Passive income is by far my favorite part of this entire strategy! I know that it seems like I have you recycle your earned satoshi through a thousand different programs but that is to provide adequate diversity as well as momentum. It may seems like a very slow going process at first and be hard to believe that it will ever really amount to anything useful. But, trust me when I say that if you keep at it and stay consistent, (and ESPECIALLY if you put in some ground work to get even a few referrals under you) this entire process will start to speed up a lot faster than you would ever really think. And this my friends, is where is starts to get REALLY fun!

When you are first starting out on this strategy, you should plan on focusing very strictly on your Faucets and PTC sites. You want to start to build up a little portfolio of balances on different PTC and faucet sites. The plan is to claim all your PTCs and faucets at least 3-5 times each and every day. I would recommend doing this for at LEAST a bare minimum of 100 days straight but 6 months to a year will get you even better results.

You will want to be telling everybody you can about Viral Stacking during this period as well. You can post it on your Facebook, Tweet about it, or even use your own mouth to tell your friends in real life. You DO have those, right? Anyway, once you start to get consistent referrals using your Viral Stacking link, you should have a fairly significant number of people active under you in multiple programs. This means you should consistently be able to make withdraws from multiple programs before too long at all.



The following programs I am about to show you are the end of the line for me and this strategy that I am using. The first couple groups aren’t entirely passive but this is where we start to introduce a passive aspect to our strategy and really start to make things a lot more automated. I use the profits I pull out of the first couple of programs to feed into the next program. Some of these programs are more risky, but are some of the most important as they allow us to quickly multiply the very small amounts of crypto we start out with into an actual consistent, reliable income that we can do much more serious investing with. The final group of programs is a lot more traditional stocks and bonds based but far less volatile than cryptocurrency. When you are wanting to be able to depend on withdraws to live off of and pay your monthly bills, you need as much reliability and consistency as you can get! That is why we have some of my favorite stocks and bonds platforms in this section as well. But more on that in just a bit.


My low risk snowball approach to passive programs online:

Image result for network

The goal with this strategy is to minimize the risk associated with online passive crypto programs. I am sure that we all know by now that this online stuff is risky. This is especially true when it comes to things like cryptocurrency. Nothing is guaranteed and you do this at your own risk. Never use anything that you can’t afford to lose. I am not a financial adviser and nothing I say, write, or suggest should be taken as financial advise. This is merely the strategy I intend to follow in order to minimize my risk of my initial amount of crypto I start out with and to speed up the results I can get by multiplying this initial amount of crypto and making it grow at a fairly steady and consistent rate.


So basically, this is how the Viral Stacking strategy works. A lot of these online programs are very risky and you never want to leave any crypto with them for any longer than you absolutely HAVE to. What we are going to do is start by spreading out our risk pretty early on. You want to get involved with as many of these as quickly as possible but only if you are using the following strategy. We are going to create a “mutual fund” so to speak of different passive programs online. We are going to spread out our risk by being in multiple platforms as quickly as possible and by withdrawing from ALL of these programs as often as possible! This part is key!


The goal of this plan is to use these programs in a very specific order. This will get us a stepping stone effect. You will start off earning FREE crypto with things like Faucets and PTC sites along with mining software like CryptoTab and other apps in the downline builder as well. The next step is to start withdrawing from these programs as often as you can (or every time you reach minimum payout threshold). Once you start withdrawing from them, you will start putting all your withdraws into the first program listed down below.

You will want to commit to claiming your faucets for at least about 100 days straight if not for a few months in order for this to have the best effect. But once you get on a consistent schedule of claiming these faucets and you get a few referrals helping you along the way, then sooner or later you will start to reach the withdraw minimums discussed above.



Each time you accumulate enough in each program while still retaining the amount mentioned in each program below, you can go ahead and do another withdraw. Each time you do this, you will put the withdraw into the next program until you have reached the stated amount there as well. This may be a different amount in each program because every program is slightly different and the strategy can vary depending on several variables.



I am going to arrange these Passive Programs in the order from least expensive getting started to MOST expensive getting started. That is because this strategy will allow you to build up the most amount of revenue streams in the smallest amount of time possible. This is extremely important to minimize your risk and diversify it as much as possible and do it early on. There may not be many programs here to start with but rest assured that I will be expanding this list very quickly in order to thoroughly spread out and minimize our risk. The goal is to always have a dozen or so passive platforms. That way if one program goes down, it affects less than 10% of our total withdraws and we simply replace it with a different program.


