What On Earth Is The Cryptocurrency Coin, AAVE?

Not only does this coin have a market size in the billions, the Aave coin protocol can be considered a giant underlying mechanism for numerous marketplaces. This coin was initially designed for both lending and borrowing digital assets like crypto. Boasting such features as stable interest rates, attention tokens, huge lending pools for various crypto assets, and collateralized loans AAVE is an amazing project and these are only the tip of the iceberg that the Aave protocol is capable of.

Because of their exceedingly expanding market size, the AAVE protocol’s lending platform is positioned to become the leading choice for even more DeFi lending transactions. People who hold this coin can borrow funds from other Aave users. In addition to that, some assets have variable interest rates (as per the demand and supply in the market among other factors), while others have much more consistent rates.

Quick Overview of Aave

  • Crypto based protocol that allows users to earn interests on deposits and borrow assets.
  • Aave is a well-known liquidity protocol with significantly larger liquidity pools than its competition.
  • The Defi lending protocol is open source, enabling customizations for developers.
  • Offers stable rates for borrowing selected assets, although variable interest rates are observed for some assets.
  • The lending platform provides collateral swaps (which is not common on decentralized platforms).
  • There is also an option to get flash loans (of a small amount) and are not collateralized.

How Did Aave Started?

Stani Kulechov is the CEO of Aave. He came up with the idea back in 2017. Aave was originally inspired by the cryptocurrency Ethereum and used LEND as the token. iI was able to raise over $16.2 Million when it was released as an ICO.

The idea of transparency and a completely open infrastructure for a digital financial system (based on blockchain) is what drove both this coins creation as well as its success. Aave came out with some unrivaled features and functionalities to the market. AAVE then acquired a fairly large market share and on its journey, also started various additional ventures in the area of decentralized finances.

Aave Review Information

What Is Aave?

The Aave protocol can be considered a non-custodial protocol for both liquidity providers as well as borrowers. This coin has some of the largest market sizes and lending pools across the blockchain world and because of such, has become a common name for cryptocurrency and blockchain experts.

Aave made the process of lending and earning interests on digital assets both easy as well as instant. This isn’t just about regular loans either. Users can also get a flash loan from its DeFi lending market. These flash loans are not collateralized and are subject to heavy fees. However, this is why the maximum amount of these types of loans are usually kept fairly low.

A diverse and impressive list of stakeholders ensures good governance of the platform and also actively contributes. This adds to the community experience, especially for beginners or relatively new users. The platform also offers aTokens (Aave interest-bearing tokens) to help users earn through liquidity mining indirectly. Through Aave, one can earn interest on various stablecoins such as aUSDT, aDai, etc.

How Does Aave Work?

Aave serves as the foundation of lending and borrowing digital assets and cryptocurrencies. The protocol can be used to borrow or lend crypto, which can then return interest. The transactional fee is free for some tokens, although the protocol charges for flash loans.

The interest rates for some assets are stable, which comes as one of the advantages of having such a large scale of operating and usage. Aave actually supports over 15 crypto assets, even if not all can be used for collateral purposes when applying for a crypto loan. These assets include (but are not limited to) ETH, ETHlend, etc.

How to Use Aave?

Users do not need to complete any KYC (Know Your Customer), and can lend or borrow funds easily. To access one’s Aave account, one needs to connect their wallet to the platform. They need to select the wallet they use, and once it is connected with the Aave account, then the user can use the features that protocol brings to their disposal.

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New users can create a cryptocurrency wallet and connect to the protocol. While signing up with Aave, users must fill in their basic contact details and register on the platform. The list of supported wallets is right from the Ethereum Mainnet or Polygon Mainnet. No other options are supported on the platform as it was originally launched for the Ethereum blockchain.

Aave Reviews: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
 Huge lending pool available for various digital assets.  Not as user-friendly as some of the alternatives.
 Offers more features for digital lending/borrowing.  A small list of supported e-wallets.
 Stable interest rates for some of the crypto assets.  Lacks high incentives for users to lend or borrow.
 Flash loans, a revolutionary feature of DeFi, is available that requires no KYC.  Flash loans have been exploited by hackers in the past.

Benefits & Features of Aave

Aave protocol has risen to one of the highest ranks with the help of its unique features and unparalleled benefits to the individuals on the platform.

Aave offers instant lending and borrowing that is one of the most beneficial characteristics of the protocol. In order to maintain a safe environment, the transactions have to be carried out with proper details, which reduces the possibility of an error. Being a open-source in nature, the protocol code is open to developers who wish to use the protocol in their own ways and still get all the benefits and features that come alongside it.

Aave is also beneficial for the users who happen to trade high volumes of funds frequently.

Aave Reviews - Aave FeaturesAave Reviews – Aave Features

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The features of the Aave protocol keep up with the benefits and are plentiful. Most of the platform’s features do not need users to complete their KYC and can operate instantly. Instant transfer of funds and unique functionalities like flash loans adds to the possibilities and improves the experience. Some of the cryptos have stable rates that make the process of paying interests much more manageable.

Aave is open source and also offers a Git library for the developers. This leaves room for an entirely new domain of capabilities and extensions. A lack of anti-money laundering measures makes the process even faster.

Aave Pay is yet another highly convenient feature that allows residents of Europe to send money quickly in fiat currencies (in exchange for their cryptocurrencies).

How to Buy & Store Aave?

Buying and storing digitally has become an easy task through various platforms available. Individuals need to be registered on the platform of their choice. Once logged in, the users can verify their accounts. Verified users can purchase Aave by adding fiat deposits (paying for Aave with fiat currencies). Users can use their respective exchanges and buy Aave (AAVE).

