Bitcoin Revshare Review, Strategy & F.A.Q.

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Earn Bitcoin by doing literally nothing – just completing a simple captcha.

Same as a Faucet we have all come to know so well.


View our sponsored Advertisements and get instantly rewarded.


Earn with Revenue program. Get some shares and earn a Daily Passive Income.


Take surveys while influencing the next generation of products & services.


Get paid for trying new products and services (videos, apps, websites).

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Play our provably fair HI-LO Multiplier and and watch your BTC grow.


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We’re one of the fastest growing platform with a strong community. As of the time of this writing, here is a little info with some numbers for you.


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This is the first of our passive programs and that means every withdraw you make from the programs in the intro section will get withdrawn to your wallet in CryptoWin. All the withdraws you make from the PTC section will get withdrawn to your wallet in CryptoWin. All the withdraws you make from the Faucets section? You guessed it! They get deposited to your wallet in CryptoWin as well. There are several apps in the downline builder that will payout in cryptocurrency and I highly suggest that all withdraws you make from those go into this first platform as well. CryptoWin is going to do a great job of taking all those (relatively) small withdraws of crypto from those initial programs listed above and really start to multiply it so that we have a little bit better (more consistent) source of seed coin that we can run through a few more programs and multiply it even more.

CryptoWin has a faucet, PTC earnings and several other ways to earn for free and you are more than welcome to use them if you want but they do not pay nearly as much as the other programs we have listed above in those areas. (Such as Cointiply) What we are mainly interested in using this site for is their rev share. You can buy a “share” in their rebate program for only a miniscule 1,000 satoshi! Each 1,000 satoshi “share” you purchase will give you back 126% over time. This works out to 1,260 satoshi you get back! This is why we are going to deposit absolutely ALL of our withdraws into CryptoWin until we have about 150 active “shares”. Not all of these shares have to be made with your withdraws from other programs however. Don’t forget you can also do internal repurchases as well with your daily earnings from the rebate program! You only need to purchase about 155 “shares” to get to our milestone of being able to purchase one new “share” each day from your daily earnings.

Once you get to that point, you will start withdrawing everything that is left over once a week. The withdraw minimum at this website is only a couple hundred satoshi so you should be able to start making withdraws from CryptoWin within a week after reaching 155 active “shares”. At that point, you just continue to do an internal repurchase of one new “share” each day with your daily earnings and withdraw all the rest left over every week. From that point forward, all your withdraws from the programs in the intro section, Faucets, PTC sites and apps will all STILL go into CryptoWin. However, all the withdraws you make from CryptoWin will go into the #2 program in our passive list featured next.

If you keep depositing all your withdraws from all the initial programs into CryptoWin and buying “shares” with them, you should be able to double that 155 amount quicker than you may think. Once you hit that magic 310 active “shares” number, we are going to start a slightly different withdraw strategy. Once you hit 310 active “shares”, you will be earning over 15,000 satoshi each week! At that point, you are going to withdraw 15,000 satoshi each week and buy more shares with whatever satoshi are left. You will keep doing this process for a while. The goal here is to keep being able to buy more and more “shares” each week as you should have more and more leftover each week after withdrawing your 15,000 satoshi. We want to maintain withdrawing ONLY 15,000 satoshi each week and not any more until the TOTAL amount of satoshi we are earning each week (before our withdraw) is 150,000 satoshi. (Slightly over 3,000 active “shares”) Once you hit this mark, you will start withdrawing 10% of your TOTAL (150,000+ satoshi) weekly earnings at CryptoWin. (Remember, this all goes into Program #2!)

At first this 10% will still be roughly the 15,000 satoshi you are very used to withdrawing at this point. But you will find that after using 90% of your weekly earnings here to buy more “shares” each week, your 10% that is left over will skyrocket from 15,000 to so much, MUCH more in about no time flat! Don’t forget, we are STILL depositing ALL our withdraws from our handful of initial programs into CryptoWin as well.

This is really where automatic growth really starts to take off!

You can sign up for a FREE account at CryptoWin by simply clicking on the banner below:

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