3 Cryptocurrency Faucets That Pay You Passively?

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If you are anything like me, you find the idea of free cryptocurrency very intriguing. However, the intrigue tends to die a little bit when you realize that the idea of getting free crypto from faucets means a lot of overall time spent logging in and claiming your coin. Logging into a faucet and claiming your crypto usually takes less than a couple minutes. But, if you multiply that over several faucets over several times each and every day, you can really start to burn out on the entire process. Especially when you really aren’t earning THAT much more the 12th week as you are the first.


I really enjoy the idea of passive crypto with a passion but let’s be honest for a second and realize that not everybody has the seed amount needed to do this right away. One of the only options left for these people is to get started with free methods like faucets and PTC sites and save up to then buy into a passive paying program with that saved up amount. This presents another problem though as most passive paying platforms have an entry price-point that is hard to save for when you are just using free collecting methods.


What if there were a way to speed things up however? What if there were a way where you would still have to go through the effort of claiming these free amounts of crypto each and every day BUT (and this is a big but) you would start earning more and more each day even if you are not putting in any MORE time than when you first got started? What if you could still do you free claims each day at these faucets but you would in fact start earning more and more each and every week. This would in fact allow you to save up a lot faster for other purely passive platforms that will grow your earnings even faster.

“How does this magic cheat code work?” you may ask. The answer may not be as sexy and you would hope but it DOES still speed up the entire process and DEFINITELY speeds up how fast you are able to save your faucet claims. Keep reading down below and I am going to show you some faucets that will ALSO pay you passively as well!


#1 FreeBitcoin

This should come as zero shock if you have been following me. I have talked a lot about this platform in the past and will continue to do so because I have so much faith in it. This comes largely due to the fact that it has simply been around so damn long. FreeBitcoin has been around for almost a decade not and show no signs of slowing down or falling off. FreeBitcoin may be best known for the faucet they have where you can claim every hour but what most people seem to overlook is that they have a passive earning aspect to the website as well. If you hold more than 30,000 satoshi in their wallet (it doesn’t matter if you use faucet claims, referral commissions or BTC you deposit yourself OR a combination of all three, they will pay you daily earnings on that amount held in your account wallet there as long as it is over the minimum balance. This works out to around 4% spread over the entire year so it is not a big money maker by any means but it is still a relatively safe and secure way to have your faucet earnings grow on their own while you continue to dump new faucet claims into the balance as well. This provides a nice blend of both active AND passive earnings from one website! You can read more about FreeBitcoin by going HERE.


#2 Stake Cube

StakeCube Crypto Exchange - Volume, Market Prices & Listings, Trading Pairs  | Nomics


Stake cube is a little bit different because it is not primarily known as a faucet. It is a pretty amazing platform that lets you purchase masternodes, allows you to stake coins, has an exchange and lots of other really neat bells and whistles. The staking aspect is what we are going to look at however. You may know what staking is and how profitable it can be but what if you don’t have any coin to stake starting out? Well, they have ya covered there as well. You see, they actually have SEVERAL difference faucets of different coins that they allow to be staked on their platform. Whenever you claim from a faucet on StakeCube, the coin goes into the appropriate wallet and staking begins immediately so there is nothing else you need to do! Every time you claim a faucet in StakeCube, that claimed faucet amount will go to work for you right away earning you even more of itself! This is really a win/win and can help speed things up tremendously. You can read more about StakeCube by going HERE and reading my full strategy.


#3 BitcoinManiaGame

This is one that I just started playing around with recently. The are lots of things that make this a really neat approach. One of the first things you should know is that it is actually 5 faucets in one. You can claim BTC, LTC, DOGE, ETH, and USDT. But it gets even better. You can use your earnings from the faucets to buy miners which will continue to pay out higher amounts than you would get if you were just using the free faucets/miners. These upgraded miners also have no expiration date like most revshare programs with “ad packs”. I would still consider this a somehat high risk site but if you do not deposit any money out of your own pocket, then the only thing you are really risking is a few moments of your time. OH, and here is yet another reason to love it. The withdraw minimum is only $0.15USD! That is so super insanely low for a withdraw minimum that it is practically unheard of. That brings the risk down to practically NOTHING! You can sign up for a FREE account (and get a free miner for EACH of the 5 coins) by going HERE.



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