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This one takes a few minutes to set up, but the traffic you’ll get back will more than make up for it. In fact, the way we use it, every referral you send through Viral Stacking will ‘reactivate’ your ad and keep it rotating hands-free forever… It’s like having your very own Eternal Ad!

There are a couple steps required to set this one up, so please take your time and read the instructions all the way through before you start. You’re going to create an ad for any website or affiliate offer you like ( I recommend setting up an ad for your Viral Stacking affiliate link), so you’ll need to select an offer, grab the (affiliate) URL, prepare your headline and text, and then submit the ad.

If you do it right, it will deliver never-ending traffic, anywhere you want, 100% hands-free!

Grab Your Link.

If it’s an affiliate link from the back office, that will work well.

Write Your Headline & Ad Text.

I actually find it easier to do this part in the Ad Creation form, so make a rough draft of the wording for your ad, then open the website and start typing… headline and ad copy… until it reads well and looks good.

Make sure you copy in your affiliate link and select a suitable category. You’ll also need to enter a name and email… use valid email as you need to confirm that before you can activate your ad.

There are some upgrade/add-on options available as well. They are one-time and very affordable, so look over the other ads on the page and decide if you want to upgrade your ad to make it stand out. If you change your mind later you’ll need to start over and create a new ad.

Submit & Confirm Your Ad.

When you’re ready, scroll to the bottom. Any ads you click on will open in a new window, so do the right thing and checkout a few of the ads on the way… it’s good karma!

Solve the Captcha and submit your ad. If you chose any add-ons you should make payment on the next page.

You’ll then need to check your email and click the confirmation link.

That will open a webpage that shows a direct link to your ad…

ie. clicking on that opens the AdBoard with your Ad in the Featured Ad position at the top of the page. That is the link our system will promote, so you need to make sure you fill out your affiliate link in the downline builder at Viral Stacking.



5. Activating Your Ad.

We’ve deliberately set this AdBoard up so you don’t need a lot of points to activate… just 20 instead of the usual 50-100… and you got half of those when you confirmed your email address. So please take a couple of minutes to get the remaining 10.

You could do that by clicking 10 ads on the Adboard, OR… you can spend the same time and post a few links to your social media or blog sites, and create ongoing traffic to your Ad. That will be far more effective in the long-run, so we suggest you make 2-3 quick posts now, and let the viral effect go to work!

Getting lots of referrals of your own into Viral Stacking will eventually send plenty of traffic to this page for you, but you will get exponentially better results if you have visitors coming from outside the Viral Stacking system as well!

The Big Picture…

Each time you send a new Viral Stacking referral through the system, they’ll create their own Ad through your link, so a whole new AdBoard downline is created. When they repeat the process, your simple Ad is duplicated there as well. Over and over.

For everyone they bring in… and everyone they bring in… and everyone they bring in…

This creates a viral network of unlimited width, down though literally hundreds of levels.

So your ad is virtually immortal!

As time goes on there’ll be countless people promoting their own versions of this AdBoard, each one featuring your Ad.

You can edit your ad any time… or change it to promote something else entirely… so by the time you set up the rest of your TRAFFIC, this will be a powerful stream of visitors you can send anywhere you want.

Best of all?

It’s just ONE of the traffic streams we’re creating, so get this set up ASAP because the rest are every bit as powerful!



5 Ways Our Ads Work For You!

Our AdBoards are super-simple to use, but don’t let that fool you. There’s some extremely powerful viral traffic generation going on behind the scenes…

First up… if you activate your ad and do nothing else, your Ad will move down the page as new Ads are submitted and eventually cycle off the page altogether. This usually takes 1-3 months and will still generate you thousands of hits.

Popular Ads can get hundreds of visitors from this process alone.

Secondly… when you send traffic to this site using your Personal Ad Link, you Ad is shown in the Featured Ad position at the top of the page. This happens regardless of where your Ad is in the standard page list.

These Ads get even better CTRs making it a great way to promote your money-offer AND generate additional viral traffic at the same time.

Thirdly… anyone you send you also creates an Ad is flagged as your referral, and any time they send visitors to the site, your Ad is shown immediately below their Featured Ad.

Four… This is repeated on the next level down for their referrals as well. And that process is repeated down through six levels… So when any of those people send visitors to view their AdBoard link, your Ad is also shown below your direct Referrals’ Ads.

This viral process goes 6 levels deep and infinite width, so there is no limit to the number of people you can refer, generating hundreds of thousands of page views and keeping your Ad visible at the top area of the page indefinitely.

