction of the cost with this super cool app for your smart phone…

Meet Coinflash—the first micro-investing app specifically for investing your spare change in crypto.

Though there are plenty of cryptocurrency investing apps out there, for sure. Coinflash isn’t like most others. Most cryptocurrency investing apps require you to invest a lot of money upfront at one time, or just allow you to brush up on the news involving blockchain and what the exchanges have to say.

When it comes to getting low fee transfers and easy cryptocurrency purchases, most people will rely on Coinbase. They also will have to save up money themselves, if they want to invest. Coinflash takes a lot of the tedium out of investing.

Why should you use Coinflash?

If you love the idea of automating your savings or enjoy the idea of being able to instantly invest without having to remember to portion out your budget, you’re going to enjoy Coinflash.

Coinflash is somewhat exclusive when it comes to investment options. Only coins with best track record are offered up. Because of this, it takes out a lot of the guesswork that comes with investing in crypto, this makes it a great choice for those who are just beginning to invest in Bitcoin or other altcoins.

Here’s what you need to know about downloading Coinflash.

So, before you get started with this process, you’re going to need to download the app and sign up. It’s free on iTunes and Google Play. It downloads super quick that has actually been approved as safe by experts, featured on major sites like Lifehack because it’s so good.



How does Coinflash work?

If you’ve ever used Acorns or other micro-investing apps, you already have a good idea of how Coinflash works. With Coinflash, any time a linked card makes a purchase, the app will round up the purchase and deposit the difference into an account that is used to purchase the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Just like with Acorns, you can start investing the moment you feel like it, pause the app when funds are low and restart whenever you’re ready. It automatically invests the spare change it collects for you immediately after it’s collected. So, there is absolutely no need to watch your money like a hawk.


What cryptocurrencies can you invest in with Coinflash?

The coolest thing about investing your spare change with Coinflash is that it’s not a one trick pony. You don’t have to stick to ONLY Bitcoin if you don’t want to. Currently, Coinflash offers the opportunity to invest in Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and a number of others.

It’s insane how many cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin mining alternatives have been added to Coinflash’s roster. More coins will be included as time continues to roll out, which means that any ICOs you might want to invest in will be there too eventually.


If you’re wondering whether there are any other apps that could invest your spare change in crypto, don’t wonder anymore. Coinseed, a crypto-based app like Stash, allows you to do round-ups or invest in blocks of $5 or less. Robinhood, a more established stock market app, is planning to roll out a cryptocurrency attachment soon enough.

No matter where you look, the future the cryptocurrency market has become brighter than ever before. That’s a great thing for investors, as long as you invest sooner rather than later.

Coinflash is a Bitcoin investment software that works in a way where any and all purchases made with your debit card or credit card are “rounded up” to the nearest dollar, with the excess change used to then purchase Bitcoin and deposit it into the Coinbase cryptocurrency wallet.


Coinflash Product

Coinflash is a simple yet innovative service that allows users to invest small amounts of money over time into the cryptocurrency market. An online service that links to a user’s debit or credit card, Coinflash monitors the purchase activity of that specific card.

Keeping track of every purchase and then “rounding up” that purchase to the nearest dollar, Coinflash calculates the difference for all purchases either on a monthly or weekly basis and then sends instructions to a user’s Coinbase account to purchase that amount in cryptocurrency. In other words, when you buy a cup of coffee for $3.50, Coinflash “rounds up” by $0.50, records the amount, and then instructs your Coinbase account to purchase $0.50 of cryptocurrency.

Keep in mind that Coinflash does not debit your account directly – it only gains access to your purchase amounts and uses simple math to record how much it would take to round up to the nearest dollar. Then, Coinflash sends that data to Coinbase; that platform then conducts a cryptocurrency purchase on behalf of its account holder by using the payment source authorized by the user through Coinbase.

None of the money getting invested in cryptocurrency goes through or gets sent to Coinflash. The only fees associated with Coinflash is a flat $1 a month fee designed to support the maintenance and development of Coinflash as a service.

Coinflash can purchase any cryptocurrency supported by Coinbase. This includes BitcoinEthereum, and Litecoin.


Coinflash Verdict

Coinflash is one of those rare services that fits an excellent niche. Similar to many credit card services that allow you to round up purchases and invest the difference into a savings account, Coinflash makes it easy to invest in small amounts of cryptocurrency on a weekly or monthly basis, making it an excellent long-term boost for crypto enthusiasts.


This is an interesting app to say the least. It works in conjunction with Coinbase so if you have not already joined with them and have a wallet there, then I suggest you go back to the wallets portion of the downline builder and set up your Coinbase PRONTO! Coinflash is very convenient and handy if you want to play around with a little bit of crypto but don’t want to be transferring huge amounts to your Coinbase account.


This app works somewhat like Coinseed in that it will round up your spare change from transactions you make with your debit card and when you get to a certain amount, it will send it to your Coinbase account. You can choose whether this is deposited as BTC or ETH or any percentage combination of the two!


You can then use that crypto to advertise your Viral Stacking affiliate link and get even more referrals into all the programs we use! Try it today! There is no affiliate link to Coinflash but you can download the app anytime and get started rounding up that loose change and putting it toward something productive!



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