Review Of The Best AI Trading Software/Crypto Trading/Bot/API For Coinbase Pro, Binance & Huobi Global Exchanges: Royal Q

Quantitative trading, Royal Q begins

All it takes is one click to start the quantitative trading system, realize automatic intelligent trading, real-time monitoring and tracking of big data algorithms, adjust real-time market conditions, the best quantitative strategy to stop profit, and maximize user profits, with technical strategy such as built-in tracking for opening positions + tracking stop profit + tail order stop profit + grid Take profit. Continuous income is all but guaranteed by 24/7 real-time monitoring.

The advantages of Royal Q quantification system

The Royal Q quantification system adopts a multi-strategy, multi-technology fusion intelligent quantification mechanism. Users only need to select the corresponding investment style and click a key to start, and they can realize smart fool-style financial management. The system will intelligently match the corresponding quantification strategy according to the market situation. Customers maximize their profits.

Quantitative Trading Strategy

The system uses artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically match quantitative trading strategies that are suitable for the current market situation, eliminating the problem of unprofessional judgments of quantitative trading users’ trends and failure to match in time using corresponding strategies.

Simple and easy to operate

Simple and easy to operate, users only need to bind the Huobi, Binance, or Coinbase Pro Exchange APIs, select the corresponding currency, the corresponding strategy style, and one-click start, and then they can realize intelligent fool-style quantitative financial management

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence algorithm with 24 hour seamless intelligent tracking, powerful data analysis and processing capabilities, executing corresponding operation strategies


Ignore the bulls and bears, two-way arbitrage, and funds security

Real Time Strategy

According to the different styles of users, you, yourself can adjust the operation real-time strategy, Royal Q will take you through all the bulls and bears


Fund Security of Quantitative Transaction

API is Authorized to bind with Huobi, Binance and Coinbase Pro Exchanges, only open reading and trading permissions. Users’ trading funds and profits are in their own account, safe and verifiable, and can be unbound at any time, trading funds do not need to be transferred to you because you already have them

The Benefits of Quantitative Trading

It greatly reduces the impact of market volatility on investor sentiment and avoids making irrational investment decisions when the market is extremely fanatical or pessimistic. It is an essential tool for investors to avoid human subjective judgement errors. It also has the advantages of high efficiency, discipline and systematic approach as well as saving labor costs as well.

How does quantitative trading make money?

How does quantitative trading make money?

Quantitative trading uses advanced mathematical models to replace human subjective judgements and use computer technology to select a variety of “High Probability” events that can bring excess returns from historical data to formulate strategies. It also lets computers replace the manual arbitrage of buying low and selling high. The artificial intelligence is trading with pure logic and no emotion to earn the difference and thus profit.

Type of quantitative transactions

In the field of digital currency, there are many types of quantitative transactions, such as cross-platform brick-moving, trend trading and hedging transactions. RoyalQ quantification is a kind of trend trading arbitrage. The digital currency is traded  24 hours a day and there are many types of global investors who participate in the transactions. So it is full of opportunities for investment arbitrage.


Currency Quantification

  • This will be an outlet to ordinary people with a small number of seed coin to change their economic conditions
  • Since the birth of Bitcoin on January 3, 2009 it has experienced countless ups and downs, and now it has become a popular investment target for major institutions on Wall Street in the United States as well as other large financial institutions and governments in many countries.
  • Affected by recent events, the world economy and financial system is facing a major reshuffle. With its unique characteristics, digital currency will gradually replace gold and other general assets, and the era of blockchain is about to be upon us!






At this point in time, there is no shortage of opportunities to make money online for living. But be warned that you need to study first about each opportunity offered. This is because so many people get scammed due to ignorance. This is my sincere advice to anybody looking at different platforms out there online. I try my best to weed out the bad ones and bring you only the best of the best and I think this passes all the tests with flying colors.


