Best Ways To Start Earning Passive Cryptocurrency Income


OK, we all know there are a ton of ways to grow your cryptocurrency out there. Staking, mining, lending, masternodes, trading gambling ect. We have a pretty detailed STRATEGY we follow with our Viral Stacking plan. In that strategy, it is laid out in a way that you can do the entire thing for nothing out of pocket. However, it almost goes without saying that things will move much more quickly if you have a little bit of seed coin to get things moving a little faster in the beginning.


So, what can you do about this if you are still broke? There are several different strategies that you can use to earn some startup coin to get involved with these different methods above. You might even be interested in using some of that seed coin for our PASSIVE PLAN we have. This makes a lot of sense and even though I am not a financial planner, this is the method that I am choosing to go.


Either way, if you need some startup coinage, I have a few ideas that just might help you out. I am constantly looking for efficient ways for a motivated person to earn some startup coin by putting in a little bit of elbow grease in the beginning. These first few methods I am going to discuss however do not need much elbow grease at all. In fact, these first few methods are completely set and forget methods. Sound interesting? Keep reading….




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Honeygain is a legitimate company and will pay you for sharing your broadband. The app is an international app that works on all Windows devices, Mac IOS, and Android devices. You will need to install the app and register with the company. When you signup to share your data the company gives you a $5 signup bonus. There is a referral program that helps you earn an extra 10% of your referrals earnings. This helps to reach your payout goal faster. The goal here is to reach the $20 payout minimum. You will have the option to choose payout in Paypal or BTC but we are obviously going to choose BTC and have it sent to our FreeBtcoin account we will talk about in just a bit. Once you get a few referrals under you, you should be able to do you $20 minimum withdraws more and more frequently!




I know that at first it seems like CryptoTab will never grow into anything worthwhile when it comes to how fast it is earning you but I urge you not to count out this platform just yet. CryptoTab has been one of the most reliable when it comes to payouts. Yes, this program starts so slow at first, you will think that you will never even reach the payout threshold of 1,000 satoshi but I promise you it is well worth sticking with this program as it will be a very solid long term leg of this strategy.

It is important to note that there is no way to deposit money back into CryptoTab and there is no way to buy your way to faster earnings. This is one program that while it is extremely passive, you will still have to have more referrals under you in order to earn at a faster rate. I am still leaving this in the passive strategy however. This is because once you get the hang of this strategy, the recruiting part of CryptoTab will be taken care of for you on autopilot due to the sheer amount of traffic that you will be sending to your Viral Stacking affiliate link.

At first, you will pull out your BTC every time you reach the payment threshold of 1,000 satoshi. But after that starts growing and you are accumulating it a little faster, you can start pulling out your earnings at the end of every month. Soon, you will be able to start pulling it out once a week. I am not sure there is much reason to do it any more frequently than that, however. Once you get to the point where you can pull out at least 1,000 satoshi a week, it will honestly start to help everything else add up in this strategy. I beg you not to count out this part of the plan and make sure that your affiliate link to CryptoTab is filled in within the downline builder in your back office of Viral Stacking.

Where do you withdraw your earnings in CryptoTab to? Well, that is a GREAT question! And, the answer to that question is actually VERY Important! Every time you make a withdraw from CryptoTab, you need to send it to your wallet address in the next program below which happens to be FREE BITCOIN You see, you have already joined this faucet and should have been claiming FREE satoshi at this website as often as once an hour! But FREE BITCOIN actually has another secret! Watch the video below to learn more!






Every time you make a withdraw from CryptoTab, you will send the entire amount to the wallet address here at FREE-BITCOIN. You will also be depositing any PTC withdraws you do into your wallet as well. We have talked about this website quite a few times in the past because it is one of the most trusted and reliable faucets on the web today. Another interesting feature that this website offers is compound daily interest after a certain holding minimum! This works out to an annual interest rate of a little over 4% of your account balance. But like mentioned earlier, this is compounded DAILY! All you need to do is maintain and hold a balance of at least 30,000 satoshi (0.0003 BTC) in your balance and they will pay you compounded interest on your full balance every single day!

It is by no means a HUGE amount everyday but every little bit helps and not many other places offer this! There is no lock-in period to earn your compounded interest (you start earning interest right from the first day you are over 0.0003BTC!) and your balance can still be withdrawn any time you wish.

This means that you can treat your account like an instant-access savings account of sorts to hold or access bitcoins and earn passive interest on your account balance everyday at the same time! Pretty nifty if you ask me!

Because this program pays compounding interest on the bitcoin you hold there and you never have to worry about “ad packs” or anything expiring, we are going to take a slightly different approach when withdrawing from this platform.

We are going to claim the FREE-BITCOIN Faucet as many time as day as we can. You can do it once every 60 minutes) You are also going to be withdrawing from CryptoTab every time you have more than 1,000 satoshi and you will be depositing those withdraws into your FREE-BITCOIN account wallet. The same goes for any PTC site you use when you reach the cashout minimum

You want to get up to 30,000 satoshi as soon as possible so that you can start earning on them everyday. Once you reach the 30,000 satoshi minimum and are earning from your balance everyday, it will make it even easier to get to the next step which is reaching the  130,000 satoshi ( or 0.0013BTC) mile marker in your FREE-BITCOIN account wallet. Once you reach this amount, you will make your first withdraw for the amount of 0.001BTC from FreeBitcoin and deposit into your blockchain wallet to get ready for our NEXT passive program.

