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Current - Play Music & Get Paid


Did you know that the average person spends close to 18 hours per week listening to music?

Are you one of these people? If so, you might be surprised to learn that you could in fact be leaving some passive seed money on the table without even realizing it!

Yes, a lot of us love listening to our music, regardless of if it’s on Spotify, Pandora, YouTube or a good old fashioned vinyl record. I know. You kids these days won’t recognize that last one!

But back to the point….

getting paid to listen to music? Is that actually possible?

Well, actually, with this app, it certainly is!

I’m going to give you a simple breakdown here,

from how it works to what rewards are on offer to how much money you can realistically make.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

What is Current Rewards/Current Music and How Does it Work?

Signing up and unlocking earning

Signing up is really pretty straight forward and not very different than downloading and signing up for any other app that you may have used in the past. It’s actually a pretty identical proscess.


Finding stations

Here is the good news: Current Music now features an extremely wide variety of streaming stations. This includes stations that are dedicated to specific genres, decades, moods, or those channels built around select artists. There are actually even popular talk stations such as NPR as well as stand-up comedy stations and more. You are pretty much promised that you will find a station that has what you like!


Earning points for music

Now for the fun part. As you listen to different channels on Current, you will start to see some points added to your account for each track. You can view how many points you earned for each song in your Earning History as well have the ability to view what songs you have already heard. Please note that you will not only earn some points for actual songs streamed but also any news breaks, station promos, etc. you also hear. In addition, you will earn points even if you only hear a portion of a track played so don’t worry if you change channels or close the app before the song ends!  And, as mentioned before, listening back to recorded songs also earns points as long as you are in fact online.

How many points will you earn per song you stream? Well, that actually depends on a few things. It appears as though the point-earning algorithm makes the track length one large factor of many. But, according to their site, Current says:

“The speed at which you earn is based on how much of your profile has been completed and how long you are consuming. Our most valuable users play frequently and share preferences generously and we want to reward them for their contributions!”

Obviously that’s pretty vague and (as I’ll discuss later) you may see the points you earn per play vary greatly depending on several variables.

Another thing to note about earning points by listening to music is that you’ll need to keep your phone active in order to get your points. This means, if you have push notifications turned on, you may also occasionally receive an alert to check in with the app before earning are disabled. You might also need to watch a short video ad to get earning turned back on. Also, it probably goes without saying but your phone’s volume needs to be on and muting may disable earning. Luckily, though, the app does support Bluetooth playback so you can stream music to wireless headphones or external devices and earn as you listen. It may sound old school but you can also just simply plug in a pair of headphones into the audio jack of your phone as well!



Who even has those anymore? Am I right?

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Earning additional points

To tell the complete truth, as much as I enjoy the passiveness (is that a word?) of just earning by playing music, the best way to earn the MOST rewards in Current Rewards/Current Music isn’t by listening to music at all. In all actuality, a faster way to reach redemptions is with Mega Offers. By tapping the “Tasks and Offers” tab on the app, you can view different promotions as well as how many points you might earn for completing said offers. A common example is an offer to download an app and simply open it to earn points or, in other cases, reach a certain level in a game to earn the rewards. These Mega Offers may start at a few dozen or hundred points for easier tasks but go up to thousands of points for more time-consuming ones. So depending on your commitment level, you can really rack up the points extremely quick if you are the ambitious type!

Another way to earn a ton of points is the “Share Your Opinion” tab, where you can earn loads of points for taking surveys. Having some experience with survey sites and being familiar with the frustration of not qualifying for the best-paying surveys, I have not personally tried the section of the app. Still, if you’re bored, it might be an option for you. If you DO qualify for them, the points payout can be enormous.

Lastly, another quick way to earn even more points is to watch video ads. According to the app, doing this can earn you “up to 15 points.” One downside here is that there may not always be tons of video ads to watch.


Cashing out

OK, we still need to discuss something else as well. As you accrue points, you’ll have an increasing number of rewards available to you. One of the first options is what Current calls Bonus Bucks. With this option, you’ll earn 50% more points per play for 30 days. That’s actually not a terrible deal! Moving up at the time of this writing, there’s also a $1 gift card for Amazon — although the $4 Amazon card is a much better value, going for only a few more points. Elsewhere, other redemptions include PayPal transfers; gift cards for Best Buy, Sephora, iTunes, Starbucks, etc.; and more. My favorites include the option to cash out in Bitcoin as well as earning your way to a FREE Mode Phone. Interestingly, many of these more pricey (in the way of points) redemptions also include Bonus Bucks that come along with them, so you may be better off holding your points until you reach one of these higher priced prizes instead of opting for Bonus Bucks off the bat.

You can sign up for a FREE account with Current by simply clicking the image below:



Current - Play Music & Get Paid





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