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About LootUp

Lootup is a fast-growing rewards programs that gives users the ability to earn gift cards, crypto currency, gift cards, and cash by taking surveys, watching videos, taking quizzes, participating in contests, playing games, shopping at your favorite stores, and other online activities that you normally spend your time online doing!

Lootup is committed to providing an “all-in-one” rewards platform, where users will receive the highest reward amounts for completing online tasks and be able to redeem your points for gift cards to major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, & Steam, or for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to major cryptocurrency wallets, or even for cash via PayPal.

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Lootup provides rewards to users in exchange for completing a variety of tasks online, whether it is completing surveys for market research partners, watching videos, completing various offers, or even shopping at your favorite retailers! Lootup also rewards users simply for coming back to the site every day, whether it’s utilizing the daily spin the wheel feature, or promo codes that are sent out via push notifications.

There are thousands of companies out there who want more exposure to their brands, to hear your opinion through surveys, to gain more players for their games, want users to try their products, or even just sending email newsletters for you to read! These companies are willing to compensate and reward Lootup users for their time and efforts. Lootup facilitates the technology to make all of this happen, as well as doing daily outreach to gather more and more companies each day to be a part of our program.

What can you do with the rewards you earn? Lootup gives you the ability to redeem your points in lots of different ways.


  • Gift Cards to your favorite retailers
  • Cash via PayPal
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular cryptocurrencies


Do’s & Dont’s

Lootup provides an all-in-one rewards platform where users can earn rewards for taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, completing offers, and a variety of other tasks that are part of your every day online experience! To do so effectively and ensure the best service for our users, as well as the best service for our partners, there are several things we suggest that you should do and that you should not do.

  • When completing surveys or offers, always use valid and correct information. For surveys, answer all questions honestly and accurately to provide the highest quality responses. For offers, always input your correct email address and any other information requested.
  • To be credited for completing offers, please ensure that you follow all the instructions and descriptions. If an offer has not been fully completed, you will not receive credit.
  • Participate in our free weekly and monthly contests! This is a great way to earn free points.
  • Come back to Lootup daily and spin-the-wheel for free points and percentage boosts.
  • Complete your survey profile as soon as possible and come back to Lootup daily for new high paying surveys that you qualify for.
  • Enable push notifications to be able to receive free point promotions from Lootup.
  • Enjoy your time on Lootup!
  • Do not create multiple accounts. Creating multiple accounts for the purpose of gaming promo codes or rewards can get your account(s) suspended.
  • Do not create accounts using disposable email addresses. Accounts must be tied to a legitimate email address. Disposable email address will be blocked, and rewards will be unretrievable.
  • Do not use proxy services or VPN services to access Lootup.
  • Do not attempt to game our rewards mechanisms. Lootup provides its users with many ways to earn points in a legitimate fashion, and provides users with many ways to earn free points. If we discover an attempt to game our systems, your account will be banned.



Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How can I earn points with Lootup?

    Lootup members can earn points in a variety of ways! Members can take surveys, install/play games and mobile applications, sign up to partner websites, participate in giveaways and contests, redeem free promo codes, and even earn recurring commission on any referrals that you send to Lootup!

  2. 2. What can I redeem my Lootup points for? Are there any minimums?

    Lootup members can redeem their points for Gift Cards, PayPal cash, or Bitcoin, with minimum redemptions as low as $1.00!

     Gift Cards – $1.00
     PayPal – $1.00
     Bitcoin – $5.00
  3. 3. Are there any fees associated with redeeming points?

    For Gift Cards and PayPal payments, there are no fees associated with redeeming points. If you select to redeem via Bitcoin, there are no fees associated with redeeming to your Coinbase account. If you prefer to have Bitcoin sent to your Bitcoin wallet, there is a standard transaction fee associated with the transaction.

  4. 4. Once I redeem, how fast will I receive my rewards?

    At Lootup, we make every effort to issue reward payments as quickly as possible. Our average turnaround time is 1-2 business days for redemptions to be processed, excluding weekends and US holidays.

  5. 5. What are the benefits of completing my market research Profile?

    In addition to earning 50 points for completing your Profile, by filling out your profile accurately and completely, we can provide you with higher paying, best matched surveys for you to participate in!

  6. 6. Does Lootup provide free point giveaways?

    Lootup members can access free point giveaways every single day!

    • Spin the Wheel… daily for your chance to earn up to 100 free points, or up to a 50% earnings boost on all points earned that day.
    • Free Giveaways… enter at no cost for the chance to win tons of points.
    • Promo Codes… Subscribe to push notifications and frequently receive promo codes to redeem free points or earnings multipliers.
    • Refer Friends… earn up to 15% of your referrals lifetime earnings.
  7. 7. I have a question, how can I get in touch with Lootup?

    For all account related inquiries, logged in users may contact us via the support center.
    For advertising or business related inquiries, click here.

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Lootup: Get Paid To Watch Videos and Take Surveys

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