My “Big Ass Banner Plan” Exposed!


This is going to be my explanation for the big-ass banner plan I have been using for the last year or so to get traffic to my squeeze pages. This is a banner advertising strategy that I have developed which works extremely efficiently and can give you a bang for the buck value that is quite frankly, hard to beat.

This strategy is going to involve multiple platforms and multiple programs. I suggest that you join all the following websites as a free member to start and you can upgrade whenever you are ready but when you are upgraded in all of these platforms, it can REALLY start to multiply your results exponentially.

Banner advertising networks can really make your marketing get exponentially more exposure. Sure, you can go to hundreds of advertising websites and setup your banner ads and hope they all get great results. It will probably take you hours in order to go to all those hundreds of different sources all individually, log in to each place and set up your ads, making sure they work, tracking the conversions from each site and then doing the entire thing over again every so often when it is time to check on the progress of your ads and see if you need to apply more credits.

This is the way I used to do things and it worked… to an extent. But the biggest problem was just how much time it took. When I first started my business, I was on a shoestring budget and did not want to outsource anything. I was convinced that I had to do everything or else it wouldn’t come out right or I would be charged too much for it. This is not the correct mindset to have. You are always going to have some work to do but the most efficient of marketers among us do all of their work in the most efficient way possible.

What I want to talk about in this article is a far more efficient way to think about using banner ads. Banner advertising has been around since about the beginning of the internet. Although the average click through rate for banners on websites has slowly fallen over the years, it does not mean it has disappeared all together. Well designed banners still get clicks when they are placed in front of a very targeted audience with a very congruent offer. In order to make a banner marketing campaign work well, you need to consider the name of the game. The name of the game here is mass exposure. You need eyeballs on your banners. And a LOT of them! I don’t mean a few impressions a day, either. I mean your banners (notice I said that plural. you need to have a handful of different banners that you are rotating) have to be seen thousands and thousands of times per day in order to start getting enough clicks to get decent results.

Now, in order to get that kind of exposure, we need to be seen a lot of times by a lot of different people on a lot of different websites. The best way to do this is with banner advertising networks. That simply means that you set your banners up on ONE website, and it shows that banner on HUNDREDS of websites for you all simultaneously. This is extremely powerful and also a very simple method to scale up once you start seeing results. I purchase a half a million impressions or more at a time when I buy banner ad space now. And I can also tell you this. My business has picked up a lot because of it. Banner advertising is like many other forms of marketing in that it is all a numbers game.

Depending on what you are promoting however, you can’t just go with any old banner networks. You need to make sure that your audience (the people that see your ads and banners) matches your offer. If your offer is MLM, home business, marketing or crypto related, then it will do very well with these sources I am about to discuss granted that you use enough volume.

I am going to share my strategy where I start breaking down different banner advertising networks and what kind of results I get from each one and more importantly, how I use them in my overall “Big Ass Banner Plan”. I think you may find this guide pretty interesting. I am still testing this strategy out but it was a little more than a couple years ago when I started implementing this technique and although there are a couple small drawbacks, I still believe without a shadow of a doubt that this is a VERY price efficient strategy to add to your advertising campaigns. I will try to give a brief description of each of one the main programs involved with this plan below. I will also start with the least expensive options (which in this case are FREE) and move up to the more expensive options.



EZ Bannerz

Your FREE EzBannerz account is designed to be mostly Set-and-Forget… as long as you spend a little time now to do the Setting Up part. The One Million Visitors strategy depends on everyone doing a little work early, but when everyone does their bit, this really is unstoppable TSUNAMI of traffic.


Tron Banners

This is another FREE account that works very similar to the previous program. This means the capability to multiply your impressions and clicks exponentially is a very real possibility with only a small handful of fellow free referrals. This program has an optional upgrade that makes this thing about 10x more powerful so pay attention to that offer.