Every time you make a withdraw from FREE-BITCOIN for around 0.001BTC or more, I would suggest sending it straight into your Blockchain wallet. When you reach a total of at least $5 worth of BTC in your Blockchain wallet, I would suggest sending it over to your wallet at Crypto Pros

FREE-BITCOIN also pays you a huge 25% referral commission on any daily interest earned by your referrals and downlines! This adds up extremely quick with as few as a handful of referrals that are serious and committed to growing their crypto portfolio using the Viral Stacking strategy as well!

Share your referral link with your friends and ask them to visit it and create an account. On doing so, they will be automatically added as your referral and you will get 50% of their free BTC earning as commission! Nothing will be deducted from their account or yours. The website pays the 50% out of their pocket. So, it really is a win/win to get as many referrals into this as possible!




EZ Cryptos

This is a program that you can get paid $0.50-$1USD for each FREE referral you send their way! You really need to join this program, fill out the downline builder and put your affiliate ID in the downline builder at that way you can start earning those $0.50-$1 commissions for every referral you have that does the same. This can really add up quickly if you put a little effort into it!



Active ways to earn seed coin:

Let’s be honest with ourselves again and admit that even though the above resources are really sweet, the speed of your earnings will not be mind blowing by any means if you cant get a ton of referrals right away. So, what does that mean? Well, it means that if you want to speed things up, you can use a bit more of an active, hands on approach in addition to the above mentioned methods of earning.

I am not going to lie to you. Some of these will take a little time but I am always testing these programs myself in addition to testing new programs all in order to make this as efficient for you as possible. Take a look at some of the extra ways to earn some seed coin below:



TrustDice Casino — report 11/10/2019

How about a Faucet that pays 100 satoshi for starters? This site has a lot to offer and we wont get into a bunch of it but the main thing we are concerned about here is the Coinbox which is their faucet. Each time you claim you get 100 satoshi and you can do this as often as every 6 hours. What makes this site even better is that when you refer somebody to the website and THEY make a faucet claim for 100 satoshi, you get a whopping 50% of that claim as a commission! How many other faucets can say they give you 50 satoshi each time your referral makes a claim? This website has slightly higher than normal withdraw minimum but that’s ok because your balance will start to add up fast if you are consistent with your claims. Especially if you have a few referrals under you doing the same thing. And Oh, YEAH!…. Did I mention this is all without you OR your referrals ever having to make a purchase here? Pretty awesome how powerful this can be with no purchases being made!

(At least for OUR strategy with this site)



Fire Faucet

Fire Faucet doesn’t really have a passive portion per say. However, they DO have a loyalty program that basically means, the more consistent you are with it, the more you average getting paid over time. For example, let’s say you claim 5X a each day and you average $0.10USD worth of crypto each day. (just an easy number for an example. You could earn significantly more if you are consistent and have a few referrals doing the same thing!) If you keep averaging that 5 claims each day, it wont take long for you to be earning $0.20USD worth of crypto each day spending the same amount of time each day on it. Keep claiming the same amount and you will soon be earning $0.30-0.50USD worth of crypto each and every day without spending any extra time to receive that extra amount!

The goal here is to collect BTC. We are not going to worry about collecting the other coins just yet. We are going to collect as much ACP as we possibly can using the daily bonus, the faucet, the PTC sites, the offer wall and everything else they give us access to. Every time we collect ACP there, we will then run the autofaucet and select to receive BTC only. We will continue to keep collecting ACP and running the autofaucet to BTC as often as we can. If you claim 3-5 times each day, you should reach a new level about every other day or so. Each time you level up, you receive a bonus amount of satoshi. Each time you level up, your bonus is even more satoshi than it was last time. This is how you keep getting more for the same amount of time spent!

When you reach more than $6 worth of BTC in your wallet (or whatever the current LTC withdraw threshold is), you will convert that to Tron (TRX) and then withdraw it to your Klever wallet. We will then go back to collecting ACP at Fire Faucet and then running the autofaucet for BTC. Once again, you will keep doing this until you reach at least about $6 or more worth of BTC in your wallet. (This should take even less time than it did the first time because your level up bonuses are so much bigger now) Once again we will convert our $6+ in BTC to TRX and send it to our Klever wallet. As soon as you have any of those Tron withdraws hot your Klever wallet, you can use that to send to your Crypto Pros account wallet to help you purchase all ten levels.




The minimum value to earn daily interest here is 35,000 of their house coins. This means we are going to be very diligent about claiming here at this faucet several times a day. We also want to get as many referrals into Viral Stacking as possible because the more people you refer to this program with your affiliate link, the faster you will earn coin here.

You want to get up to 30,000 coin as soon as possible so that you can start earning on them everyday. Once you reach the 35,000 coin minimum and are earning from your balance everyday, it will make it even easier to get to the next step which is reaching the 140,000 satoshi ( or 0.0014BTC) mile marker in your Cointiply account wallet.

Every time you make a withdraw from Cointiply for around 0.001BTC or more, I would suggest sending it straight into your account wallet over at Crypto Pros. You want to build your account pretty fast at this website because we want to max it out as soon as possible. I know it sounds like a lot but the closer you get there, the faster it will move and once you reach that point, you will have passive earnings that you will use to fund a lot more passive earning sites down the road.


ALMOST Passive Ways to earn seed coin:




If you would like a step by step guide of how to create a Plug-N-Play, passive earning Cryptocurrency portfolio, Then get your $300 signup bonus NOW and collect crypto coins, referrals, commissions, advertising, profits and results with blinding speed! Simply click the banner below to get started:




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Earnings and Income Disclaimer. We make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent these products and services and their potential for income. Earning and Income statements made by its’ customers and/or I are only estimates of what we think you can possibly earn. There is no guarantee that you will make these levels of income and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual. As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire.





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