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Bitcoin Mania is a city of the future where the entire
economy is based on cryptocurrency and you have
the opportunity to become the next big thing!

You, like hundreds of other residents of this city, now sit in front
of your desk and computer performing routine tasks and work; but what will
distinguish you from all the others? Your desire to earn and reach great heights!
To purchase expensive equipment, cars, real estate…

All this is a real possibility because you have
unlimited opportunities and boundless aspiration!
Striving to be the best and to become richer; to become Number 1!

Someone has already succeeded…

Compete with them and show that
you too deserve to be Number 1!

How it works?
Begin creating your city by entering your e-mail, creating your personal PIN-code for data security (keep this number safe as it cannot be replaced) and you are ready to go!
Character Creation
Create your very own unique character. Download your personalized avatar, find friends in chat, but most importantly…get your first miner FOR FREE!!!
Develop the city
Earn real rewards and cryptocurrency by playing games, surfing ads, buying equipment, increasing your power and more!
Become the best miner
Take first place in the rankings, create a unique room and withdraw the most! It’s all real – all you need to do is start playing.
A few more details…
What kind of game is it?

Bitcoin Mania is an online, virtual game where
you are developing your very own city of the future.
At your disposal is a large number of buildings
and improvements so that you can develop your
city while having fun. Moreover, you have
the opportunity to earn real Bitcoins.

We made the game special and interesting
for all players. To do this, the developers created
an atmospheric 8-bit design for every aspect
of game play. We did our best to think out the
entire economy of the game so that you can really earn!

Can I do it?


Use your skills, ingenuity and even
luck to earn Bitcoins! Continue to develop
and improve your room, earn more energy
and get more Bitcoins. If others have succeeded,
then you too can succeed!

How to get income?

The mechanics of the game are pretty simple.
You play the game and get Bitcoins. It is not necessary to
invest your own funds in the project. The game will
have many ways to earn Bitcoins without investment!

Is it possible to earn without deposit?

For those who do not want to play games and want to thoroughly engage in mining, there is an opportunity to purchase miners, they will continue to give stable income in Bitcoins. All you have to do is just go in and make a profit. The miners available in the game make a profit, just like in a real Bitcoin Mining Network. By increasing the power of miners, you increase your profit.

Are there any other ways to make money?

We have provided many other opportunities to
increase your income. Some of the quick minigames on the left menu are the easiest way to add to your daily earnings!

What is the future of the game?

We will be launching our very own cryptocurrency,
developing many locations and mini-games and even
creating an App for IOS and Android.
Our goal is to become the greatest
mining simulator in the world!!!

Try it for yourself. Simply register, login,
customize your character, secure your free miner
and you are ready to go. The game does not require
any personal investment for registration, and you can
earn income simply by playing games.

Sound to good to be true? Why don’t you register and find out!


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