Five… To activate your Ad for the general rotation, you will need to earn a set number of points. Basically the idea is that when we all do a little bit, we all benefit…

Activity Points
Submit Ad & Confirm Your Email 10 points (Max 10)
Viewing Ads On This AdBoard 1 point (Max 50)
Referred Visitors with Personal Link 4 points (No Limit)
Referred Advertiser Signups 20 points (No Limit)

There are a few ways to earn points, but your best option is to set up some ongoing traffic, sent to your Personal AdBoard Link. This will get your Ad activated in the general rotation, PLUS it will launch your own viral network, ensuring your Ad gets ever-increasing, ongoing exposure.

We provide a number of easy options to do that after you submit your Ad.

So what you have here is a simple advertising system you can set up in a couple of minutes. You can complete a couple of tasks to activate your Ad and then leave it at that. It will run quietly in the background, sending an increasing stream targeted visitor traffic to your offer.

Pro-active marketers can generate an unstoppable viral effect, simply by continuing to promote your Ad after it’s been activated. Every new advertiser you refer extends the life of your Ad and increases your exposure, exponentially!

Submit A Free Ad Now!

How To Set Up & Activate Your Ad

1. Submit Your Ad Details. This is a short Headline, Ad Body and your destination URL. All quick and simple…

2. Customize Your Ads. You can choose from our short list of OPTIONAL Styling Add-Ons to make your Ad stand out from the crowd. Plus you have a choice of Management Options to significantly increase the exposure you get from your Ad.

3. Confirm Your Email Address. Just click a link to confirm you’re human and not a spammer-bot, and your Personal Ad Link will be enabled.

4. Share Your Link. We provide a few simple options so you can share your Ad Link and generate some quick visitor traffic to activate your Ad for the generate rotation. Make sure you LogIn and view a few Ads as well to speed up the process.

5. Keep Promoting To Go Viral!. The real power of this platform comes when you refer additional Advertisers, so it is optional but highly recommended that you continue to promote your link until you get at least 6-10 referred Advertisers. Do that and the numbers will really start to add up…

Level Referrals Unique AdBoards
1 6 6
2 6 x 6 36
3 6 x 6 x 6 216
4 6 x 6 x 6 x 6 1298
5 6 x 6 x 6 x 6 x 6 7776
6 6 x 6 x 6 x 6 x 6 x 6 46656
Total 55988

What These Numbers Really Mean…

Each of these 50K+ AdBoards will eventually have 100+ Ads, so that will be over 5 million Ads…

And ALL those Ad Owners, the Advertisers, wil leach have to send a minimum number of visitors to activate their own Ads…

And many will actually set up ongoing traffic to their Ads to keep them working indefinitely.

So when you promote your link now to get this moving, each new advertiser you refer is multiplying the flow of unstoppable traffic who will see your Ads and visit your offers.

And if even just one or two of those Advertisers you refer also gets to work… this thing will take off exponentially for you!

Managing Your Ad

This system is designed to be mostly Set-and-Forget, especially with your Ad itself. We provide a live-editor so you can preview your Ad real-time, and we encourage you to get it right before you submit to save having to come back.

That said, you do have the option to make minor changes to your ad text, or to reload it at the end of the cycle. You’ll find a Manage Your Ad link at the top of the AdBoard page. We’ll send you a link as well, so make sure you save that email somewhere safe!

You can view the stats for your Ad simply by opening your personal link. Your Ad will appear at the top of the page, and the number of hits and clicks received is shown in the ad footer.

You can login to view your Ad Status and more detailed stats, and as mentioned, if you need to make changes to the Ad URL, Headline and Ad Body. You’ll receive login details after you confirm your email address.

This access is only intended for minor changes to your text or link. If you wish to add or change any of the paid options you should simply create a new ad.

Once you reach the required points and your Ad is activated, it will remain visible to all visitors on our site to until it cycles off the bottom of the page. This can take 1-3 months and should generate a lot of exposure and clicks for you, all hands-free.

When you reach the bottom we’ll send you a short email with your final campaign stats and an invitation to repost the ad. It’s an easy two-click process, but there is a time limit on it, so you will need to act promptly.

If we don’t hear back from you, your Ad maybe be permanently deleted after that UNLESS you have and active downline. If you have generated ANY Advertiser Referrals, your Ad will remain in the system as long as there are active Advertisers in your downline sending visitor traffic, since your Ad will continue to appear in the Sponsored Ads section on their pages.

Our Referral Option works over SIX levels, so there is real value to be had if you share your Personal Ad Link in as many places as you can, to get an ongoing viral network in place before your Ad reaches the bottom of the page!

Do that and your Ad will continue to work for you hands-free for a very long time!

Create Your Own Free Ad Now!

It only takes a minute to create a Viral Ad that will deliver a growing stream of highly targetted traffic to your offer today…


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