Supercharged Start Page Strategy!

This is a job that will only take a few minutes of your time. Yet, this simple task has the potential to deliver tens of thousands of visitors… (or more)… to your websites, every week without fail. It takes a little while to build up this weekly traffic, but it’s pretty much an unstoppable Tsunami after that!

We currently have two websites in this strategy that will give you credits simply for viewing their Start Page. These sites also have a viral component also that rewards you for the efforts of your downline as well. So, the idea is that you set your browser open these pages each time it starts. This will earn you credits several times a day. What makes this extremely powerful is when your downline grows though, the extra credits you earn from their efforts increases almost exponentially!

The pages we’ll be using are as follows…

Traffic G


Traffic Era

We are going to pair both of these pages together because we are going to use what’s called a Simple Start Page Strategy. In most traffic exchanges, you have the option to surf to get free credits. With these two programs, you can get free credits even faster by using a Supercharged Start Page Strategy. I will explain how to do this in the video above.


Traffic G:

Traffic Era:


How do I set my Simple Start Homepage?

The easiest option is usually to open both pages above in your Web Browser, then go to your Settings page, look for the Homepage or Start up section as explained below, and find the Use Current Pages link or button. If you cannot find that, just add the pages manually… usually with a comma between the two links.

Internet Explorer Users:

  • In your browser, Select Tools > Internet options
  • Under Homepage, paste your SuperStart Homepage URLs into the Address box
  • Click Apply then ok

Mozilla Firefox Users:

  • In your browser, Select Tools >Options
  • Under Main, paste your SuperStart Homepage URLs into the “Home Page” box
  • Click ok

Google Chrome Users:

  • In your browser, Select Settings > On Start Up
  • Click add new page and paste in the first link, submit.
  • Repeat for the second link and you’re done.


Two Super-Important Considerations!

1. This is a Karma-Driven System! If you don’t set it up NOW, your referrals probably won’t either. And no one gets any traffic. But if you do the right thing, your referrals will too, and EVERBODY benefits… especially when we get to our Pay-It-Forward strategies later on!

2. This is just two sites, but there’s sure to be others eventually. If you find others that work the same way, be sire and let me know… if they’ll work with our system, I will sign up under you and add that program to our Viral Stacking downline builder…

And you’ll get the entire Viral Stacking membership in your personal downline!



Automation Option For Firefox Users

Hopefully you took our earlier advice and installed the Simple Browsing Schedule add-on for Firefox. Create a new schedule to open these two pages automatically a couple of times a day…

Traffic G does not work if you use the ‘Reload’ option, so create two separate actions, one opening in the morning, and then another set to open late afternoon.

Please Note: there is ZERO VALUE in trying to open these more often than that. You only get credited for UNIQUE VIEWS, so make sure you operate in the spirit of the offer. We open the pages automatically for convenience, not to try and scam the system.

Do the right thing and view each page for a few seconds before you close it… the spirit of the offer

I’ve recently seen someone pushing a strategy that reloads these pages every few minutes…so you’d get nothing from TrafficG and probably get your account terminated on Traffic Era. You definitely wouldn’t earn any extra credits so that’s just plain dumb in my humble opinion.

I also see a lot of people still trying to promote these pages in the Auto-Surf exchanges. That is a sure-fire way to get your account deleted while NOT earning any useful credits… Again, that’s just a dumb waste of a great resource.

There is simply no reason to cheat with this system…

The power of this system comes when everyone sets it up properly and plays consistently by the rules. If you do that, you will earn a gargantuan amount of traffic as your number of Viral Stacking referrals grows!

Make sure you join each of these programs down below so you can follow the step by step directions above and get to earning credits at these sites a lot more efficiently.

Traffic G


Traffic Era

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