We like to call the first couple programs or so the accumulation phase. This phase will still require a little elbow grease and will not be completely passive but it is where we introduce the passive element to this strategy and start to automate our earnings to a much higher degree. I am going to arrange these passive programs in the order with which we use them. That is because this strategy will allow you to build up the most amount of revenue streams in the smallest amount of time possible. I know this strategy may seem a little complex at first but take your time and read each part and do exactly as it says and it will all work much more efficiently that way I promise!


Each program is a little bit different so the amount we want to reach before withdrawing will be different in each one. For some, we will only go to a certain dollar amount and some we will plan on maxing out the packages available. Once we have done either (I will mentioned this in a bit more detail with each program description), we let all the rest of our earnings collect and then withdraw as soon as we hit the minimum withdraw amount.




Hi Dollar

This is going to be a little different than the rest of the programs on this list because I am not going to ask you to deposit anything into this one unless you want to. Hi Dollar is a great altcoin that has a MASSIVE amount of potential but what we are going to focus on first is going to simply simply logging into the app each day and claiming our free amount of Hi Dollar. Each day you claim, that amount will be locked for 365 days. (This is why it’s important that you start this part of the strategy NOW) However, once that first amount is unlocked, you will have the option to stake it for additional passive income. Make sure that you start claiming every day and once you get to a point where you can start staking the coin once it’s unlocked, you will withdraw HALF of your staking earnings for each week. This withdraw amount should be bigger and bigger every week because everyday you will have another amount of coin being unlocked that you can then stake.





This is the first of our passive programs that we are going to deposit into and that means every withdraw you make from the programs in the intro section will get withdrawn to your wallet in CryptoWin. All the withdraws you make from the app section will get withdrawn to your wallet in CryptoWin. All the withdraws you make from the faucets section? You guessed it! They get deposited to your wallet in CryptoWin as well. There are several apps in the downline builder that will payout in cryptocurrency and I highly suggest that all withdraws you make from those go into this first platform as well. CryptoWin is going to do a great job of taking all those (relatively) small withdraws of crypto from those initial programs listed above and really start to multiply it so that we have a little bit better (more consistent) source of seed coin that we can run through a few more programs and multiply it even more.

CryptoWin has a faucet, PTC earnings and several other ways to earn for free and you are more than welcome to use them if you want but they do not pay nearly as much as the other programs we have listed above in those areas. What we are mainly interested in using this site for is their rev share. You can buy a “share” in their rebate program for only a miniscule 1,000 satoshi! Each 1,000 satoshi “share” you purchase will give you back 126% over time. This works out to 1,260 satoshi you get back! This is why we are going to deposit absolutely ALL of our withdraws into CryptoWin until we have about 150 active “shares”. Not all of these shares have to be made with your withdraws from other programs however. Don’t forget you can also do internal repurchases as well with your daily earnings from the rebate program! You only need to purchase about 155 “shares” to get to our milestone of being able to purchase one new “share” each day from your daily earnings.

Once you get to that point, you will start withdrawing everything that is left over once a week. The withdraw minimum at this website is only a couple hundred satoshi so you should be able to start making withdraws from CryptoWin within a week after reaching 155 active “shares”. At that point, you just continue to do an internal repurchase of one new “share” each day with your daily earnings and withdraw all the rest left over every week. From that point forward, all your withdraws from the programs in the intro section, Faucets, PTC sites and apps will all STILL go into CryptoWin. However, all the withdraws you make from CryptoWin will go into the #2 program in our passive list featured next.

If you keep depositing all your withdraws from all the initial programs into CryptoWin and buying “shares” with them, you should be able to double that 155 amount quicker than you may think. Once you hit that magic 310 active “shares” number, we are going to start a slightly different withdraw strategy. Once you hit 310 active “shares”, you will be earning over 15,000 satoshi each week! At that point, you are going to withdraw 15,000 satoshi each week and buy more shares with whatever satoshi are left. You will keep doing this process for a while. The goal here is to keep being able to buy more and more “shares” each week as you should have more and more leftover each week after withdrawing your 15,000 satoshi. We want to maintain withdrawing ONLY 15,000 satoshi each week and not any more until we hit a total of 450 total active shares. At this point, we will not only still be withdrawing our 15,000 satoshi every week, but we will be back to being able to buy a brand new share every day as well! Once you get to that point, You can withdraw everything you have left over each week after doing ONE internal share repurchase everyday.

