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The concept of multi level marketing (MLM) usually has a two-pronged system for success. You will see most people teaching you about building your downline and selling great products. There is nothing wrong with that approach. It’s perfectly fine and will most likely help you achieve a modest online income as a result of your efforts. But that’s not what you really want, is it? Only modest income? Chances are you want to be thriving, you want to be building wealth,
not getting by with enough extra to pay your bills with.


There is one system that most multi level marketers either don’t know about or ignore completely and it’s this single element that can take decent earnings and convert them into serious wealth. You have to add a third prong to your online business building systems that is known as “attraction brand marketing”. Now, I want to clarify that this isn’t based on the Law of Attraction or anything like that. This is a formidable strategy that you yourself set into motion and use to generate a flood of leads, loyal followers and a downline that simply can’t be beat. Have you ever considered yourself as a brand? When most multi level marketers hear the word “brand”,î they think about major brands like Coca Cola or even the branding of the product they’re connected to and promoting in the MLM world.


But you have to remember that you’re conducting business online
(for the most part, even though some of you might generate leads offline as well).
That means you have zero credibility and relationships with people who find you until you form a bond with them. You might have bonds with people on Facebook like your long lost cousins, childhood friends, and close relatives. Those people know you in the real world and they know you on a personal level. With MLM, you have to take a complete stranger and somehow convince them to do business with you.


A business relationship is often formed between a consumer and a brand. Because you’re the liaison between the prospect and the MLM opportunity, you have to project yourself as the brand and allow the person to develop a relationship with you first. How can you form a connection with your target audience? One that makes them feel fierce loyalty to you where they spread good word of mouth,
help you achieve your goals, and work hard for you as they achieve their own goals? Other seasoned marketers will teach you many technical strategies like video marketing, blogging, podcasting and other similar techniques. They may be great at teaching the technical steps and talking about how your content can help you with search engine optimization. But these technical steps are not what attraction brand marketing is all about. It’s only part of it.


Anyone can release a video. Anyone can slap up content on a blog or website. And anyone can record an audio file. It takes a special person to be able to embrace the concept of branding for themselves. It takes a true leader who isn’t afraid to command the clout they need in the MLM world
to draw the very best entrepreneurs to their downline. While other marketers are out there paying for traffic and outsourcing tons of content to try to help them rank in the search engines, you can be leveraging the attraction brand marketing system to draw people to you (not drive them to you).


What does attraction branding mean? It’s not hype. It’s not hard selling. You can put those tools away in your arsenal for later use if you want. Attraction means you present yourself online (as a brand) in a way that has people clamoring for more from you. You make them addicted to you and your own content over time because they love your personality, they love your insight,
and they love how real you are with them. Branding with an attraction element in it helps make you
visible to those wouldn’t otherwise find your site online. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. When there is a buzz created about you specifically, people flock to you like moths attracted to a light.


There is warmth and comfort in the message you’re guiding people with and they respond to that and because want to be around it. So now it’s time to look at ways that you can become an attractive brand in the multi level marketing world. Our first instinct is to connect with people based on what we can do for them. This is what we have been told in crafting sales copy for years. And in that respect it works! When you’re selling something, the customer is always thinking, “What’s in it for me?”


Attraction branding is about developing and projecting an image for yourself and then building relationships based on that foundation. That means these people aren’t even letting you have a shot at helping them with their online business efforts until they know more about you. Are you worth investing time with? Can you be trusted? What helps people come to this conclusion is how you communicate online. Nobody wants to read or hear useless information.

No third person articles like “5 Ways to Build an Online Business” that give a simple step by step strategy. Anyone can do that. Your prospects want to know how those 5 ways helped you build an online business. So for example, let’s say you wanted to create a blog post about using Facebook
to build a profitable MLM downline. You could add the tip or strategy, but talk about some specific examples of times when you made a Facebook post and engaged your own audience. What did you post about? How did your fans on Facebook react to it? Did you ever fail using that certain strategy?


Telling your story, showing that you have faults and aren’t perfect actually resonates really well with people. You could say something like,

“I started out on Twitter spamming everyone on the site. It’s embarrassing to look back on it now, but I was just very uninformed at the time. I don’t want you to make the same mistake I made because it cost me a bunch of followers!”

All of this vulnerability and honesty you put out there on the web to show how far you’ve come
allows people to form opinions about you. They begin sharing things about you online to help you craft a reputation. If you don’t control it through your own personalized content, someone else will.


Someone else will be putting the word out about what kind of person you are. You hope it’s someone who likes you but what if it’s not? Or what if it’s a competitor who decides to try and take you down a peg because you’re siphoning away too much of his or her business with your newfound branding system? You want it to be hard for that to happen. Engage your audience to interact with you. A good brand, whether it’s a global household name or a solo entrepreneur, works on actively engaging their customers and prospects on a continual basis. You may not have a team of people doing it for you, but it should be at the forefront of your marketing efforts when it comes to branding. You want to be known as a brand who cares about people and about the products your brand promotes.


You can project that attitude by interacting with people online. Where do you engage with them? In the comment area of your blog and/or your Youtube videos. If at all possible, it is a great idea if you respond to every single person’s comment. Someone was there and cared enough to leave you feedback or post a thought about what you blogged or made a video about. Consider it a common courtesy to respond to their thoughts! Ask for their comment at the end of your blog posts and videos. Another place you can engage prospects is in the comments of other people’s blogs and videos.

Now, this doesn’t mean to go trolling and looking for blogs in a spammy way, where it’s blatantly obvious that you’re just there to steal other people’s prospects. Instead, find people whose blogs you really do enjoy and then be a participant on the blog who delivers unheard of value. People will begin to recognize you as part of that community and follow the link in your name.


On Facebook, you want to create a fan page or group where you can interact with your audience
and share things with them. Don’t make everything about your business opportunity. You can be personal on these pages, but you can also pull in some complementary topics to your main discussion. For example, let’s say you have a Facebook Fan Page about making money online. Many of the people in this target audience are broke and desperate. You might find a really good article online about saving money. You could share that there and initiate some dialogue about a specific tip you enjoyed. This kind of thing brands you as someone who is looking out for your customers’ best interests. If someone shares something on your wall, make sure you pay attention and respond to them.


On forums, you have a great opportunity for branding – not only with your valuable posts and responses but also through your signature file (if it’s allowed in that paticular forum). A signature file is a few lines that automatically appear beneath each of your responses on the forum. You’re usually allowed to hyperlink back to your domain or include a hyperlinked image such as a banner ad.


Brand yourself via email, too. You’ll gain some branding through your response time and valuable answers but your email system should allow you to include hyperlinks and tag lines at the end of every response, too.


Use a tag line. A tag line is kind of like your brand’s motto. What is it that you as a person want to be known for? Do you want to be the marketer who:

  • Has a sympathetic nature?
  • Is very blunt and honest with people?
  • Over-delivers in value?
  • Carefully scrutinizes everything before recommending it?

Whatever you want people to think about you is what your brand’s tag line should be created around.
Many marketers use a simple, “To your success” tag line (closing) at the end of every email and/or blog post. This is kind of generic. It works and everything, but it’d be much better if you could come up with something that people remembered to associate with you and how you want to be known.


Before you start trying to develop your own attraction branding system, think of those who you yourself are attracted to in the world of online business. What drew you to those people? Don’t copy them, but emulate some of the elements they’re using to capture people’s interest and turn them into loyal fans!



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