With Royal Q can automate your earnings, even if you are not a trader, and even if you have pretty much zero experience with cryptocurrency. It’s a bot that is API tied to your account so it can’t withdraw YOUR money. It simply trades it for you 24/7 with only logic and no emotion.

Seem so good to be true?

You don’t need experience. You don’t need a bunch of technical know how. The are only 3 things you should know. The first one is download and activate the app. The second is to fund your atomic wallet with either some BTC or LTC, the third is linking the API. After that, its all gravy. 95% robot doing work for you, and only 5% action required from you.




Is Royal Q legit or a Scam?

Realistically speaking, Royal Q is both legit and safe. Why? Because Royal Q is only an app that helps trade on your behalf by using API provided by Huobi, Binance or Coinbase Pro. You won’t ever put tradable assets in Royal Q. It will always be in Binance, Huobi or Coinbase Pro. By using this app, Royal Q is allowed to read and do trading for you with your account. ROyal Q and the A.I. trading bot are unable to make any withdrawals. The app also available in Google Playstore and the Apple store which are both getting more and more stringent about what kind of apps they allow.

In Royal Q, your capital is managed and accessible by you, and only YOU.


Fund Security of Quantitative Transactions

The API used is authorized to bind with Huobi, Binance or Coinbase Pro exchange (only reading and trading permissions are allowed. No withdraws are permitted by the API/bot). Another thing to take note of is that the trading bot (royal Q app) can be unbound at any time.

Many people misunderstand this aspect. We are not putting our assets into Royal Q platform for them to trade with. We only transfer 120 USDT to Royal Q for activation purpose.

How To make money with Royal Q

You can make money by using this app. Seriously.

Once you activated the app, you can have it start trading for you immediately assuming you have at least a couple hundred bucks USDT or so in your Coinbase Pro account. 

There are 3 ways in making money using this Royal Q app. Read the details below for more information on this:


Quantitative method

In the Royal Q app, you can choose the quantitative method to start trading. There are many pairs that you can choose to start with.

Trade setting including how much % profit you want to take, and the way you manipulate strategies in configuration setting to maximize the profit. There is no exact settings as it all depends on your own strategies.




Sync Strategies

in Royal Q, you can choose these method to earn profit. In other term, we used to say this method as copy trade. You can join all group circle in Royal Q , then decide by yourself which trader you want to follow. Each trader has his/her own setting and strategies to maximize the profit. Once you joined that circle, you can sync his/her strategies. But for each successful take profit, 1% goes to trader.


Royal Q Referral Program

There is also another way to earn money with Royal Q. You can make money by promoting the app using your own referral code. For each successful activation from a new user, you will earn 30 USDT. The value goes up once you have reached certain level.

We do have many levels here, v1, v2, v3, v4, v5 and v6. Those levels are VIP member and you will get privileges for each level. Explanation about ranking as below:


This is the lowest rank for VIP. Once you activated the app (by paying for the activation fee), you are now a VIP member. You can then start the trading immediately. For each successful referral, you will earn 30 USDT. To become V2, you need at least 3 V1 (direct push) and 20 team total members.


This is the 2nd rank of VIP. In order to graduate from V2 to V3, you need to directly push 5 users , at least 3 V2 and 100 team members.

For each successful referral account activation, you’ll get 40 USDT and profit distribution team reward ratio of 30%​


This 3rd Rank of VIP members. You need to directly push 8 users , at least 3 V3,  and 300 team members to reach V4. In this level, you’ll get 50 USDT for each successful referral account activation and 40% profit distribution team reward. In this level also yo will get 10% peer award.


4th rank VIP. In this level you are urged to directly push 12 users, at least 3 V4, 800 team members in order to reach V5 rank. For each successful activation, you’ll get 60USDT and 50% profit distribution team reward ratio.