Don’t forget, it is extremely important to remember that we are STILL depositing ALL our withdraws from our handful of initial “seed coin” apps and programs into CryptoWin. In order for this strategy to work, you STILL need those fresh funds from the seed coin section to fund CryptoWin so you can make sure you stay above that magical 450 active share milestone. Otherwise, you will start to have enough packs expire that you will not be able to afford to buy a new pack each day AND withdraw over 15,000 satoshi each week. This is really where automatic growth really starts to take off! (Remember, this all your 15,000+ satoshi withdraws from CryptoWin go straight into Program #2!)



8 Bit 

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I am going to get one thing out of the way right away. This is a risky program. It has been around and paying for years but it is still probably the MOST risky in our portfolio. However, the growth here can be extremely fast. This is especially true when you have something like Program #1 funding it! (Remember, this is all at no cost to you so in actuality, the only risk here is your time)

This program is set up a lot different than most of these programs and there are a lot of variables to it that you need to consider. However, it has the capability to be much, MUCH more profitable over the long term! As far as strategy goes for this platform. Try to focus on only the 120 month plans. They will give you much more total.

Any of the several plans they have to choose from all cost the same. They all cost 0.003BTC minimum. However, if you want to pay MORE for any plan you can and that means you will get more back. There are a lot of things that make this program different and ultimately more beneficial that I am not going to talk about here. Since this program is set up a lot different than the rest, we are going to treat it a bit differently.

In order to keep our risk as small as possible with this slightly more risky program, we are going to take advantage of the low entry cost and even lower withdraw minimum. We will never “leave” much in there to “grow”. We will be funding it with fresh external funds so there is really no need to do many internal repurchases here. In fact, we are going to withdraw pretty much EVERYTHING we earn here as quickly as possible. Eventually on a weekly basis.

The minimum plan cost changes due to the price in BTC but for an example, let’s say your first purchase minimum is 0.003BTC. If you are able to start withdrawing 15,000 satoshi from the previous program each week, you should be able to purchase a 120 month plan here in 8bit every 2 weeks. Soon however, you will be withdrawing more than 30,000 satoshi from the previous program every single week and that means you can buy a 120 plan here at 8bit every single week. After that point, you should be able to buy a 120 plan for a slightly higher price each week depending on how much you withdraw from the previous program.

Let’s say for example that you are able to withdraw 31,000 satoshi from the previous program this week, you would be able to buy a 120 month plan for about 0.00031BTC that week. The next week you might be able to withdraw 32,000 satoshi from the previous program. In that case, you would purchase a 120 month plan at 8bit for 0.00032BTC that week. The more you withdraw from the previous program, the larger your purchases here should be each week. Hopefully that makes sense.

And now for the best part. You withdraw 100% of what you earn here! They have a VERY low minimum withdraw here (currently 10,000 satoshi) so that means even very early on in this strategy, you will be able to withdraw each and every week and use this to start funding the next program in our portfolio.






This is a program you have probably heard of but we are going to be using it a little differently. We are going to make use of their FunToken lock-in program. The strategy for this program may seem a bit more complicated than the rest but it will be extremely rewarding in the end and you also have the added benefit of peace of mind knowing that FreeBitcoin has been around longer than pretty much any other website in this entire strategy.

This strategy will require a bit of BTC upfront but that is why we have you doing consistent withdraws from several other programs first before we get involved with this one. We will be earning from this platform in more than just a few ways and I will try to gloss over them briefly here.

FreeBitcoin has their interest program where they pay your around 4%/year divided up into daily earnings. This is only a very small portion of the way we are going to earn here. They are also know as one of the oldest and most trusted faucets on the internet. We will utilize this method as well but like the daily interest, this is only a very VERY small part of our overall earnings here with this strategy.

The goal here is to use our withdraws from the previous passive programs to buy 500 FunTokens each and every day and lock them in for 360 days to get the tokens AND the interest at the end of the 360 days. The minimum amount of tokens needed to receive the 25% extra at the end of 360 days is 500 FunTokens. At the end of the 360 day lock-in period, you will get back you initial amount of tokens plus 25% extra. You will sell these extra tokens back into BTC and allow them to collect interest in your account. (Assuming you have more than 30,000 satoshi in your FreeBitcoin wallet) After the first year, you will have another batch of FunTokens end their 360 day lockin period and you will receive that original batch of tokens back along with 25% extra tokens. After a while you will no longer have to use external funds to make a purchase of 500 tokens each day.

Once you get to a point where you have 625 tokens being unlocked every day, you will sell them back into BTC and buy another batch of 500 FunTokens and lock them in for 360 days. This will leave you 125 FunTokens worth of BTC in your account. At the end of a week, you should have 875 FunTokens worth of extra BTC in your account getting you passive earning each day.

