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What Is
Hits Monkey?

Targeted Traffic

Perfect for people in the home business, network marketing, online marketing and affiliate niche?

Get 1000+ Hits Free

Start your 1000 Free Hits Campaign no risk, obligation or credit card required!

Delivering Millions!

Scale up your marketing and get 1,000,000 hits or more, it will go as big as you decide!.

List Builder

Trying to build a big email list? Hits Monkey can even help you with that!

Earn Income

Unique compensation plan pays instant commissions to qualified affiliates, makes a great side income.

Free To Join

You can get started and use Hits Monkey for free, and you don’t need a credit card, so get started now!

Hits Monkey is NOT a Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme, or Get-Rich-Quick program. We do not require you to pay any fees ever to join and participate. We do not require you to own a website or sell anything to use our service. You will not get rich by using our program. This is an advertising program.

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We know that it can be hard to generate enough traffic to your website to realy make an impact on your bottom line, and it can cost a lot of money for people just getting started.

BUT…if you don’t market your business you’re pretty much out of business!

So What Can You Do?

The most important thing is to just get started and do SOMETHING that will show your site!

Even better is if you can build your list while you do it…

And the icing on the cake is if you can earn a little extra income while you do it…


That’s What We Do 😉

We’ve created a solution that will help thousands of struggling business owners generate 1000’s of hits to their websites – and we even want to let you try us out for FREE!

Hits Monkey

Let Hits Monkey Bring Zen To Your Stressful Marketing

Hits Monkey is a powerful viral traffic generator with a popular giveaway that we use to entice new Members to join your network and to kick-start your Viral Stacking Downlines.

You might have already done some of this when you joined, but we’ll run through it again, step-by-step, just to be safe.

HitsMonkey gives out 1000 free visitors to any website you like, when you sign up for a new/free account. We use this offer in one of our funnels to bring new members into your Viral Stacking funnel (via your affiliate link).

If you already took advantage of this offer when you signed up with ViralStacking.com, you can skip the next couple of steps and just login to your account… otherwise, you should really honor downline integrity and join Monkey Hits from the Downline Builder in the back office of Viral Stacking.

1. First up you’ll be asked for the Website URL you want to receive the 1000 visitors.

You can log into ViralStacking.com and go to the affiliate tab near the bottom on the left. There you will find many affiliate links you can use to promote Viral Stacking including the splash pages. You can add any of those links here.

You do have the option to change this and we’ll talk more about it later, so don’t spend too long on it right now……

Please note, it does require a secure URL, ie https:// at the start, not http:// . In most cases you can just add the ‘s’, but if you do, test it and make sure it works first!

2. Next You’ll Be Prompted For Some Account Details

Enter those as prompted, then click the button when prompted to confirm you email. Once that’s done and your Username is accepted, make sure you save it here. Then follow the prompts to login to your new account.

3. Next You’ll Need To Open & View Six Websites

This is what drives the system and you only need to do it once, so do the right thing, open each site and take a moment to look over each offer (it’s good Karma!)

It’s also a good time to think about the kinds of offers, squeeze pages & splash pages that work in this kind of format.

You have you viewers attention for 30 seconds at a time, and they’re looking at these websites because they want/need more visitor traffic… so keep that in mind when you’re picking a website to promote here. This is why the affiliate pages for Viral Stacking work so well with this method!


4. Once In The Members Area…  New and Existing Members!

You’ll have the option to change your link, so the only really rule is to make it different to the sites you just saw.

For example, if the last page you saw was the splash page for Viral Stacking, make sure you use the hompage affiliate link and vice versa. There are not many people advertising Viral Stacking on this website just yet so it is a goldmine just waiting to be harvested!

It’s worth pointing out, the initial 1000 hits is a drop in the ocean to what you’ll get if you promote this site actively… which we do… so this a traffic source you can redirect to a new page in a matter of seconds.

Remember it’s there and put it to good use!

You’ll notice there’s an upgrade available… it’s a very good value and I actually highly recommend it, but it IS also a little bit complicated, so we’ll come back to look at that later. No need to worry about it for now at this point.

You can create a FREE account at Monkey hits and get your 1,000 (minimum) pageviews to your Viral Stacking affiliate link by clicking the banner below:


Pro Tip: You can sign up under yourself and put in a URL of your favorite program and then put THAT affiliate link (of your second Monkey Hits account) in the downline builder over at ViralStacking.com. This will double your efforts and give you at least 2,000 hits spread out over two sites. Everyone you refer to Viral Stacking will be asked to do the same so this can REALLY multiply the amount if hits that you get to every single one of your links you have set up here! Your initial 1,000 hits really is absolute peanuts in comparison to what you WILL be getting if you get enough people to follow in your footsteps with this step anyway!



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