$100/Month (Semi)Passively In UNDER 100 Days…… Can It Be Done?

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One of the directions I want to start leaning in 2022 is giving people a break. A financial break. Sometimes people go through a rough patch, sometimes people have unexpected expenses. Sometimes people are doing OK financially but don’t really have the needed funds to try and make their money work for them and that’s what I mostly want to focus on.
I want to really explode our $100/month in 100 days or less challenge and give it one HELL of a push start.
I will be revealing different ways people can get free signup bonuses from a lot of companies. Most will be in crypto but some will just be plain old fashion cash. I would recommend that people use these newly acquired funds to start growing their asset producing portfolio but of course Im not your daddy.
I cant tell you how to spend your money or crypto you gain with my help. Its all up to you.
All I can do is show you what I am doing and tell you what I think may work best. You are ultimately the one in charge of yourself and your own finances no matter how you achieve them.
Stay tuned.
I will be releasing a lot more content on this $100/month strategy in the upcoming weeks, how you can add to it, and how to best strategize what to do with it once you have it.
I am going to start a running blueprint of how to do this below:
This plan is going to require a mobile phone, a PC (laptop or desktop is fine) wifi (DUH!) and a little bit of elbow grease and determination.
If you are reading this article on your mobile phone, I suggest clicking HERE and downloading the Current Rewards/Music app. This is a mobile phone app that pays you to listen to music! Doesn’t get much more easy and passive than that! Oh yeah, and did I mention that you get paid to simply CHARGE your phone as well? This is one of our highest earners and it is actually going to help us acquire another phone that will pay us even more (than your mobile phone you own right now) but you can read more about that plan HERE. I have an entire video about Current that you can watch HERE.  $40   23,000 points
This one should technically count as #2, #3 and possibly even #4 since we use three sites for this strategy but bear with me and it will make sense. This step is going to take place through the hub of RewardXP. This is a seemingly typical rewards site but with a twist that we are going to use to our advantage. Once you create an account and log in, you want to go to the videos section. Here, depending on your geographic location, you will see two options. You will see HideoutTV and LootTV. You are going to open each in a separate browser and once you log in, start playing any videos you want. size these browsers so that they are both visible on your computer screen and both videos are playing. Playing these videos will let you earn points whenever the ads play. You don’t have to pay attention to these videos at all and in fact, I recommend you start running them either before you go to bed or before you leave your computer to go to do something else. Any and all points that you earn with either site should be transferred over to RewardXP. RewardXP gives you a LOT better exchange rate for these points than pretty much any other reward site on the net and the fact that we can send them both to one place means our withdraws will be even bigger. This strategy is also one of our top earners when done this way so make sure you start using this method right away! hideoutTV & LootTV $20
The next step on our list is to utilize an app called Big Token. Now this one isn’t QUITE as passive as the rest but it can still earn you just as much as the rest depending on how much effort you put into it. This app utilizes short surveys but before you get scared by that word, you should know these are very VERY short surveys (like 1-5 questions) and EVERYBODY qualifies for these surveys so no more wasting time trying to start one only to get disqualified. With a little bit of practice, you will be surprised at JUST how many of these surveys you can get done in under 5 minutes time if you really go at it hard. All these surveys add up and you also earn more each day from the daily bonus than you did the day before so it literally pays to be consistent with this app.
Starting from $9
This app is extremely passive and you only have to go in and check in once a day. Tapestri will keep track of any retailers you visit and report it all anonymously. That’s literally it. I don’t go many places during the day since I work from home but I still make an easy $7 each month from this app alone even before you count in referral bonuses and commissions.
These two apps are siblings and work the exact same way. They are both lockscreen apps. You will want to run these on your MODE phone once you get it because they get annoying on your regular phone but they can add up quick. Smore and MyRobinHood will each pay about $0.10 a day meaning running both of these should earn your $0.20/day or $6 month total
This Cash Piggy app is a pretty easy check-in app that you just have to log into once each day and claim the bonus that works out to $0.05 each day. Doesn’t sound like much but its extremely consistent and will add up when it comes to reliable income as long as you are reliable about claiming it. This should work out to roughly $1.50 each month.
Our next app on the list is extremely passive. All you have to do is log in once a day to the Ember app and click the mine button and you will make at least 5 satoshi/hour for the next 24 hours. It may not pay a super large amount but it’s one of those methods that can climb the profitability ladder super darn quick with only just a handful of devoted referrals. I suggest you start using this one right away and tell your family and friends about it pronto. $1.50
Peer2Profit is an extremely passive app where again, all you have to do is log in once a day ot make sure you are up and running and you will earn passive income each month. They payout minimums are dirt cheap so there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to make pretty regular withdraws from this one. $2.52
For the month of February, we are going to add the following. We may not end of keeping all of these in the strategy but this is an ongoing process so we need to give each of them a fair 30 day test in order to be able to see how it compares  to the rest as far as realistic possible monthly earnings.
CryptoTab  $4.5
Telephia $4.00
Reklaim  $2

Browser extentions:

UpVoice (no referral program) Tracks social media ads $3
Surf VERY good affiliate bonus $2.50
So the total we made with these apps in February (before referral commissions) is:
roughly $120USD

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