At this point forward, at the beginning of every month you will log in as usual and click on the “Earn BTC” section of the menu. If you scroll down, you can see what your monthly “interest” is with your current satoshi balance. You will then withdraw HALF of that monthly “interest” earnings. This amount you are able to withdraw should get slightly bigger each and every month.

The goal here is to have over 180,000 locked FunTokens at any given time. I KNOW that sounds like an impossible amount of tokens and will cost an absolute fortune and take forever and a day!! But calm down! It won’t be quite as terrible as you think. Don’t forget that you will have regular and consistent withdraws from all the previous passive programs to help you fund this. Since you are withdrawing from several programs that we are involved with before this one, you should be able to fund this program a lot quicker than you may have even imagined.



Stake Cube

StakeCube – Reviews, Trading Fees & Cryptos (2020) | Cryptowisser

This is a pretty complex platform and they offer a lot but we are mainly going to focus on one part and that is the passive earnings you can earn by keep a balance in your BTC wallet here. There are no packs or plans to expire here so even though the earnings are low to start with, they will grow pretty quick since you have so many programs funding this and the fact you never have to worry about ad packs and ad plans falling off making it hard for a lot of people to catch traction.

But not you. You have a much better strategy. This is a point in which you are really going to start diversifying a lot of your coins you are holding. As of the time of this writing, the Stake Cube wallet holds a couple dozen different coins or so. I am going to ask you to take your withdraws from the previous programs and fund these wallets for a while. How much you decide to do is up to you at this point. One of the many great things about this platform is that many of the wallets hold coins that will automatically stake once they have a small balance in them. On top of that, the wallets for coins that cannot be staked will actually pay you daily interest as well!

So in a nutshell, the recap here is pretty much every single coin here will pay you daily as long as you keep a balance in each wallet. As mentioned earlier, How much you decide to deposit into Stake Cube is completely up to you at this point. I would say it might not be worth it if you have less than $100 worth of each coin to put in but my own personal goal that I have not yet reached is to be able to put $1,000USD into each coin in the platform before I stop funding this program.

Once I get to that point, I will be earning every single day from every single coin. Once a month I will go through each wallet and find out how much I earned int he last 30 days. I can then withdraw HALF of those earnings every month and leave the other half in each wallet to grow my earnings even faster. I would recommend possibly all your withdraw coin into LTC before withdrawing it from the platform just due to transfer fees but the choice is completely up to you. Each month, you should be able to withdraw slightly more because half of your earnings stay in each coin wallet account balance to grow your earnings even faster!

As stated earlier, Stake Cube has a TON of features and bells and whistles but I am not going to cover many of them here. Although, one other cool feature you can use with this site to increase your crypto earnings is the different coins you can stake here as well. What’s even better is that you don’t even have to fund these staking coins from your own pocket either! This can be a 100% free option if you want. How is that? Well, you see, most of the coins that you hold and stake on the platform have faucets to go along with them as well. I started claiming these faucets a long time ago on a daily basis and now I did not have to fund them nearly as much before I can take half of my monthly staking earnings from each coin and convert that to BTC with their built in exchange and grow my earnings (and thusly monthly withdraws) even faster that way!



Once each program is fully funded to the stated amount, you will use the withdraws from each previous program to fund the next program to the stated amount and so on and so forth. (I think you get the picture by now) You will continue this process until you are earning and withdrawing from all your passive programs combined. This is a monumental point because it is a huge milestone and a point at which you start treating things a little bit differently. Once you have no more passive programs left to build, you will start to be able to pile up pretty substantial withdraws from every single platform.

(Especially if you got a few referrals following in your footsteps!)

From this point going forward, when you total up all your withdraws each week, you are going to split that into halves. The first half (or more) of your weekly withdraws will go back into buying more TRAFFIC and the other half will go down into the BONUS Passive Program (Near the bottom of this page) If you are from a country that will not allow you to use the platform in the BONUS Passive Program, then you can do whatever you wish with the half of crypto that you do not put back into TRAFFIC!



Once each program is fully funded to the stated amount, you will use the withdraws from each previous program to fund the next program to the stated amount and so on and so forth. (I think you get the picture by now) You will continue this process until you are earning and withdrawing from all your passive programs combined. This is a monumental point because it is a huge milestone and a point at which you start treating things a little bit differently. Once you have no more passive programs left to build, you will start to be able to pile up pretty substantial withdraws from every single platform.

(Especially if you got a few referrals following in your footsteps!)

