Market Monday: 5/11/2020

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Bitcoin’s price dropped by 15% on Sunday just 2 days before the block reward halving. The unexpected drop is likely to have caught many traders off guard and data shows that BitMEX hourly liquidations reached $226 million.

Famous hedge fund manager, Paul Tudor Jones, whose fund has $7.8 billion under management, announced that he’s buying Bitcoin. Jones is using BTC to hedge against the fiat inflation he expects from the recent massive money-printing efforts by central banks. Jones compared Bitcoin to gold in the 70’s and referred to it as “the fastest horse in this environment.”

A team at Cambridge University released The Bitcoin Mining Map. The digital tool shows the geographical location of Bitcoin hash rate distribution and the countries where it’s concentrated based on the hashers that are connected to large mining pools. The map confirms that the majority of mining activity is concentrated in China.

New research suggests that the bulk of transactions across three major blockchains, including XRP, EOS, and Tezos, are comprised of valueless transactions. The research states that only 2% of XRP transactions lead to value transfers, 95% of recent EOS volume was linked to an airdrop, and 82% of Tezos transactions were related to network consensus.

Ethereum hit a significant milestone when its 10 millionth block was mined by the Ethermine pool. Another mining milestone was recently reached for Bitcoin, which hit a new hashrate record of almost 150 exahash per second.

Finally, we’re just a few hours away from the 3rd Bitcoin halving event, so before we conclude I want to show you how to know when the halving will occur.

The halving happens every 210,000 blocks, and since this is the 3rd halving it will occur on block number 630,000. While blocks are mined on average every 10 minutes, sometimes a block can be mined in just a few seconds and in other times it can take more than an hour. So no one can say exactly when we’ll hit block number 630,000.

There are several sites that track the current block number and give you a close estimate on how close we are to the event, but the actual time is anyone’s guess.


That’s what’s happened this week in Bitcoin. See you next week.

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I am not going to lie. Acorns is not my favorite on this list. Not even close. However, that does NOT mean that I do not like it. Acorns is a great platform and one of the first of its kind as well. There is a good chance you may have actually heard of this one already.

It is very simple and easy to use and will get you some modest returns. You see, Acorns has about five or so different ETFs that you can choose from. (No individual stocks with this app) These ETFs are arranged in the form of risk tolerance. They have an aggressive mix, a modest mix, a conservative mix, and a couple others in between. I usually keep my investments in the aggressive mix as I feel all the ETFs on this platform are all pretty safe compared to one another. But, that is just my opinion.

One of the other really cool aspects of this program is that you can set it up where it rounds up your purchases with your credit or debit card. This means that if your total comes to $37.89 for example, it will round the total up to $38 even and then Acorns will deposit that extra $0.11 into your Acorns investment portfolio. Believe me when I say that this can add up EXTREMELY quickly! You can also set up recurring deposits or even have one time deposits here and there as you please. There are multiple ways to use this platform and it is extremely user friendly.

I use Acorns like a glorified savings account. You are not going to get really rich or wealthy off this app but it is a great way to dip your toes into the market and start setting aside a little bit of profit you start pulling from the programs above. You do not even have to wait that long if you don’t want to. You can go ahead and download the app now and start playing around with it and maybe start using a little out of pocket money to start your portfolio even stronger. Alternatively, you could just use the roundup feature only. It is really completely up to you!

As of today 5/11/2020, my total Acorns portfolio balance is $628.19



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Stash is one of my favorite apps that I end up using all the time not because I have to but because I want to. When Stash started out, it was kind of like Acorns in that you could really only choose different (and multiple) ETFs. Unlike Acorns however, you can more than one ETF. Stash has always had more ETFs to choose from and still does. Now days, they still have all the ETFs they did to begin with and even quite a few more as well. However, now it seems that they are adding more and more individual stocks that you can purchase fractional shares of! (As low as $5 increments!) I am talking big name companies and stocks that would you would normally want to purchase when using other larger platforms like Fidelity. Remember, that when you buy stocks from an exchange like fidelity, not only do you often have to have a larger starting capitol of a couple thousand bucks or so, but you can only buy full shares of stock. That means you may have to have a minimum of $100 or more for some shares depending on the company. Stash has big name companies (like Wal-Mart, Pepsi, ATT and more) available that you can buy FRACTIONAL shares of so you can compound your earnings much faster. Think about it this way, if you are wanting to buy a lot of stock from company X and the share price of company X is $100, you would have to wait a LONG time before you got enough dividends from company X to be able to afford to buy another share and grow your dividend income. This route would take decades. Having the capability to compound your dividend earnings every $5 as opposed to every $50-100+ is a complete game changer and will REALLY speed up your progress as you build your portfolio.

Right now, I have this set to make a deposit from my bank account into my Stash app once a week and then I buy stocks and ETFs with that as well as any dividend payments I have received. I will make the point again that because you can buy fractional shares of both stocks and ETFs with this app, it will allow you to start compounding your earnings a HELL of a lot faster than having to buy full shares at full share prices of anything.

Compounding every time you earn a total of $5 means you can have that money working for you a LOT faster than if you have to wait until you have earned $50 or more before you can compound again and purchase more.

As of today 5/11/2020, my total Acorns portfolio balance is $704.67



M1 Finance

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M1 Finance Finance is a little bit more complex than the first two apps we have talked about. However, it will most likely be the one that I am going to end up having the largest portfolio in.

I would recommend playing around with the first two apps first for a while just to get the hang of the concepts and see how the process works. The coolest thing about M1 Finance is it does pretty much ALL the work for you. You can set up the portfolio of company stock and ETFs that you want to invest in. You can also decide exactly how big of a percentage of your entire portfolio that you want each individual investment to be. How cool is that?

There is no manual rebalancing with this app! This platform will also even compound your dividends and deposits FOR YOU! WHAT?!? If you want the option turned on, you can set it up to where every time you hit $10 in dividends, deposits, commissions, or any combination of those, you will automatically buy more small of fractional shares in all the companies in your portfolio and still keep the same percentages for each investment. This means once you set it up initially, this thing runs for you on autopilot! There is not really a need to ever really check in on this program until you are ready to withdraw because it does all the balancing and compounding for you completely hands free!

As of today 5/11/2020, my total Acorns portfolio balance is $423.83



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Robinhood is a fairly well known trading app. They offer a heck of a setup that is much less expensive than a platform like Fidelity. This app will not let you purchase partial stocks. You have to pay full price for full size shares of any company stock or ETF that you may wish to purchase. This means that this tool may not be the best for beginners who don’t have much to start with.

However, due to there being zero fees to trade using this app, I have been able to use this platform to experiment with things like swing trading and dividend capture strategies. I really just use this app for my own amusement more so than anything else at this point but I will probably get more serious about it here in the near future. It is still a great platform and well worth having an account with.





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