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Make money online without investing, performing simple tasks

Try and earn your first money today! Withdrawals available from $0.03


What tasks can you complete to get money?

View advertising banners


Visit advertisers’ websites


Watch pay-per-view videos


Earn with the affiliate program


The benefits of earning on


How to make money on


Register yourself

Sign up on our website by clicking on «Start making money» or «Registration» button.

Install the extension

Add the extension to your browser, which you will be asked to install after registration. You can disable the extension in your browser settings at any time.

Choose tasks

You can choose the preferred types of tasks to perform in your personal account on our website.

Keep track of notifications

Now you will see PUSH notifications about available tasks in your browser, which can be disabled at any time along with the extension in the browser settings.

Complete tasks

View advertising banners, websites and videos, if desired — invite new users and advertisers to the system.

Get money

Withdraw money instantly from $0.03, using any method convenient for you: Payeer, Qiwi, Yoomoney and WebMoney.


Start completing simple tasks and earn your first money today!



What will you get


icoExtra income on the Internet


icoMonetizing of your free time


icoThe ability to earn from anywhere in the world


icoThe ability to build passive income

img by numbers:

(As of the time of this writing)
4 years their platform has been working for
Over 1,794,000+ users registered
Over $393,708USD has been paid to users Affiliate Program


Make money on performers

Invite new users to our platform and earn from 5 to 10% of the earned amount of each. Your structure will grow to 10 levels in depth, and for each user you will receive from 5 to 10%



Earn on advertisers

You can also bring advertisers to your referral link and earn 5 — 10% from each of their replenishment!


Attract partners automatically, using the «Business Automation» service

Business Automation is a function that allows you to advertise your referral link in the advertising network at the expense of the money earned.
How Business Automation work?

The system creates an advertising banner with your referral link. You can set a percentage of earnings, which will be transferred to the impressions of this banner (anywhere from 10 to 80%).

If you choose 50%, then half of the money earned immediately goes to the «Business Automation» account. As soon as there is enough money for at least 1 impression, your banner starts to appear to users. This allows you to automatically reinvest earned money in attracting referrals and earn on an affiliate program.





Sign up and start making money on our platform today!

Earned funds will be available for
withdrawal instantly, from $0.03


Do you have a website and want to make money from it?

Place our advertising banner on your website and get paid for impressions or clicks!



Advertise through our platform
from $0.02 per click

and get customers at least 2 times cheaper than from contextual search engines

What is


It is an advertising platform

that will provide you with a quick and cheap flow of potential customers to the website. Our system works through a special browser extension, advertising is displayed to visitors to different sites.

Much cheaper

than contextual advertising in search engines. At the same time, it is not inferior to them in efficiency and conversion.

You can order from 1 impression or click (from $0.02) on the advertising platform!

We offer to place any of the 3 types of advertising or all together


Banner or text ads


POP-UP windows


Promotional videos

You only pay for a quality audience — your potential customers

Our algorithms filter and then block users who artificially inflate your ad views. We will refund you for poor traffic from the websites.

In addition, our Antifraud system will protect you from the click fraud of the advertising budget, which can be done by your competitors.

Accurate targeting

We will select thematic sites that the target audience of your business visits to display your ads. This helps maximize ad conversion.

For example, if you sell expensive men’s watches, it will make sense to advertise on car websites, which are visited by a large number of men with average and above average income.

Ensure high conversion to your offer

How much does advertising through platform cost?

Type of advertisementBanners

Payment methodCPC
0.02$ CPC
750 clicks


Our prices are several times lower than on similar advertising platforms

Banner impressions and clicks

On average, 10 times cheaper than competitors, from $0.02


On average, 3 times cheaper than competitors, from $1.00 for 1000 visits

Video impressions

On average, 2 times cheaper than competitors: 1000 views — from $1.10 for 20 seconds, and + $0.20 for every 5 seconds

Advantages of the Advertising Platform

Do you want to find clients, subscribers or customers

Sign up on our advertising platform right now
and get a nice bonus — 10% to the amount of the first replenishment

Sign up+10% bonus to first replenishment right now


How it works?


Partners turn to us

Website owners install our ad network code to their sites so that you can display banners on their pages. Internet users install our extension to their browsers.

You register on the platform

Sign up on in just a few clicks and create a personal account in the system.

Replenish your account

You can replenish your account by credit cards Visa, MasterCard, JCB, MIR or electronic wallets: Qiwi, Yandex, WebMoney, Payeer and AdvCash

Launch ads

Choose the type of ad you want, upload a banner (video, popup) and click on launch. Ads will be displayed until the advertising budget is spent.

Collect orders/subscriptions

Anyone who is interested in advertising will be able to click on it and go to your landing page, and after that order your product or service, subscribe, etc.

Get +10% bonus to your first replenishment

Get nowicoimgimg

You can sign up for a FREE account with by simply clicking the banner down below: - Banner advertising service



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