Most Profitable Surveys Project?

Most of you reading this probably know by know I have a hate/hate relationship with survey websites. I completely loathe going through all the qualifying questions only to still be somehow disqualified ten minutes later.

I have talked to more than a few people however that make a very impressive amount of seed coin by spending a little bit of time each day doing surveys along with the regular faucets and pay to click methods I have been doing as well.

I have decided that the time has finally come for me to give these another chance. I am going to list a handful of sites (who offer surveys) that can be used to get credits in websites that we are ALREADY using. The HUGE benefit to this method is that it will allow you to reach withdraw minimums MUCH quicker in sites that you are ALREADY consistently visiting. Surveys can often pay much more than faucet and/or PTC alone so this could possibly DOUBLE the speed at which you reach those elusive withdraw minimums if not more!


Take a look at the list below and tell me which ones you are interested in most:

(Not all of these may have surveys but they are websites that I am wanting to check out anyway)


Adscend Media

AdGate Media



Ayet Studios






CPX Research ( Dutchy)











Opinion Capital

Opinion Network



Revenue Wall



SaySo Rewards (Neobux)


Thoreum Reach




Your Surveys




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