5th rank VIP. To continue your journey to V 6, you need to directly push 20 users , at least 3 v5, 1500 team members. For each successful robot activation direct push , you’ll get 65USDT and 55% profit distribution team reward​


This is highest rank. For each successful direct referral account activation direct push , you’ll get 75 USDT and 10% team reward. In this level as well you will get global 10% weighted dividend!

royal q referal chart

Royal Q Compensation Plan

Royal Q has one of the most lucrative compensation plans that I have ever seen in the entire industry. Here is a little bit more information on exactly why that is:

Royal Q F.A.Q.s

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Perhaps you’re still having one or two questions regarding Royal Q? Hopefully, I’ll be able to provide some answers to them in this section.

These happen to be some of the most frequently asked questions I have found about Royal Q. So if you yourself have some questions, chances are you’ll find answers to them here.

  #1. What is the minimum price for Royal Q Bot?

The only money that goes to Royal Q is the activation fee which is the $120. 100 for the annual subscription while the remaining 20 is for the gas fuel.

So your seed coin for trading will be deposited either in Binance, Huobi or your Coinbase Pro account. You can probably get by with trading as low as $200 but not only will you earn more by starting with a larger amount, your earnings percentage of what you start with will also be higher. So, please keep that in mind.


  #2. Is the Royal Q A.I. Trading Bot A Scam or Is It Legit?

Royal Q is not a scam. You just need to understand how the platform works. Think about it yourself for a minute. The only money that goes to Royal Q is the annual subscription fee of $120.

And the Robot trades for you 24/7 using funds inside your trading exchange account.

Your trading capital is safe because they are deposited inside your Binance usdt wallet and Binance

There are several other popular trading bots that charges as high as $100/month and Royal Q is just $100 a year. Quite the affordable bargain if you ask me!

 #3. Is Royal Q Compatible with Other Crypto Exchange?

This is part of the limitation that comes with the Royal Q app, currently, you can only trade on Binance, Huobi and now the Coinbase Pro cryptocurrency exchanges

But since these are 3 of the most popular exchange sites out there, you should not find it difficult to trade with one of them.

 #4. Is Royal Q safe, Can I Lose My Money?

Royal Q itself is safe for everybody because the robot only trades spot on the exchanges and it doesn’t use leveraging.

Basically, the robot just buys when the market is low then sells again when the market is high.

However, in the case of loss, it’s possible due to floating loss. But you should also understand that a floating loss is not actually a real loss until you sell the asset.

Let me explain how it works…

Take for example you bought Litecoin at a $100 value and the coin drops by 30% that means you having a floating loss of $30 until the coin gain back the value.

So if you leave it and let say it comes back in value, there’s no loss but if you sell it inside the floating loss you’ve then incur a real loss.

So YES, you could lose your money.

But mind you, the same thing applies to your crypto asset if you just buy them and leave them to wait inside your wallet with the hope they will grow someday.

So this is just the nature of the crypto market and not because of Royal Q.

Hopefully that makes sense.

 #5. Is there Customer Support For Royal Q?

Yes, Royal Q has customer support that works 24/7. For you to contact them, you’ll need to login to your account and click on “Mine” >> “Royal Q FeedBack” to contact support.



How to activate the Royal Q app

You need to activate the app if you want to start using the bot. The activation fee is 120USDT per year and after comparing many other competing services, I can say that this is considered one of the least expensive bot in the industry. This A.I. robot will trade for you for one full year both day and night.

How We Are Building Our Team Differently:

We will be building our team here at Royal Q a bit differently than you may be used to. We will concentrate on building DEEP as opposed to WIDE. This means I will NOT be worried about how many people I have on my first or TOP level. I am more worried about building team mates UNDER my direct referrals of which I already have plenty. Here is a little explanation of why that is so important:

In order to get your link to our taproot team build, please contact me by sending me a message HERE and I will give you the appropriate team members link.


February 2022 Started with $200

Total Profit: $9.28  = 4.6% Profit


March 2022 Started with $300

Total Profit: $ =   % Profit



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