Aave is not compatible with every hard wallet (or technically, its native tokens are not supported by every wallet). If one wishes to store their Aave tokens, they must use Ethereum blockchain’s compatible wallets, and the same is applicable for the soft wallets.

How to Lend on Aave?

Borrowing on Aave

To borrow on Aave, the users need to fulfill the criteria. Borrowers who wish to get a loan (not a flash loan) must deposit collateral for lock-up. The amount of the collateral offered for lock-up by the borrowers must be higher than the relative amount of their borrowings. The funds are taken out of the liquidity pool.

Locked-up terms can be sold by the platform in case of default to recover the earnings. This process is automated, which ensures that the liquidity pools are positive. Moreover, click here to get detailed information on borrowing interest rates.

Aave Reviews - Borrowing on AaveAave Reviews – Borrowing on Aave

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Lending on Aave

Aave has a large number of lending pools where one can earn interest on their digital assets. The decentralized nature of lending makes for a seamless process for lending instead of the traditional institutions that often became a limiting factor.

The lenders are assured by the platform for the safety of their assets through the reserves that are kept by Aave. These reserves add a cushion against market volatility and crashes. The interested lenders can connect their Ethereum wallets to the platform and then select the asset they want to lend.

After entering the amount of asset to be lent, users’ funds become a part of the liquidity pool of the corresponding asset, and users can earn interest on them.

Aave Reviews - Deposit on AaveAave Reviews – Deposit on Aave

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Aave Lending Rates

While Aave does have stable rates for some assets, most remaining assets have variable interests, which might be subject to market fluctuations. The users can switch between these two kinds of rates per the current percentage and reduce the overall interest.

One thing to keep in mind is that this switching costs an Ethereum gas fee every time. The website shows a live rate charge for the assets’ varying interest rates. Since variable rates fluctuate, they might end up being higher or lower than the stable rates.

Aave Pay

Through Aave Pay, the convenience of the platform pinnacles. Aave pay enables the users in Europe to send funds to other accounts right away in fiat currencies (for their cryptocurrencies).

A flash loan can be taken from the platform and used to make payments to any institution in fiat currency (removing the need to sell or declare their crypto holdings).

What Are aTokens?

aTokens are native interest tokens of the platform. aTokens refer to ‘Aave Interest Bearing Tokens’ that can be minted or digitally mined on the platform. These aTokens can either then be exchanged or loaned out to borrowers.

aTokens come with a free-transaction cost and can acquire an interest in real-time. aTokens also have an extra edge as they are equated 1:1 with their underlying asset.

Aave Reviews - About aTokens

Aave Supported Wallets

Not all wallets accept the platform’s native tokens, and thus, users are advised to shift to one of the compatible wallets for storing their holdings and data. If you follow me at all, you will probably not be the least bit surprised to know that I hold mine in my Atomic wallet where I can trade or swap it for any other currency on the fly!

Future of Aave

The history and past track record of this coin speak for itself while the future is also shining bright. Following its growth and expansion graph, Aave seems destined to grow to be one of biggest leaders in Decentralized Finance (DeFi). I also predict it to experience exponential success with its ever-growing behemoth of a liquidity pool. Additional support in the form of compatibility with the tokens from different wallets can also increase its market share and extend its user base. So, all in all, I would say the future is pretty darn bright!

Security of Aave

The team behind the protocol looks to have kept security as their highest priority. Constant checks for vulnerabilities and auditing of the protocol is how it is kept safe.

Aave Review - Security of AaveAave Review – Security of Aave

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Being open-source, the protocol is open to regulation of the underlying code. The team also tries to make users aware of their security updates through their blog. The admin keys further help in security and governance on the platform. Aave protocol has been able to secure live feeds for about 54 cryptocurrencies.

To add a very enticing incentive for reporting bugs, the team also offers a reward of up to $250,000 if the reported bugs and vulnerabilities happen to be critical.

Aave Customer Support

In order to add support, the team is rumored to be working on a governance protocol that is expected to be as revolutionary as flash loans. To reach the team, users can choose from different channels through which the team communicates with. These channels include email, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram. Aave has been able to stay reputed for its prompt customer service despite its huge user base.

Aave Reviews - Aave Customer SupportAave Reviews – Aave Customer Support

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Is Aave Legit?

As one of the largest loan providers with a highly efficient and intuitive protocol, Aave appears legit and stands at the top of most recommendations lists.

How Does One Make Money on Aave?

There are many ways to make money with AAVE just like there are many ways with most alt-coins. For the most common method however, users simply need to deposit their crypto assets on the Aave platform. After that, those assets become part of the liquidity pool, the loans are then drawn by the borrowers from this pool, causing the lenders earn interests.

How Does Somebody Use Aave’s Services?

Users can use Aave’s services by connecting their compatible Ethereum Wallet with the platform and proceeding to lend or borrow funds there. Aave Pay is yet another service that users can use to pay with fiat currencies in exchange for cryptocurrencies.


Aave Review: Conclusion

Aave is an amazing protocol for experienced crypto users. It also happens to offer some truly unprecedented features and benefits for high and low-volume users. Easy and instant lending protocols make it a wise choice for those familiar with the ins and outs of crypto-based lending and borrowing. All this being said, I think there are more than enough benefits associated with this coin that in my own personal opinion, it is a coin well worth holding until the next bullrun which will most likely be just before the next BTC halvening. So, am I just buying loads of this coin to hold? Heavens no! I am a cheap b*stard and use free methods to do just about anything whenever possible. I simply collect for free and on autopilot. How does that work? You can collect AAVE for absolutely FREE (along with many other coins) by using Dutchy Auto Faucet. You can find out more about how that works by clicking the banner below:


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