Ad2Bitcoin is a great newer banner network I found that even has a faucet you can claim 1,000 credits every single day! This can add up extremely quick! They also have THE best price on bulk credit purchases and pay per banner click prices I have seen on the entire interwebs! I always have TONS of campaigns going here. Not only feeding my own personal banners but also several pointing back to “BucketofBanners” and VBAC. This way, I grow the credits in BOTH of those programs as well as getting a TON more exposure for my own personal banners. This is probably the biggest banner network on this list as well. As of this writing, it was running on almost 2500 different sites!


Mellow Ads

Image result for mellow ads banner 468x60

Mellow Ads is a reliable faucet but we are not going to withdraw from it and send to FreeBitcoin like the others. Keep claiming your faucets everyday in Mellow Ads and we will explain in the very near future what to do with those earnings. But for now, just add it in with the rest of your faucets you are already claiming once a day.



Infinity Traffic Boost

Infinity Traffic Boost is a great traffic exchange but the credits you earn can be spread out over lots of methods of advertising such as text ads, square banners and rectangle banners. You can set up your affiliate banners to Viral Stacking which is also great because you are only charged credits when somebody CLICKS on your banner. Otherwise, it will keep getting displayed. This is extremely powerful! Once you set up your ads, you just have to purchase a TPO1 package every 30 days or so in order to keep the credits flowing! TPO1 costs less than $5!


Viral Banner Ad Co-Op

This is my current favorite banner network!

Viral Banner Ad Co-Op is definitely one of my favorite banner network platforms. They have connections with THOUSANDS of different websites in their industry and this really gives you nothing but outstanding reach when it comes to exposure. This is one of the only banner advertising sources that I would consider highly worth paying the monthly cost for the gold level membership.

This is because you can put a Viral Banner Ad code wherever you would put your banners like traffic exchanges, safelists, mailers and ect. Then, you can have all that traffic point back to Viral Banner Ad Co-Op at a ratio of 1:1 I might add, and then distribute those credits assigned to your banners over hundreds and hundreds of highly targeted websites all over the internet.

Because their banner network is so stinkin’ LARGE, I have noticed that I get beyond average click through rates using this service and that is because it is not just the same few people seeing your ads over and over again. Your banners will be seen by a MUCH, much larger sample size of potential prospects!

That is why this is the main HUB so to speak, of our banner strategy. Every other banner plaform we use after this point will be used to feed impressions back to Viral Banner Ad Co-Op. You can join them by clicking the banner above.


Bucket Of Banners

Brought to you from the State-Of-The-Art-Mailer guys, BucketsOfBanners is a banner exchange with a twist. Even non-site owners can earn impressions and get ads seen across the network at an extremely generous 1:1 ratio with the upgrade.

Here are 4 Club BoB benefits that I am a huge fan of:

1) Get Your Link Promoted Without Promoting Yourself – We are
constantly promoting the Club BoB link out in the marketplace
just like we are with this ad now. That link rotates all Club
BoB members affiliate links.

2) Others Build Your Brand – The Interactive Splash Page has
prominent brand placement that randomly shows 4 OTHER Club
BoB members branding even if they are not promoting themselves.

3) Infused Click Incentives – A sign-up bonus is infused in the
sign-up process for new members only on Club BoB banners.
That means Club BoB members are experiencing higher click rates
on their banners.

4) Surf and Login Ad Exclusives. As a Club BoB member, you
automatically gain login ads and surf ads as a part of your
membership. You just need to have credits assigned to your banner
and it is running automatically in those two areas.

Get in the Club already and get some help building your business
without breaking your back doing it all yourself.

They Have 3 Ways To Earn Banner Impressions:

  1. Promote Your Interactive Splash Page: BoB Members – 1 to 1 ratio. Club BoB Members – 3 to 1 ratio.
  2. Surf The Banner Area: BoB Members – 0.5 to 1 ratio. Club BoB – 4 to 1 ratio.
  3. Banner Code Plugged In Your Website: BoB Members – 0.5 to 1 ratio. Club BoB – 1 to 1 ratio

This banner network is freaking awesome. However, we are not going to use it for the exact purpose you are probably thinking of. We are NOT going to put any of our affiliate banners or links in the slots in our back office. Instead, we are going to use links from the back office of Viral Banner Ad Co-Op mentioned above so we can grow our credits over there. This one obviously works best with this strategy when you are upgraded. Once you start looking at the advantages you get with an upgraded membership, it will start to make a lot more sense. You can join Buckets Of Banners by clicking the banner above.


