Current Strategy Update! 5-1-2020


What is going on everybody!

Dan Watson here.

I wanted to make sure and give you my latest strategy updates. As you are probably well aware, the crypto affiliate space is an always changing landscape that requires constant observation and slight tweaking here and there. I have recently made a couple changes here and there and wanted to let you know what my plans are going forward.


One thing that is a little different is that I wanted to show what can be done with a very modest budget. I am going to start adding about $60 of my own money into crypto to starting funding these passive programs a little bit faster. I will be doing this in a schedule that would be easy to replicate as well. I will start sending at least $30 from my bank account to my Coinbase account every other week. This will be to simulate the schedule most people have with their paychecks.

I will still be following my Coinpot and CrytoTab strategy and depositing all withdraws from those into FreeBitcoin at every chance I get. However, I will only be putting a small amount of that bi-weekly $30 into FreeBitcoin. I will be splitting this up into the next steps in our passive portfolio.


So the following strategy that I will be focusing on will look a little something like this:

I keep claiming all the faucets from Coinpot as often as I can.

I also collect from CryptoTab every time I reach 1,000 satoshi or more.

I put withdraws from both Coinpot and CryptoTab into FreeBitcoin


This will grow my FreeBitcoin account at a decent rate. This rate will speed up dramatically when you start getting referrals under you in the above three platforms.


The next part of my strategy involves using some of my own money. I want to make it extremely clear that this part is completely optional. I call this the “Core Four” part of my strategy. I am simply using this as an example of a way anyone can exponentially speed up their earnings by using just a very small amount of money using a schedule that would math most people’s paychecks. Let’s be honest. You probably spend $30 out of every paycheck on really stupid stuff. It’s nothing to be embarassed about. Most people do it. We all spend more money on stuff we really shouldn’t like coffee, lunches out, vending machines, cigarettes. I think you get the picture. Now by all means, I want to make it very clear once last time that this is completely optional and if you want to know how to do this with absolutely NOTHING out of pocket, I would suggest reading the strategy in the PASSIVE section. This strategy is a borderline carbon copy but is designed to vastly improve your rate of progress. Barring any serious changes in these following programs, my plan is to spend the rest of 2020 putting a little bit of extra crypto out of my own pocket on the following programs every other week:


$10 Better Bits Club

You guys and gals should already know that I am a huge fan of this program. I have a lot of trust and respect for the owner. This program has been running for over 3 years straight with absolutely zero problems. The earnings are a little slower than a lot of other programs out there but that is what makes it so damn stable. Another reason that I want to focus on building this platform is that has a pretty low ceiling. You can only have a maximum of 100 $10 add packs. This means, even if you were to use all of your own crypto up front, you could max out the system right away with only $1,000. I am going to be buying one $10 ad pack every other week in this program with my own crypto and this will be in addition to doing internal repurchases as often as physically possible. Once, I max out Better Bits Club, my own personal strategy will be to withdraw everything that I can (while maintaining 100 active ad packs) on the first Friday of every month. I will use these withdraws to help grow the remaining three platforms in this “Core Four” strategy.


$10 My Passive Trades

My passive Trades went through some huge changes recently but they ended up being all for the better. At first, I was very unhappy with the fact that you can now only withdraw in ERK coins. (No more BTC withdraws) However, a lot of other companies that I am involved with (Better Bits Club & Diversity Fund Club along with many others) are now taking ERK as payment but will still pay you out in BTC so this has become a non issue. The “Forever Packs” here cost $10 each and here is the best part…. Just as the name suggests, they NEVER expire! You earn on them each and every week! Earnings are paid into your account every Wednesday for the previous week. My plan is to buy an extra $10 “Forever Pack” every other week. This is on top of my current MPT strategy of buying one $10 “Forever Pack” with my earnings every wednesday and then withdrawing the rest in ERK to my ERK wallet. I can then use these withdraws to fund and grow Better Bits Club, Diversity Fund Club and many other platforms in this space as well!


$5  Diversity Fund Club

Diversity Fund Club is by far my favorite passive income source. If you have been following my Youtube channel then you most likely know this. They have been paying for about FOUR years now and have never skipped a single payment! The owner is the original godfather of this passive mutual fund approach to a platform and he more than knows what he is doing. I have seen a lot of hard times hit this program and it just keep chugging along because the owner knows this type of strategy better than just about anyone out there. Personally I already have quite a bit already built up in here so far so that is why I am only putting in $5 every other week. Otherwise my balance and earnings are already growing fairly quickly here. Once I max out all my packs here, I will start withdrawing everything I possibly can while making sure that I am always STAYING maxed out in both the DP25 and DP50 adpacks. At this point, anything I withdraw from here can be used to fund and grow any of the other 3 programs in this list.




FreeBitcoin has been around and paying consistently for almost a decade now. The earnings from this platform are definitely lower than any other one on this list but that is more than made up for when you can trust them so much more due to their track record. I have long term goals to grow this account huge so I will probably never stop doing regular deposits into this platform regardless of if they are out of my own pocket or not.


These are going to be my “Core Four” going forward for the next few months. I may introduce you to some other programs and platforms along the way. I may even try a few out for myself. However, I don’t think I will change this strategy much (for using my own crypto) for the rest of 2020 unless one of the programs involved has some huge changes made to it.


I mentioned this in the steps above but my goal is to max out Better Bits Club and Diversity Fund Club as soon as possible. At that point, I will probably start using the withdraws from those two in order to grow the balances in the remaining two programs (My Passive Trades & FreeBitcoin). After that, I will be able to start withdrawing from all four in order to fund even more programs down the road with an even faster rate of earnings!


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