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What is LTCads?

LTCads is an advertising solution that pays 100% commissions instantly when a purchase is completed. We have taken the disadvantages of the smart contract model and solved them, providing flexibility in wallet platforms and providing a product in the form of advertising

How Does LTCads Work

LTCads provides quality advertising while paying 100% instant commission to any LTC wallet. Watch the video above for more information.

Accepts All LTC Wallets

24/7 Customer Support

100% Commissions

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I have some very exciting news that has not yet been announced but it is BIG and
could really help us explode our LTC earnings in LTCads.

FrankH and Dustin have added a Passive Matrix option to LTCads and you can be one
of the first to join and get early positioning ahead of your downline and the general public.

In the next day or so the official announcement is anticipated to be made
but I have been given special permission to invite my paid direct referrals to check it out
and grab best positioning ahead of your downline.

Here’s the scoop, and this is really cool when combined with the LA1 (3×1) and the
LA2 (2×2) Matrices.

LA3 is a perfectly passive matrix – yep, passive! All you have to do is to login each day to
earn that day’s portion of the distributed activity bonus for each matrix you have purchased.

There are ten L3 matrices ranging in price from .01LTC all the way to 1LTC

You will earn each day by logging in until you have earned 250% (combined passive and matrix earnings) at which point you can keep building and earning in the matrix or manually purchase that
matrix and start earning passively again.

Here’s the fun part ==> For those of you who like to build you can earn 460% over and over again!

But, wait, there’s more. . .

Because the LA1 (3×1) and LA2 (2×2) create additional streams of income and people have to buy at
least the first level of LA1 and LA2 to purchase the passive. LA1 allows you to double your purchase
price again and again without ever purchasing again and the LA2 allows you to TRIPLE your purchase
price over and over again!


And, once people start earning in the passive they’ll surely want to buy the LA1 and LA2 matrices to
stay ahead of their referrals in the higher levels.

It’s a BRILLIANT model!

Think FORSAGE with 400% more spillover, a passive angle and advertising.

Oh, Advertising! Your LA3 purchases will provide you with Login Ad credits – and we all love login ads, right!?

Okay, that’s about it login to your LTCads account here, fund a little bit and buy up a few levels in the LA3.

One more related and important heads up:
I am also moving one of our passive programs to the advertising portion of the Viral Stacking strategy and adding this program to our passive portfolio it its place.

Phew, that’s a lot of info but I wanted to get this out to you ASAP but will all the details.

Of course, shoot me any questions that you need and remember you can
always use to convert crypto into LTC to fund at LTCads.

Something for Everyone

LTCads has the advertising you need and the instant commissions you want. When you signup today and start in our LA1 and LA2 Level 1 for just 0.025 LTC you will receive 100 banner ad credits and 100 text ads credits.

You are then qualified to earn 100% commissions from those two levels. Receive re-entries on both levels when they are complete for unlimited earning potential.

This is an amazing system in itself but what we are even more interested in is the passive LA3 level 1 through 10. These passive levels work much like Crypto Pros where all you do is have to log in once a day and you earn from the daily activity bonus. Each level earns 250% of the purchase price before it expires and stop earning. At that point, you will have the option to repurchase it. The goal here is to have all ten LA3 levels active and earning for you every single day that you log in. At first glance you may think, “Wow, 250% sounds great but why isn’t it more like 300% like some other passive matrix programs??” Well, you also have to remember that LTCads also has the LA1 and LA2 matrices working for you as well and at the same time! If you can refer even a few people into this program, (and that shouldn’t be too hard if you are feeding people into a good downline builder like Viral Stacking) then the commissions you make on the “forced purchase” of LA1 and LA2 upon signup from your referrals may in fact end up dwarfing what you earn each day on the passive LA3 levels!

What Makes LTCads Different?

Unlike most Smart Contract online programs LTCads provides a product (advertising) for your package purchase, the ability to use any LTC wallet and affordable transaction fees.

Compensation Plan Breakdown

  • This position is paid directly to you.
  • This is a qualification position and is passed upline to the first active sponsor above you.
  • This position pays your reentry fee and moves you into your sponsors/uplines matrix again. Please note: All direct referrals will follow you into a matrix.

Enter Both Matrix LA 1 and LA 2 Simultaneously and Benefit From Both Matrices

The above image explains the passive LA3 levels we will be concentrating on. I really like how unique the structure of this program is. I think having the forced purchase of two different matrices upon signup is actually a great addition and will definitely help the sustainability and longevity of this program much more so than a lot of similarly marketed programs. This is a paid program only so you CANNOT sign up for a free account. However, when you are ready to join and have your LTC in hand, you can join using the banner below or from the downline builder in the back office of Viral Stacking.




If you would like a step by step guide of how to create a Plug-N-Play, passive earning Cryptocurrency portfolio, Then get your $300 signup bonus NOW and collect crypto coins, referrals, commissions, advertising, profits and results with blinding speed! Simply click the banner below to get started:




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