What is the paid Tapestri app? How does it work?

Tapestri App and Affiliate Program – What You Need To Know!

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Did you know that YOUR “Data” is more valuable than oil? Check out this Forbes Article if you have doubts.

Let’s face, when you download free apps, (and who hasn’t?) or use Maps, the Weather App, Facebook, Instagram, the list goes on and on… If it was FREE to download, then YOU Are The Product!

All these apps are tracking and collecting anonymous data from us and Selling it For BILLIONS (Yes, that’s Billions with a capital B!) of Dollars, but what do we get in return? A big fat $0.

Well, that is about to change forever!

This is a free app that you can download in either the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, (starting in mid July 2021). It doesn’t ask you for anything you aren’t currently giving away, Only Now You Get Paid For It!  

I wanted to let you know we have added a new business to the Viral Stacking Downline Builder called Tapestri.

Tapestri is currently in prelaunch and will be launching its APP soon in the United States and then other countries soon thereafter. However, the income opportunity side of the business is open to anyone and in all countries. In fact, one of their most successful prelaunch affiliates lives in Australia. Currently, the business has more than 22,000 registered affiliates worldwide.

You can register as an affiliate for free or as a paid affiliate. However, you will want to take advantage of their prelaunch special. The initial cost to join as an affiliate is $9.95 per month but during prelaunch, you can become an affiliate for only $9.95 for a full year!

All consumers can earn passively just by downloading the app when it becomes available in their country. The first country will be the United States, the launch in the United States is expected to be later in August. The expected passive earnings are from $5-$20 per month for those that simply download and engage through the app.

As a free affiliate, you can earn from all of your direct referrals that download and use the app. The pay will be $1 per month for your USA consumers and that can vary from country to country as the app is launched in additional countries.

As a paid affiliate of only $9.95 for the first year, you can earn $1 per month on two levels of referrals. The same payout, $1 for each USA consumer, and the earnings may vary from country to country.

You tell 10 people about Tapestri’s free app and over time they do the same. That’s 100 people in your group or $100 a month in your pocket, just for sharing a free app. Now let’s say one of those 100 people happens to have a following of 25k or more on TicTok or Instagram. They put out a simple post on how they’ve made $40 bucks so far this month for downloading a free app. 500 of their 25k followers download the app and boom! All of the sudden you’re making $600 a month, for basically doing nothing.

All paid affiliates can become members Super Affiliates by simply enrolling 10 paid affiliates. This is so easy to do especially with the $9.95 for a full year special going right now. Super Affiliates will earn an additional 50% matching bonus on the earnings of all of their first and second-level affiliates! This can be a very nice income just for enrolling 10 paid affiliates!

The last rank advancement is called a Global Affiliate. There will only be 50 Global Affiliates in the entire organization. To become a Global Affiliate you need to personally enroll 10 Super Affiliates. Global Affiliates share 1% of the company’s monthly income. At the time of this writing, there are only less than ten Global Affiliates in Tapestri.

Here’s a link to the Tapestri Vimeo Channel https://vimeo.com/user146025914

At their Vimeo Channel, you can get info about the compensation plan, the upcoming App Launch, benefits of becoming an International Affiliate even though the App is not yet scheduled to launch in your country, etc.

To register log into your Viral Stacking account and go to the Downline Builder link at the bottom of the menu to the left. Then click on the Tapestry link under the apps section. If you are already a Tapestri affiliate please go ahead and enter your Tapestri affiliate link and your Viral Stacking affiliates will be enrolled under you if they join from their Viral Stacking back office.

Are You Aware that Your Data
is More Valuable Than Oil?
Tapestri GETS YOU PAID For It!
You Do Not Need a New Phone
You Don’t Switch Phone Company
Simply add our FREE App to your cell phone and start getting Paid !
Why Do You Get Ads?
Ever wonder how a Company/App gathers your info and monetizes it? Tapestri’s Founder – Walter Harrison has a video  above (step 2 video) on how this all comes together, and how you’ll earn with Tapestri..
Tapestri is a FREE APP for your cell phone that works seamlessly in the background to allow consumers to earn $5 – $25 per month from the data they currently give away for nothing.
Share App… Earn More!
Earn more just by sharing the FREE App with others.
And as they share the FREE app you also Earn more!
Click on image below to find out more
Join Tapestri by clicking the banner below:
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Tapestri App and Affiliate Program – What You Need To Know!

