Royal Q Review & Deep Build (Taproot) Team Strategy

Royal Q Build Deep Strategy

General Outline and Participation Rules:


The Build Deep (“Taproot”) Strategy is an Optional Placement Strategy that can create Faster Rank Ups and Faster Access to Infinity Depth Commissions.


NOTE: Explanatory Video above. Please scan through these bullet points before watching the video.


The Concept is Simple – Rather than building WIDE and having every affiliate fend for themselves, out on an island alone, the Build Deep Taproot system is designed to truly bring TEAMwork into play to create a win-win for all.


Each affiliate will initially build three legs, often with help from their sponsor or other upline


Contact your sponsor to see if they are participating in the build deep strategy. If they are not, that’s perfectly fine, this strategy is for many, even most people but for some, it may not be the right way to go


You will build three legs and keep building those three legs until you rank up to V6 at which time you can begin adding legs, one by one, doing this same thing, it’s simple and genius!  


Your sponsor may work with you to build one of your three legs, depending on their desire to participate


You build your three legs by building STRAIGHT Down each leg, placing one person other the other as the request to join and participate in the Build Deep Strategy 


So, in essence, you will help each of your three people build one of THEIR three legs and each person will do the same thing, thereby creating, potentially massive growth, excitement, energy, FOMO and rank advancements.


To participate, (remember, this is totally optional) you must agree to:

  1. Do your very best to duplicate the build deep taproot system and help your team to do the same
  2. Have your $120* USDT-TRC20 in your crypto wallet and you are ready to act to join and activate RIGHT NOW
  3. Strive to get three personally generated referrals as soon as reasonably possible (remember, Success Loves Speed!)
  4. Agree to quickly reimburse $30 to the actual sponsor who may place a referral direct to you. ($30 is the commission you will earn and you can transfer funds internally at RQ at no cost)
  5. Even if you receive a direct referral in your taproot leg you are still encouraged/required to place a personally generated referral at the bottom of that leg, i.e. next available position, to assure continued growth of that leg (remember, everyone else is required to do this too! (Of course, when you place your personally generated referral direct to someone in your downline they will have agreed to reimburse you the $30 as quickly as possible after receiving the funds
  6. Have a Telegram Account so that you can participate in the Build Deep strategy identifying, in real time, the link for the next person in line to receive a direct referral as noted above


Telegram Group Strategy (the Build Deep Telegram Groups are ONLY for RoyalQ activated members on our team)

  1. Your sponsor, if participating, will invite you to the Telegram group for the leg that he/she is helping to build with you. You will want to sponsor one person in this initial Build Deep Taproot leg and then begin building two additional legs on your own. (See IMPORTANT V2 Rank Up Fast Track Note Below). Remember you are building DEEP in each of your additional two legs, not wide
  2. When you have a direct referral to place in any of your three legs (remember, your referral must be ready with $120 USDT-TRC on hand in their crypto wallet) you will do ALL SIX of the following:
    1. Provide the Join/Invite to your prospect, via instant messenger, preferably Telegram because they’ll need to be a Telegram member to participate in the BuildDeep TapRoot Strategy, at a time that you KNOW they are online and acknowledge that you are sending the join/activation link. IF THEY ARE NOT on an Instant Messenger DO NOT SEND THE LINK, wait until they are online and acknowledge you are sending the link and that they will immediately proceed to join and activate
    2. Once you have sent the link to your referral via instant messenger Post a “PENDING ACTIVATION” notice at the bottom of the Telegram thread indicating that you have sent an invite to join through this link and post the time of sending the link
    3. Have your referral check the “Personal Information” Page to double triple check they are joining through the proper sponsor as indicate in the Telegram group (Further specific instructions coming)
    4. Stay engaged with your new referral through the join/activation process to make sure they stay on task, have their questions answered and complete the process in a VERY Timely Fashion (Remember, Success Loves Speed!)
    5. Once your new referral has activated their account immediately remove the “Pending Activation” comment in the telegram group and then ASAP post your new team member’s details at the bottom of the Telegram group so the next new member can be placed direct to them!
    6. Contact the person whom your referral joined direct to and provide them with your RoyalQ registered email address so they can reimburse you with the $30 direct referral fee. Post in the telegram group, using their telegram username, that you have sent your details to be reimbursed
  3. THIS is the Information of the NEXT in Line Team Member that You Must Provide in the Group
    1. Name of the new member
    2. Full Invite Link (, of the new member, not just the Five digit invite code
    3. RoyalQ “Nickname” of the new member
    4. Telegram username of the new member
    5. Email address of the new member
    6. It is the responsibility of the actual sponsor of the new member to post this information in the telegram group as soon as possible – remember, things could really start moving fast at some point, especially after the co-op is rolling!
    7. NOTE: The reason that all of this information is required is so that the ACTUAL Sponsor of the person who will be placed to the new member can reach out to the new member requesting the $30 direct referral reimbursement


Check Out Robert Burns recent video explaining the Build Deep – TapRoot System at this link –

  • Remember, this is a BUSINESS, treat it as such by learning the basics and mastering your craft. 
  • There is HUGE income potential here with the RoyalQ comp plan and even more so with the Build Deep – TapRoot strategy




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