Review: Mining FREE Satoshi With The Ember Fund App

Ember Fund - Cryptocurrency Investing & Wallet App 8.3 Apk Download - com.emberfund.ember APK free

Introducing Ember BTC Mining 🚀

Chances are you have heard of Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency mining apps like CryptoTab browser before. Heck I have been using that one for years and withdrawn dozens of times. At this point, it has become a VERY consistent source of income that I use to build seed coin with which to use to fund bigger projects and programs.

I recently found another app recently that has a very interesting approach when it comes to earning FREE satoshi with their mining program.

Ember is proud to announce the launch of a new feature: Ember In-App BTC Mining Rewards

In an effort to educate our users about crypto, they have developed this program where users can earn BTC daily by visiting the app and reading a short snippet about cryptocurrencies.

How their BTC mining program works:

  • Turn on your miner to begin earning BTC for 24 hours
  • Your miner will turn off after 24 hours at which point you’ll no longer be earning BTC
  • To continue earning, you’ll need to come back into the app to turn on your miner

All users mine at a base rate of 5 Satoshis/hour. We’ll also be adding ways to boost your mining rate to earn more BTC very soon! As more miners come online, the base mining rate will decrease so lock in a high mining rate now as an early adopter!

5 Satoshi an hour for 24 hours is 120 satoshi. Yeah, it was free and only cost about 30 seconds of your time but is it really worth it? Well, let’s take a few things into consideration. First, let’s say you can be consistent and remember to log into the app everyday and reset your miner. That works out to about 3,600 Satoshi each month. That’s a bit better but realistically still not very amazing by any stretch of the imagination. (At least not at current BTC prices)

Hold onto your hats though because this part here is about to open your eyes up a bit. as with most good crypto based platforms I recommend, Ember Fund has an affiliate program. Now, we aren’t worried about the investment portion of this app. We are only concerned with the free mining portion. That is because every time you have a referral sign up with your affiliate link, you earn a huge, whopping 100% of what they earn, every time they activate their miner for 24 hours!

Think about that for a second and let’s just do some quick math here……

If your base earnings for 24 hours mining by yourself with no referrals is 5 satoshi per hour, and your referral turns on their miner for 24 hours and makes 5 satoshi an hour, that means YOU will be making an EXTRA 5 satoshi per hour! This means with ONE referral, you are essentially DOUBLING what you earn in a 24 hour period! Your 5 satoshi per hour earnings plus your 100% commission of ANOTHER 5 satoshi per hour means you are earning 240 satoshi per 24 hours right? That’s pretty awesome that a single referral can pretty much DOUBLE your earnings with this FREE app (Don’t forget that part!) but let’s be honest with ourselves here. 240 satoshi per day STILL isn’t exactly what you would call life changing now is it?

But let’s take this out just a bit further, shall we?

What if you were able to refer a dozen people or so that liked the idea of FREE satoshi every single day and they were consistent with turning their miners on every 24 hours? That would mean you are racking in more than 1500 satoshi each day. (Or almost 50,000 satoshi per month!)

Just for kicks, let us look at one more example, shall we? Once you have been marketing online for a while, hopefully you have built an email list, youtube channel, and/or some kind of following. Depending on how big your “tribe” is, it might be too difficult for you to get quite a few more people excited about this idea of starting a free miner every 24 hours. If we keep with the concept of using simple numbers, we could say that you might be able to refer about 100 people or more who cant wait for that countdown timer to reach zero again so they can start the miner again to earn even more. If those referrals are consistent, then that means you would be earning 12,000 satoshi every single day! This works out to over 350,000 satoshi per month! And please remember that all this costs nobody anything! No purchases ever have to be made whatsoever!



Anyone with the Ember app can start mining today by tapping on the pickaxe button on the bottom right of the Home, Wallet and Settings pages!


Mining rates will decrease over time, so start mining today so you can get locked in and maximize your Bitcoin rewards! Also, you want to be a first mover on this so you can refer as many people as possible and get 100% of their earnings as well for as long as they use the program. Remember, using the program this way ONLY for the mining portion never costs anybody ANYTHING! This is REALLY a no brainer! One of the best ways to build seed coin to fund those bigger more expensive projects you have your eye on like HERE.

If you already have an account with then I suggest you log in there and join this program from the downline builder in the APPS section. If you do NOT already have an account over at then you can click the banner below today to sign up for a FREE account with Ember Fund and start your miner for the next 24 hours and start spreading the news!

Ember Fund - Cryptocurrency Investing & Wallet App 8.3 Apk Download - com.emberfund.ember APK free



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