Tapestri F.A.Q.

Why was Tapestri started?

Over his ten years of experience in the mobile data monetization industry, Tapestri creator Walter Harrison saw firsthand how countless mobile apps were both capturing and monetizing user data without either the knowledge nor consent of their users. Frustrated by this harsh truth, Walter set out to launch an app where the end user would actually get paid for that data and paid well.

What he came up with was Tapestri.

How does Tapestri work?

Tapestri is an app that you can download/install on your favorite Apple or Android devices. Tapestri will run in the background and capture anonymous location data from your iPhone or Android phone. That anonymous data is then monetized and after that, Tapestri pays you for that anonymous data.

Does Tapestri really only capture anonymous data?

Absolutely. All data that Tapestri captures and monetizes is 100% completely anonymous. In addition to this, Tapestri is extemely transparent about what data is collected. (Something most apps are anything BUT!) Inside the Tapestri app you can see every single bit of data that has been collected – including each location  you visited. However, even though you can see those data points inside your account, the monetized data is completely anonymous.

How much can I actually make with the Tapestri app?

The company is currently predicting that the average user who installs and uses the Tapestri app on their APple or Andriod smartphone will make somewhere between $5 and $20 per month. The actual amount of money you make is mostly dependent on several variables such as your device, where you go, how often you go somewhere, your area of your country you live in and several other factos.

In addition, you can make monthly recurring commissions through Tapestri’s referral plan. You’ll make $1 every month for each referred friend who installs and uses the Tapestri app on their phone!

Want to make even more? Find out about Tapestri’s affiliate program!

Do I have to change my behavior to make money with Tapestri?

Absolutely NOT!

This is the best part: with Tapestri you get paid for living your life as you normally would!

The Tapestri app will simply run in the background on your phone and capture your anonymous location data. THATS IT!

There’s no surveys to fill out, no tasks to complete, and no specific locations to visit. Just go where you normally would when you normally would!

The Tapestri Affiliate Program:

How does the Tapestri Affiliate Program work?

It’s actually very simple: you get paid a reward for referring new Tapestri users. You’ll make $1/month for every single active user you refer. (As long as that referral keeps the app running in the background)

But it doesn’t end there! When those “first level users” refer others, you make $1/month for each of them also.

So for example, if you were to refer 10 users (Level 1) who each refer 10 users (Level 2), you’ll be making $110/month! (Just using round numbers for examples sake)

Find out more about the Tapestri Affiliate Program.

What is a Tapestri Super Affiliate?

Becoming a Tapestri Super Affiliate is where you can unlock your affiliate earning potential to a completely new level.

To become a Tapestri Super Affiliate all you have to do is refer 10 users who sign up as an affiliate. Thats IT!

Tapestri Super Affiliates not only get paid $1/month per referred user (in both the first and second level), they get paid based on the success of the affiliates they recruit themselves!

This is because Super Affiliates receive a 50% matching bonus on every dollar that your recruited affiliates make! Plus a 50% matching bonus on every dollar made by the affiliates recruited by your affiliates!

OK, that was a lot of info.

Let me try to break it down for you with another example:

If you refer 10 affiliates (Level 1) who each refer 10 affiliates (Level 2), you’ll be making $110/month in direct commissions.

But if each of your Level 2 affiliates refer 10 users (Level 3) who each refer 10 users (Level 4), you’ll make another $6,050/month!

Join Tapestri by clicking the banner below:
Enroll today as an affiliate for ONLY $9.95 and 
we will adjust your billing to waive the next 12 months… 
Hurry this promotion does end soon…


Tapestri App and Affiliate Program – What You Need To Know!



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