What is High Ticket Marketing? (Big Ticket Affiliate Marketing Explained)

How To Increase Conversions On Big Ticket Items


What is a High-Ticket Affiliate Program?

Perhaps you have heard this term. Perhaps you have not. But, high-ticket affiliate programs are one of the best ways to turn your blog, website, or business into a money-making machine. With pricey offerings and high commission rates, these “High-Ticket” affiliate programs allow marketers to earn a generous income, and without needing a super high volume of sales.

I want to walk you through a lot of what you may need to know about what a high-ticket affiliate program is, how they work, and how to effectively promote them.

Affiliate marketing (especially online) can be a very fun, addicting and very scalable way to earn an income. However, most commissions from affiliate marketing are not all that high. Amazon is the way a lot of people do affiliate marketing but Amazon usually only pays less than 5% on most items as a commission. If you send somebody to amazon with your affiliate link, and they purchase a $100 item, you did pretty good in that conversion, right? I mean, you talked somebody into digging into their wallet and forking over a Benjamin for a product or service! Not everybody can do that, after all! But that also means you were only thanks for your hard work and salesmanship with a measly $5.

I’m sure if you can do any kind of math at all, you will quickly realize JUST how many thousands of $100+ sales you would have to make in order to make any kind of consistent reliable income you could plan to live off of. As a side income it isn’t bad and hopefully will build over time to add to other income streams you hopefully have but it is really nothing to get incredibly excited over.

Now, the definition of high-ticket will vary a bit from person to person depending on who you ask. But in my opinion along with many others, you need to be getting at LEAST a 3 figure commission for making an affiliate sale. That means you better make at LEAST a Benjamin for every high-ticket sale you make as an affiliate. A LOT of people would say you need to make at least a 4 digit commission in order for it to be considered a high-ticket item. So that leaves us with a window of about $900. Anywhere from $100-1,000+ minimum commission for every sale made. I would argue that is pretty accurate no matter who you might ask.

By integrating these programs into your business, blog, website, emails, videos, social media posts and introducing them to your audience in a very strategic way, you are able able to take your monthly income for specific affiliates from a measly few $5 payments here and there to more than $1,000+ with only just a handful of high-priced sales each month.

High-ticket affiliate programs give you a good chance to skyrocket your online business income. With the right program and just a few sales, you can easily make several thousand dollars every single month.

(If you want to learn how to do this with your own business, keep reading to find out how!)

Affiliate Marketing is one of THE most popular online business models and for good reason.

What makes it great is that it allows regular people to sell high-quality products and services without all of the costs and overhead required to create those products or services for themselves.

When you become a digital marketing affiliate with a company, you will make a commission off of purchases made by anyone who uses your specialized affiliate link.

There are thousands of affiliate programs and millions of products out there that you can start promoting right away, but there are a few key factors you want to watch out for.

Quality of Products or Services

  • Any product you are serious about promoting and attaching your name and reputation to should probably be something you have some type of experience with, and you believe to be a worthwhile product.

Commission Percentage

  • Some affiliate programs for retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, etc. have thousands of products to offer, but the amount you are able to make on an individual sale is minimal. Typically only around %5–10, if not less which means you would either need to sell huge volumes of low or mid-priced items or somewhat fewer higher-priced items to make a legitimate full-time income.

That reminds me of another important topic to consider…

Affiliate Marketing - Low Ticket Versus High Ticket — Alexandre Kan | TheMillennialNomad

High Ticket vs. Low Ticket Sales

When you become an affiliate with a store like Walmart or Amazon, the products you’re going to be selling could be maybe a couple of hundred dollars at the most, with the vast majority of their products line typically falling well below the $20 range. And at a 5% commission rate, well… you’re going to have to make a whole heaping helping of a lot of sales.

Those are what we would call Low Ticket Sales.

They have a low price tag, and low commissions.

On the other hand, if you were to affiliate with a business that sold products worth over a thousand bucks or so, AND had a commission rate of around 40-100% , it would take far fewer sales to reach the exact same amount of profit, and more importantly (pay attention to this part) the potential for scalability is drastically improved.

Now these would be considered High Ticket Sales.

Higher price tag, higher commissions, and a higher value.

(I can’t stress that value part enough)

It takes basically the same amount of effort to sell a $25 product as it does to sell a $2500 product, (OK, maybe SLIGHTLY more but I will talk about that in just a minute) so wouldn’t you rather be spending your time working on something that will pay a much fatter bottom line in the long term?

If you want to work with a high ticket affiliate marketing company that not only makes those types of sales every day but also has the guidance, resources, and community support to help you learn how to do the same, then keep reading to start your journey toward financial freedom with scalable High Ticket Affiliate Marketing.

Expensive Niche Products - Amazon Products with Big Commissions

What is a High-Ticket Affiliate Program?


person counting money over a notebook

There’s a difference between recommending a backpack on Amazon and a full high ticket training course. When promoting the first, you’re lucky to earn anything from $3 to $5 per sale. With the latter, you can earn anything from $100 onwards. So even if only a few people purchase a high-ticket item through your trackable link, you can be making hundreds of dollars in commissions each month if not thousands!

With this level of commissions, this means the affiliate marketer has to create more marketing efforts around the product or service to justify the price and the commission.

Promoting these expensive products requires trust with your readers which you can build by writing strategic content that solves their problems. When you do this well, high-ticket affiliate programs can multiply your current total monthly income.

Overall, high-ticket affiliates require leveled-up strategic content, increased trust, and authority to be effective… and they have a much higher return.

Like with regular affiliate programs, you can find high-ticket affiliate programs in a huge range of niches. From software and tech to travel and lifestyle, there are plenty of high-ticket affiliates to sign up for as an affiliate marketer.

When it comes to looking for high-ticket affiliate programs, keep in mind the same considerations you would for general affiliate programs.

Commission Structure

How much is the commission rate? Is it a percentage or portion of sale? Make sure you understand exactly how the structure works so you can more accurately compare it to others.

Cookie Length

How long do the cookies last for each program? Especially in the case of high-ticket affiliates, the longer the cookie length, the better.

Since high-ticket affiliate items and services tend to be more expensive than regular products, people may need time to consider before purchasing. The best high-ticket affiliate programs have a long cookie length, allowing people to take their time before buying while still ensuring you can earn a commission.

With this in mind, let’s talk about how to promote a high-ticket affiliate program with any kind of blog or online business.

How to Effectively Promote a High-Ticket Affiliate

While integrating high-ticket affiliates into a blog is similar to general affiliate marketing, you may find it worthwhile to promote high-ticket programs to a greater degree than you would with general programs.

If you have a solid strategy surrounding the promotion of high-ticket affiliates, you increase your chances of securing those generous commissions and delivering value to your audience through various high-ticket products.


Write In-Depth Content Around the Affiliate Program

You want to create a lot of content in the niche of whatever high-ticket product you choose. If you choose a high-ticket affiliate offer in the niche of online marketing for example, you will want to create a lot of content about online marketing. You will want to create videos, emails, blog posts, web pages and social media posts that are all designed to be helpful and informative to people looking to learn more about that subject or niche.

Rather than just mentioning it in a single article, you should plan on creating a full content series featuring the high-ticket item, with a combination of inspirational, navigational, and transactional articles.

This builds know, like and trust with your audience while simultaneously positioning you as a knowledgeable authority figure in that area. This is the winning combo when it comes to online sales of any kind but especially high-ticket affiliate offers.


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