From this point going forward, when you total up all your withdraws each week, you are going to split that into halves. The first half (or more) of your weekly withdraws will go back into buying more TRAFFIC and the other half will go down into the BONUS Passive Program (Near the bottom of this page) If you are from a country that will not allow you to use the platform in the BONUS Passive Program, then you can do whatever you wish with the half of crypto that you do not put back into TRAFFIC!




Bonus Passive Program:

OK, boys and girls. This is where it gets real. I know stocks and bonds are not nearly as sexy and flashy as cryptocurrencies but there is a reason most of the wealthiest men and women in the world park their wealth here. The reason is simply this. Over the long haul (several decades) stocks and bonds are not nearly as volatile as crypto.

When you buy a blue chip dividend paying stock for example, you can pretty much count on getting those dividends from not until the day you die. Very rarely will something happen where a big name stock will cut their dividends. It happens from time to time but that is why we diversify our risk when getting into stock and bonds just as we did crypto based programs.

I am not going to tell you what stocks and bonds to buy. I am not a financial planner and I am sure that you can find much better advice anywhere on Youtube about the stock market than what I could tell you. I am still somewhat new to the investing world when it comes to stocks and bonds. But I will show you what I am doing (if you are watching my Youtube channel!) and most importantly, I will show you the vehicles that I use to flip my crypto profits over to lasting assets. (Mostly in the form of dividend stocks)

My goal and plan is to be able to retire completely and be able to pay all my bills with dividends from my stock and bonds portfolios. I plan on doing that while using the following tool. These following platform is available in app form, by the way.

M1 Finance

Image result for m1 finance app banner

M1 Finance Finance is a little bit more complex than some similar apps. However, it will most likely be the one that I am going to end up having the largest portfolio in.

Now days, they still have all the ETFs they did to begin with and even quite a few more as well. However, now it seems that they are adding more and more individual stocks that you can purchase fractional shares of! (As low as $10 increments!) I am talking big name companies and stocks that you would normally want to purchase when using other larger platforms like Fidelity. Remember, that when you buy stocks from an exchange like fidelity, not only do you often have to have a larger starting capitol of a couple thousand bucks or so, but you can only buy full shares of stock. That means you may have to have a minimum of $100 or more for some shares depending on the company. M1 has big name companies (like Wal-Mart, Pepsi, ATT and more) available that you can buy FRACTIONAL shares of so you can compound your earnings much faster. Think about it this way, if you are wanting to buy a lot of stock from company X and the share price of company X is $100, you would have to wait a LONG time before you got enough dividends from company X to be able to afford to buy another share and grow your dividend income. This route would take decades. Having the capability to compound your dividend earnings every $10 as opposed to every $50-100+ is a complete game changer and will REALLY speed up your progress as you build your portfolio!

Right now, I have this set to make a deposit from my bank account into my M1 account once a week and then I buy stocks and ETFs with that (by just investing into my pie) as well as any dividend payments I have received. I will make the point again that because you can buy fractional shares of both stocks and ETFs with this app, it will allow you to start compounding your earnings a HELL of a lot faster than having to buy full shares at full share prices of anything.

Compounding every time you earn a total of $10 means you can have that money working for you a LOT faster than if you have to wait until you have earned $50 or more before you can compound again and purchase more.


I would recommend playing around with this app for a while just to get the hang of the concepts and see how the process works. The coolest thing about M1 Finance is it does pretty much ALL the work for you. You can set up the portfolio of company stock and ETFs that you want to invest in. You can also decide exactly how big of a percentage of your entire portfolio that you want each individual investment to be. How cool is that?

There is no manual rebalancing with this app! This platform will also even compound your dividends and deposits FOR YOU! WHAT?!? If you want the option turned on, you can set it up to where every time you hit $10 in dividends, deposits, commissions, or any combination of those, you will automatically buy more small of fractional shares in all the companies in your portfolio and still keep the same percentages for each investment. This means once you set it up initially, this thing runs for you on autopilot! There is not really a need to ever really check in on this program until you are ready to withdraw because it does all the balancing and compounding for you completely hands free!

I have downloaded, funded and used about a half a dozen different investment apps and this one is by far my favorite. You can see my own personal “pie” and how I have it sliced up by clicking the banner above!



If you would like a step by step guide of how to create a Plug-N-Play, passive earning Cryptocurrency portfolio, Then get your $300 signup bonus NOW and collect crypto coins, referrals, commissions, advertising, profits and results with blinding speed! Simply click the banner below to get started:




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