Trading like Royalty……

I am planning on doing quite a few experiments with apps starting next year.
I plan on doing a lot more content on my phone farm and hopefully answering a lot more of the questions I am getting on that
I am planning on doing some housecleaning and clearing out some programs that dont really align as much with our new direction of Viral Stacking.
Our new and improved starter/intro program lineup is going to be far FAR more profitable than it ever has before
I always overcoming myself when it comes to fun and exciting projects so here is one more……
I am going to start a live YouTube series teaching g you how to cheat the entire system when it comes to trading cryptocurrency on large exchanges (Coinbase ring a bell?)
This plan is going to mean anybody (and I mean damn near anybody) can have the success of professionals.
This is not just an alert service so you can copy professional traders yourself
This is not a promise to pay program where somebody trades for you with all the capitol give them and they only promise you X%/day
You can liquidate your entire exchange at anytime because it is Coinbase for crying out loud!
This is not staking. I really enjoy the idea of staking and mining and we will have multiple examples of both in our upcoming strategy next year but this is something different to broad and diversify our approach even more



Over the past several months I have tried to do a slight shift to even more profitable yet even more legitimate programs involved inside Viral Stacking.

Some people like this direction and some people don’t but I feel like it is what is needed to really have Viral Stacking grow the way it should in 2022. I want the reputation of my downline builder and the programs inside to be as top notch as possible.

I used to do a bit of swing trading on Bittrex a few years back and while I thankfully won more than I lost, my results were never that consistent and it really took up a TON of time to do research on what coins and pairs to use as well as stay on top of all the information coming out in the news about each coin that affected the price as well.

This brings me to my next point. Unlike my manual trading strategy after I set up a trading bot I never have to enter a trade, the bot does all of the work!  The feature I most like about the bot is it will NEVER automatically close a trade for a loss, it will only close a profitable trade. If you want to execute a trade for a loss it HAS to be done manually.

Actually no, I lied. There is a different aspect that I like even better. This bot does not hold your money. So you can liquidate your entire account anytime you want to because YOU are always in control of your funds!

The bot pairs with Binance, Huobi and now even Coinbase Pro. It trades in USDT pairs and has some pretty advanced settings allowing the user to fine tune their trading style. Additionally, if you do not want to create your own trading strategy you can follow professional traders and the bot will mirror the professional traders’ trades in your exchange account for you.

Another unique feature of this bot is the income potential if you want to pursue the business side as well as trade. The subscription cost of the bot is only $120 USDT per year, the override commissions are great as your team pays their annual subscription fee. BUT…what is unique here is as you begin to build a team of people using the bot to trade you earn a small percentage of commissions on their trade profits. Yes, you heard that correctly you earn commission on the trading profits of your team!

I am going to be starting a Youtube series on my channel where I start with less than $500 in my trading account for a very realistic example of what can be achieved by JUST the trading aspect alone. The affiliate commissions you can earn with this are a completely different story however and on another level! I am not even going to get into all the benefits of the pay plan just yet!

Our team has several competitive advantages such as multiple webinars each week, marketing material, a team co-op is in the works and being tested and much more.

The first step is to register from the link I will give you once you either reply to my email or ask me via Facebook messenger HERE I will explain why I cant post the link here in just a minute.

(It is probably easier to register from a desktop or laptop)

After registration you will need to download the APP to your Apple or Android device. The instructions to do that and the instructions that walk you through the remainder of the activation is on this link

We will crank up the trading content in the new year after the holidays, but you can use the next couple of weeks to get registered and the app setup.

Also, this is new to me as well so everything I learn about this process will be put on my Youtube channel for anybody to follow.

Also, one more little thing just to sweeten the deal….

This is a very unique pay plan that actually benefits everyone for recruiters (like myself and my sponsor) to build depth more than width. So I am only going to build this three people wide under me. I already have one upgraded person under me thanks to my sponsor but I need two more before I start building down. If you are one of those first two people, this could end up EXTREMELY profitable for you being an early mover.


I will be revealing much MUCH more info on this whole operation soon but just wanted to get the word out and wet your appetite just a bit!


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