Weekly ICO

Want to know how to get an endless supply of banner impressions that grows more and more every single week? You are in the right place. This is a piece of a much bigger picture but a very important piece, none the less.

Everytime you purchase a stake with this company, you will get a 468×60 banner with 1,000 impressions. You will also get a 125×125 banner with 500 impressions.

Doesn’t sound like a ton of advertising does it? Well, if you follow the strategy in the above video, You will be extremely surprised at just how fast your banner advertising will start adding up!



Another HUGE reason I am excited about this program is what they actually offer for the price of their ad pack! For that 0.0005BTC you get 5,000 468×60 banner impressions along with 10,000 125×125 square banner impressions as well! This is a LOT of banners and will help our Big Ass Banner Plan out a crap ton! You WILL start to see more referrals join you in Viral Stacking and several of the programs within once you start getting enough of your own banners and links out there and this is one place that will speed that up quick fast and in a hurry! ESPECIALLY when you get to the point that you are buying one of these ad packs every single day!


Ad Commissions

This is a great site that gives 100% commissions but more importantly lifetime advertising. The higher traffic package you purchase, the more lifetime banners you get as well. This is extremely beneficial as this site has been around for a while and gets very laser targeted traffic for folks who would be very interested in our offer. In this case the offer would be Viral Stacking. You can advertise you Viral Stacking banners here but I use this as yet another lifetime supply source of banner impressions with which I feed back to Viral Banner Ad Co-Op.


Referral Builder Elite

This is the sister site to Referral Frenzy as you may have guessed. This program does not have a mailer, however. Instead, it has another very beneficial feature and that is a downline builder dream come true. It has the capability to fill in your referral links at hundreds and hundreds of downline builders across the web. This will help siphon more referrals and commissions when used correctly and met with enough traffic! Much like Referral Frenzy, they also have dozens and dozens of monthly bonus ads from associated advertising websites. This will give you yet another source of thousands upon thousands of banner impressions (along with several other kinds of advertising included) that you can have all feed back into Viral Banner Ad Co-Op. This is exactly what I have been doing for the past year or so and it has been working like absolute gangbusters!


Non-Affiliate Banner Networks

(This means there will be no affiliate links for them in the downline builder)


Ad Hitz

This is probably my current favorite geotargeting banner network. This is owned by the same people that own Clixsense. You have the ability to browse through hundreds of sites you might want to display your banner on. Or you can do what I do and just geotarget their network ads. Your banner(s) will be shown on hundreds of pay to click and cryptocurrency centered websites, blogs and other pages. The cost here is a bit steep per click but you simply CANNOT get any more laser focused than this.


Backbone Banners

This is a really cool banner network that allows geotargeting which by now you know I love. It also has a pretty unique aspect to it in that you trade in your credits from Traffic Era to use this site. Remember how I asked you to set up your Traffic Era start page with our Supercharged Startpage Strategy? Now you know why!



This is a very cryptocurrency targeted banner network. While they do not have an option to geotarget that I know about, they still hit a very specific target demographic. They also have a piece of code you can put on your own website to display their ads and they actually pay pretty well! Do this enough and you can just turn around and use your earnings for advertising of your own using their network. Or, you can withdraw your earnings and deposit it somewhere like AdHitz that DOES allow you to geotarget. The choice is yours.




So there you have it. This is my big ass banner plan that gets my opt ins and email signups to my Aweber list every single day without fail. And for the most part it is all completely passive! Sure, it took me a while to be able to afford to upgrade in all these programs. But nobody says you have to upgrade in everything right away. This is just a strategy that has always worked for me in the past and continues to work day in and day out. I highly recommend that you give it a shot for yourself!


If you would like a step by step guide of how to create a Plug-N-Play Cryptocurrency portfolio built from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many other quality coins (some of which that pay you just to own them!), click the banner below:




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